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Veronika has retired! (last (final?) update 29. Feb 2004, major news and layout change, older text rewritten for better readability (22. Nov 2002)**)

Veronikas head and slightly covered 
“best two assets”photography by J. Stephen Hicks, courtesy Bizarre Music

Veronika Zemanová (* 14. April 1975 Czech flag) *

Search my site:

German flagdiese Seite in Deutsch (älterer Stand!)

For those of you who know her already: no, I have not completely lost my mind — I want to make a point. Keep on reading!

Yes, her name is often wrongly written as Veronica Zemanova (c instead of k), especially on English text pages, and the acute on her last a is nearly always omitted — but it is always the very same person.

Who is Veronika Zemanova?

This young woman of rare beauty made her way through a few lesser known print magazines, onto the Internet and there became a major star. Not shy of showing what she has, she now competes with the likes of Pamela Anderson, Aria Giovanni and Alley Baggett for the title “most viewed and downloaded unveiled woman”.

Regarding Her Retirement

It's over! Even if it is hard for you to believe or accept… You will be not able to find any new material of her since midth of January 2004, when she decided to exit the (public) model business. So if you still want to see something of her, you have to go for older material only, presented on her official site(s), on Mac & Bumble, Danni Ashe, Suze Rendall, Stephen Hicks and so on.

As I formerly and below explain(ed), posing in the raw was not her original intention; and she accidentally went into it literally. She was never completely comfortable with what she was doing than, and after her marriage in autumn 2003 and posing for many physically demanding years, she probably became also somewhat bored, wishing to get a “normal” life back.

IMHO she has done well with this decision and I'm sure, that she will stick with it in the future, just feeling better this way.

No doubt this is a major blast to the adult model business in general: when models like her, Aria Giovanni or Alley Baggett exit, who are on the tops of the most searched-after models, this effects not only her web presence. And such models are not that easy replaced by others, which is only possible for the runner-ups behind.

Why is She on My Site?

As a physicist, I am accustomed to learning and experiencing some of the more unusual phenomena of the world. My interests extend beyond the physical however. Not only is Veronika a physical phenomenon, she is proof that people of substance can be beautiful and vice versa. Some people can challenge your pre-conceived notions of who they are, and Veronika is one of these people. I'll explain it in more detail…

What is special regarding Veronika…

Veronikas' appearances in Perfect Ten Magazine, (Summer and Fall 1998), are the first port of call for this discussion on the virtues, or otherwise, of appearing naked to promote yourself. For those of you who don't know it, this magazine appears quarterly and obeys  two essential rules: their models have to be 100% natural, i.e. no plastic surgery, and there is no retouching or similar applied to the photos. The publishing policy is besides this, to show women primarily topless, emphasizing the breasts and other curves that epitomize female form without being crude. This publication is worth a look if you like tasteful nudity (soft core pornography), and not only because Veronika appeared in it. Important note: due to recent events her appearances in that mag are limited up to 2000. I believe only extremely intolerant and prudish people could find this type of portrayal of women offensive! If this was all I had to tell, it would be far too lame a story. There is more, there are other, different magazines, which have featured her and are still doing so. And I could easily understand if one was offended by these!

— she is just 167 cm tall (3 cm short even of Pamela Anderson)! Another example, how photographers make models appear taller than they are: do you notice the nearly always present high heels?

What are these other “Magazines”

To put it bluntly: all of the other mags, which feature her, are blatantly pornographic. And I'm sure, that you now can grasp the “question” I have about her: why does such a beautiful and even graceful woman do such pictures?

What I think about her

For sheer physical beauty (restricted to the face and hair, to make this clear), she would rank among the top 29 women on my celebrity link pages! More likely among the top 10 of these beauties, but I don't want to do get caught up in comparisons — all of these women are great!

Truly, when I think of her walking down the street, fully clothed, in no way provocatively, I can see any man alive out there watching her, more or less with admiration — simply due to her outstanding combination of beauty, body shape, elegance and aura. And silently I ask, when I see a picture of her spread eagled (especially with spread legs), often touching herself, “why the heck you are doing this in front of the cameras, you lovely girl?” I don't think, that she does this as a favor to herself, despite the fact she gets a lot of money for it. My guess — for good reasons, see article below — is she does not enjoy this rather explicit posing, although her discomfort may have decreased through years of experience doing it. (in other words she may be somewhat resigned to exposing herself this much). Consequently, I assume she prefers the non-explicit portrayal of women like herself in magazines like Perfect 10, and more recently Playboy. Maybe in the Netherlands or Italy this explicitness is today no real issue, but even in France and clearly here in Germany it would be. I'm pretty sure! Okay, the most important thing is to be faithful to yourself, and she seems dedicated to stick to at least one rule: never to get intimate with males in front of the camera.

I have already mentioned my mixed feelings about the way Veronika presents herself to the public. This mystery has recently developed considerably (like her chest), after she had breast surgery! It occurred at the turn of the new millennium (i.e. early 2001). This was after I closed a related poll and I now want to state, that I share the opinion of the majority of the voters: that this was in no way a comprehensible, necessary or in any other terms logical action. In my view her breasts were quite perfect in their natural state and already rather large (not excessively). They now look inflated, unnatural, and ridiculously oversized — what a pity! The only reason I can imagine is that her large breasts were beginning to succumb to gravity but isn't this natural? It removes nearly any chance for her to do anything other than nude posing. Current remark: just recently I read that she had some personal problems and like many thin women, experienced a somewhat threatening loss of weight. So her operation was a reaction to this and the fear she had of losing her future, posing for the cameras. Personally speaking, despite her breast surgery being a clear degradation in pure physical terms, there remains a beautiful face and a graceful woman. I simply can't understand her. Not at all. (Re-establishing her usual weight would have been a better alternative in my view, and a better example for females the world over.)

Important final remark: is Veronika worth it, to continue these pages? That is what I asked myself after discovering pictures of her with a guy. These old pictures, probably taken in 1999 or so, were published by her former boyfriend/manager Stefano Santori, who is still abusing her name with a domain run by him, despite Veronika and her current manager trying to stop him. These roughly, two dozen pictures show no actual sex, but are still in stark contrast of the intentions of the naïve Czech beauty. Even more annoying in this regard were pictures and video clips presented on a very dirty site in early 2001 (after the enhancement), where she is being fingered in her vagina by a gloved woman — to finish this nasty crap, there are even some pictures of her introducing a big and a medium Maglite torch into both of her lower body openings. If I did not believe her and her manager, when they said they will not do similar or even worse in the future, I would indeed cease my site about her. For all the disappointed fans out there anyway: try to cope with these things, Veronika is really a nice person and was coerced on these occasions without any doubt.

A few Statements about Veronika

If I was not a fan of Veronika, I would not waste time and other resources building these pages for her, I can assure you! At least I'm not alone. Other webmasters wrote on their sites the following (and more) regarding her:

A Concluding Remark

Before you surf away into the net, whether it be hunting for the Czech model or not. If you think, that she is a really bad girl, remember how the bible cites it's star Jesus Christ in a similar (but even more extreme) case: “the person, who is totally free of any guilt, may throw the first stone onto her!”

And it would be nice, if you would tell me, what you think about her, especially comments from the women among you, either by mail (address below) or with the poll participation (link at top or bottom) or both.

An Important Hint

Recently I learned (with the help of one of my visitors), that the so-called official site of Veronika, which is run by her former Italian photographer boyfriend Stefano Santori, has virtually nothing to do with it's official claim. (It wrongly spells her name in the main part of the domain name. It is veronicazemanova for your information.) He has the rights and Veronika is simply excluded from any influence. She never gets mails from the site and so on. The logical consequence is: you should never join this one! But as a true Veronika fan you have the right alternative, because the true official site is now running since autumn 2001 — while it took several months as usual (see below, links). The central information below is from an Eastern European playmate called Victoria Zdrok, and I have her permission to quote her here — she is a friend of Veronika Zemanova and she also knows the mentioned photographer Santori:

“I agree with you completely that a model site, which promises personal responses, like Veronica's, should deliver on those promises. However, I happen to know Veronica; and I know that she has no control over her website, not even a password to the members area. Her former boyfriend has total control over her site; and all she gets is money for the pictures she gives him. So, in that case, you should blame him and not her.”

Some interesting Links without explicit Pictures

People, really, I can't do this (linking to typical Veronika picture sites like her (former) “official” page or many fan pages): as I mentioned, there are very few sites which qualify for linking by me — but these are still very “revealing” regarding my point: sheer admiration in various ways is quite obvious! I hope you enjoy these ones, despite they can't cover her completely for the mentioned reason. At least even experienced Veronika fans should find a few unknown ones.

new official Veronika site logo Veronikas totally new official site Slightly more than one year after opening on czechbeauty it was meanwhile transferred to the new domain. Using it for a general workover, the model collection is extended beyond the Czech (and Slovakian) borders and the chat was extended to acoustical presentation and improved otherwise. Current remark: the launch of the new site is now completed, while not all parts are fully functional yet (the shop isn't yet fully working, all other parts seem to be complete meanwhile). The contents of czechbeauty are already present along with new pictures of Veronika and some other models, not seen on czechbeauty; superstar Alley Baggett is also guest on the new site. The old site is no more an official one and due to lack of Veronikas support they will not be able to present any new material of her opposed to Veronikas new, own site, which has already begun with it (safe for buying third-party material of Veronika by czechbeauty, which can't be prohibited). But of course, due to her retirement that now also applies to her current official site. One more disappointment, I have to say: massive flash (ab-)use by requiring it to navigate, heavy CPU load (poor SETI@home and other users and owners of slow computers),… The older domain didn't vanish with launch of the new one — a typical internet issue; but now all domain issues should be solved by in a final manner. The current memberships were supposed to be also transferred smoothly (experiences?), at least I hope so (my case was special). The background is once again a domain issue, it couldn't be resolved in a satisfying manner otherwise. — Now I haven't given yet any final comment about the official site, and it is already over again!

For web insiders: yes, this time the domain (whois) was changed to Veronika personally, to avoid any trouble in future regarding her rights onto it.

Great article with interview: This is a must for every devoted Veronika fan, I guess. This authentic and serious article is from a Czech online magazine with name Think so far I know from March 2000. Please consider the following: it's not suitable for minors, it reveals the true Veronika and so you have for sure to reconsider her and the formerly there claimed official site isn't this any more (see above). The attached picture collection is fine, partly fully nude but not too explicit (I propose strongly not to follow the mentioned link regarding Veronikas early model (domination) days — it's very disgusting). The original site was a considerable time offline (domain vanished), so you can read the article now here on my site too.

Another, older interview from a print magazine gives another insights into an even younger Veronika.

themes of Veronika for your LINUX/KDE desktop! wow, she made it even into this, while of course fairly clothed. There were also versions for other platforms available, but I didn't save them, so this GNU/Linux/KDE theme on my site remains for your pleasure.

Huh, Veronika just became some kind of gas and dust clouds among the stars obviously I'm not the only astronomy fan, who compares her beauty with that of the stars.

A little cartoon of Veronika, portraying especially realistic her “two best assets” the Scandinavians are also no way prudish, you know (or at least should); this one was made very close to a photo of her by a Swedish artist and was uploaded with his courtesy: since the domain vanished, I have put up it here on my site now. — At last he asked me to take it down because it was giving a too one-sided impression of his activities.

Tom Milleas artistic black & white nudes of Veronika (lower left quarter) This is at them moment the only page, where she shows up on his site, but he is currently taking more shots from her — stay tuned! Be aware, that the posters produced by this photographer are rather expensive.

Andy Pearlmans Swimsuit Calendars there you can buy such calendars, where Veronika is one of the Bikini models — at last I couldn't find anyhting from her, but maybe she is still portrayed in one of the model calenders? Alternatively you may search on Ebay or elsewhere for the older ones with Veronika…

Veronika swimsuit layout by Netherlands photographer Ronnie Hertz — was taken down unexpectedly and for unknown reason at last! But you can find at or near this Dutch magazine site (named Veronica) still images of her.

Reader babe of the day there was obviously somebody struck by her appearance…

Body in Mind philosophy of female beauty — quite an unusual (framed) site, was presenting several of Veronikas great Perfect 10 pictures and other similar ones, at last these pages were no more online… But the author “hears” us, so you will find indirectly nude pictures via this direct Body in Mind Veronika Zemanova link (there you can see her two best assets clearly), he ranks her on top! Current remark: indeed not only at bodyinmind at thime of this writing in autumn 2002 she is/was the most often requested nude model in the net, but also at BOMIS, a ring offering site, which is known especially (but not only) for adult contents, beating the above mentioned women Aria Giovanni, Alley Baggett and Pamela Anderson too.

Veronika — Princess of the Hunt another artistic image (“Wonder Woman”), really few women out there get so much artwork around them! Because the site vanished, you could see this picture on my site…

two further art pictures of her and even another couple of these — I'm running out of words now…

another elaborate artwork about her — follow the links to the several models, where Veronika is included, be cautious, because being a big fan of her can become quite expensive there… Reconstruction to the bad! you will have a hard time to find anything there, I believe, not w3c conformant site, only designed for the monopoly browser. Really lousy made, no idea of the true www behind!

Information regarding professional contacts: though she has retired meanwhile, her last manager thought, it might be useful, to display the URL and mail address of him for her nevertheless: Veronika management site and

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