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(last update 17. Feb 2002: another hostile site has to be fighted against [bottom]!)

You may have recognized, that the provider of the big size video files pages has cancelled my account at begin of December 2000, after about 1 year of service. This way XOOM/NBCI is acting quite often, as I know from several other webmasters.

I want to underline, that I'm clearly not guilty of offending any of the extremely restrictive rules, nearly making it useless, which they apply. But they cancelled without announcement, so I recognized it only 2 days later by inspecting an independent counter statistic without any suspicion.

The behaviour of them is clearly a very bad, arbitrary method, to cancel whatever is up there when they think, it has to much traffic, volume etc. --- in my case they would stand no chance at court to claim any rule violations they may have stated.

The following should make this quite clear: I never posted nudity, any racist or brutal stuff nor infringed any copyrights. All clips I posted were from material, that was already some time ago (mostly several times world wide) on free TV and can't be considered as illegal anyway.

Nor I linked to any such pornographical or similar offending sites from the pages, I had there. (by the way, even the general prudish US government made a clear disctinction between Playboy and other magazines of the adult industry, classifying nearly all others --- probably not P10 --- as pornographical, but not the Playboy magazine, which also warns online of any nude contents before entering them)

As well I always respected their requirement of displaying the advertisement frame with their frameset, therefore their ads were always visible to regular visitors.

Even if some offenders --- this is indeed a very bad, even illegal practice in my view --- should have done hotlinking of some of my files and this way sidestepping the xoom ad, this would not have been my fault. (a measure taken by some other providers is, to dynamically change a part of the URL in a rather unpredictable, regular manner, so hotlinking is virtually impossible)

The only conclusion is my advice, never to sign up with these people: they are no way reliable and let them advertise is betraying visitors with helping a company, which doesn't deserve this at all!

I'm now in the search for another, better provider (it's far too expensive to host these massive amounts of data on my regular ISP!) with free webspace. A good starting point for this search is the following URL, where XOOM/NBCI is not mentioned, obviously for good reasons:

Free Webspace Providers Overview

There you and me should found something useful for our purposes...

Another Offense, this Time against WWW Users

Cookies are the most invasive things in the net. By them (with sufficient long (non-)expiration time, often 10 years or more!) you can be contolled like big brother (i.e. Billy Boy with M$ ME and XP) is watching you!

The infamous provider with name fortunecity had introduced such a total visitor control: they required you to set a cookie for viewing every content page or picture available there! My only advice is, to deny them and other ISPs always these cookies to be set and therefore to avoid and ignore their sites at all --- because you will see nothing then, of course, it is even practically better to do so. I invite all users to protest against this way of invasive actions against all visitors of that regretfully (still, may we be able to change it?) big provider in USA and GB! Current remark: recently I discovered, that fortunecity requires no longer acceptance of cookies by visitors to see any content: either there were enough disgusted people, so they learned a lesson, or an internal policy change took place for unknown reasons without external trigger, I just can't tell, either way, we can celebrate this change!

Things are getting even worse...

I never expected one of the big astronomical sites to behave as unfair as the immediately above mentioned ISP. But as a matter of fact, in February 2002 the big astronomical magazine Sky & Telescope closed its site against cookie denying visitors like me! I have sent them immediately a note of protest and announced also me publishing here their hostile behaviour. My only advice is, to deny again any cookies, write your opinion to them and give a shit to their invasive and technical poor site (insecure and non-standard M$ IIS driven!).


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