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So you're curious about or even missing the few pictures of the Czech beauty? Let me explain in short, what happened:

In a Veronika club one member posted the obvious vanishing of most sites in two rings of BOMIS regarding Veronika Zemanova (the two biggest ones about her, to be precise). I could quickly confirm it, so only about 10% of the sites in before remained in these two each. My site was also removed from both. Subsequently I asked both ringmasters, what has happened. I got just one answer, and to my surprise, obviously not from a ringmaster, but from a BOMIS employee!

To understand my disproval of that one, I have to give you some more clues: some time ago I founded myself a ring at BOMIS, only to discover half a year or so ago, that managing it became impossible. When I got then my first submission (I had hand collected links before for launching the ring with enough sites to become listed), I was totally unable to process it, obviously due to technical problems(at BOMIS, of course). So my trust into their otherwise useful system is no more big, I must say.

Also to consider is the usual "contents are not ours" thing, applying to BOMIS as to most other providers of sites, directories and so on. The following reply is therefore 'wrong' in several ways (keep reading!), but you deserve to read it yourself:

"Your link was removed because of a copyright complaint. Do you have legally licensed images? If so, I can add back your link or links."

No doubt, that's not impossible, I have to admit. But it's nearly as unlikely, as the moon crashing tomorrow on Earth.

By the way, that's for the moment the simple reason I took the pictures of Veronika completely down for the moment: I want to clear any doubts and to get listed back anyway, and of course, my text oriented Veronika pages can do without pictures at all, despite it's even for me not feeling right this way: my visitors deserve some clue about the way this Czech beauty looks.

Finally, I will prove the claim from the BOMIS man wrong with the following remarks:

  • Veronikas current official site is still listed in one of the two, but not in the other (independent administered!) ring: if the above were true, it would have been removed from both or none, of course --- meanwhile her official site is listed again on both, by the way.

  • A site clearly offending copyrights is still in one of the rings, another offender was added just afterwards. Meanwhile other offenders are added back again.

  • The technical problems I have faced myself with another, own ring (see above) makes it likely, that this was just an accident, which is not admitted by BOMIS. And the ringmasters don't reply (they have in the past reacted to inquiries from me!) --- they just can't at now, I think.

  • Other rings, for example about Aria Giovanni aren't affected at all: do anybody out there seriously think, that the sites there are conforming to strong rules while in the Veronika rings they were not?

  • My own picture policy is rather cautious and defensive: unless accidentally knowing, from where the pictures are, which I got and posted in the "fair use manner" (without virtually non no-pay contents in the web would be possible at all), are completely non-offending, low-quality or so far I know not claimed currently as exclusive on the net. So I don't think, that some funky rats (sorry!) did this one, but another reason (most likely was already mentioned above) lead to this "Veronika fans desaster".

  • It is useless to destroy BOMIS rings, while search engines continue to list the member sites, so the copyright issue isn't resolved by such a measure at all.

  • If BOMIS would apply this policy to other rings, it had effectively to shut down, because the majority are (nudity including) women/girl rings, and there copyright infringements are the rule, not the exception in all of them!

I will keep you informed about this topic, stay tuned!


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