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(updated 21. Feb 2004)

General Remarks

Since Google revolutionized the web search business some years ago, there have been more changes in this important thing. In the following I give you my personal recommendations about it and while you may save this page, I recommend bookmarking it, because I intend to keep it current in this quickly changing area. If availabe and useful, several alternatives are listed, commented and often ranked too.

Human edited Web Directories
Image Search
News Search
Web Rings
Other Resources

Classical Web (Content) Search

1. Google — features one of the largest databases, caching of documents, highest relevance and includes also documents like PDF, PostScript and some more proprietary formats besides HTML
2. All the Web (FAST) — similar big index as Google, offers some more special media searches (maybe this engine is better known by Lycos, which uses it too)
3. Yahoo! — using the independent Inktomi crawler since short (again), it is also worth to be tried with a pretty big index
(OpenFind — interesting new engine with also rather big index and a proxy cache similar Google, looks promising)

Human edited Web Directories

Google sorted Open Directory — not the most recent, but most relevant presentation of:
2. The Open Directory — only alphabetical sorting, but as original the most current version of the biggest web directory
3. Yahoo Directory — most mature, but sometimes dated, despite similar big directory


Usegroups presented and sorted by Google — sort possible due to relevance or date; very recent entries (up to only one day old!)

Image Search

Google image search — similar as web search collecting several ones from the same site into subsets
2. All the Web Pictures

News Search

Google News (beta)
2. Yahoo News
3. AltaVista — at least the news are still fresh and fast...

Rings of (closely related) Sites

Webring — especially strong in scientific and IT topics
2. BOMIS — especially strong in celebrity and nudity topics
3. NetRing

Other Search Resources

Teoma — despite technical questionable equipment (query the shitty, highly insecure proprietary webserver!) a good chance, to find groups of relevant sites, some kind of entry point
Video Search by All the Web
MP3 Music Media Search by All the Web
Singingfish multimedia search video and audio
Resource Discovery Network — another special directory edited by professionals for free
Wikipedia, the community Encyclopedia
Free Internet Encyclopedia (at last offline)
Article Search
Librarians' Index to the Internet — directory of special kind, made by librarians for the public
(The former Northern Light Search) — still alive, with own (pay) contents, will relaunch soon
Internet Who is Who

All about Searching in the Web — includes daily and monthly news, sizes and more
Comparisons between different Search Engines — useful sizes, relevance and more
Overview about more specialized and sometimes obscure Search Resources


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