current result of question:

What time/day would you like most for the online chat of the official site (EST[DT]=UT-4 hours, PST[DT]=UT-7 hours)

hourvotes%% bar
22UT7646.6258 bar
20UT1811.0429 bar
18UT159.20245 bar
15UT127.36196 bar
11UT127.36196 bar
7UT106.13497 bar
4UT84.90798 bar
2UT74.29448 bar
0UT53.06748 bar
dayvotes%% bar
Thursday/Donnerstag4323.7569 bar
Friday/Freitag4625.4144 bar
Saturday/Samstag3117.1271 bar
Sunday/Sonntag147.73481 bar
Monday/Montag158.28729 bar
Tuesday/Dienstag137.18232 bar
Wednesday/Mittwoch1910.4972 bar

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