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A Proposal to overcome and replace the dated US Presidential Election System

It's a nasty, not only widespread, but even common human behaviour, to react often only, when a disaster has revealed weaknesses in a technical, organisational or any other system. And the mentioned election was no exception to this rule. By the way, in my view the supreme court decided primarily for national interest reasons, means for higher ones than claimed, to terminate the endless seeming poll counts... (in their position, I would have decided probably equally and for the same reason) It should not be overestimated regarding the official statement.

A short Historical Flashback

Because of the evolution of the United States as federation of single, vastly autonomic states all election systems are strictly state related at now. This was the last time unavoidable during the civil war, when only certain states were allowed to vote for the US president. As a consequence, the parliament and the president are still elected on a state for state base, with the majority counted always on this level. Now I will consider, if this system is still adequate?

About the many possible Systems of Elections

It's superfluous to discuss here, if a proportional system would be better than the nowadays solely used majority decision in the USA. The consideration starts with the statement, that there are different keys of vote distribution to elected people practised in the USA nevertheless: while the senate is represented with two senators for each state, regardless how many inhabitants it has, the house of representatives on the other hand gets roughly as many people from the winning party for the state, as its corresponds to the population size of the state. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages anyway, and it's okay, to do this differently for the two for getting a balanced solution. I'm not interested in a discussion, if the more important part of parliament (the senate) should swap the system with the house of representatives or any other parliament related change. For a federal system this is clearly a feasible and justifiable solution.

What about the Presidential Election?

But the decision about the one man (or some day even a woman?), which is by far the highest and most important politician of the USA, is different from a parliament election. In this case no longer a state related count makes any sense, because there is only this one person to elect by all US citizens, and not a number of people, which can be decided per state. And in this regard it's also totally inacceptable, that an arbitrary element of instability is introduced too by the today used way: instead of country wide counting, the votes are still taken on the state by state base, and so instead of one majority decision there are (currently) 50 minor decisions, each with the danger, that it can become a "dead race", means a virtually non existant difference between the candidates. As seen in this case, the entire decision can be threatened under certain circumstances!

Why that dated System probably will not be replaced

The events after closing the orginial count revealed once again, that both candidates respective parties fighted with all means for their victory in that unusual situation, disregarding all rules of fairness and correct political behaviour. And equally the political class is not interested to change that system, primarily because a number of carriers of a then superfluous political function would also be deleted. It's wrong, to stick to any illusions about the true motivations of politicians, I regret to have to state this ugly truth! (I'm doubting heavily, that enough public pressure can be created, to force this change anyway despite that fact)

A Final, Serious Remark and Invitation to all US Citizens

In my view --- and I'm positive, that most Europeans and also many others share this opinion --- the USA have no right, to threaten the position of the US president, which is by far the most important political position on Earth nowadays, by using an unsuitable election system. This is a serious invitation, to change it to a more adequate system, despite the above pessimistic view!


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