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What do you think about Veronika Zemanovas new official site

presentationvotes%% bar
top6151.2605 bar
good3932.7731 bar
average1411.7647 bar
bad32.52101 bar
miserable21.68067 bar
picturesvotes%% bar
phantastic9667.1329 bar
good2416.7832 bar
average1913.2867 bar
feeble00 bar
lousy42.7972 bar
chatvotes%% bar
wonderful3638.7097 bar
interesting1313.9785 bar
average2830.1075 bar
boring88.60215 bar
unbearable88.60215 bar
informationsvotes%% bar
brilliant2927.1028 bar
good4239.2523 bar
average2119.6262 bar
imprecise109.34579 bar
uninteresting54.6729 bar

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