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Preliminary remark: this is a personal homepage and I'm not official representing the mentioned companies and organizations, but I try to act in the very best sense even in their view either way. --- UNIX is a protected trademark of the Open Group, LINUX is owned by Linus Torvalds, GNU(/FSF) by Richard Stallman, Solaris by Sun Microsystems, IRIX by Silicon Graphics Industries, AIX by IBM International, HP-UX by Hewlett-Packard, Tru64 by DEC/Compaq/HP, Mac OS X by Apple Computers, OpenUNIX by Caldera Inc. and so on...
General remark: Richard Stallman in person requested me, to pronounce the distinction between the already in the 80's introduced GNU (GNU is Not Unix) tools as substitute for their UNIX pendants under the GPL (GNU Public License) and the Linux Kernel, introduced roughly ten years later and afterwards also licensed due to the GPL. And you should keep in mind, that the sloppy designation Linux for the OS, which you can buy on CDs/DVDs or download from the net, isn't adequate, but that the correct notion (among the distributors nearly solely used by the non-commercial Debian) is GNU/Linux. A Kernel on its own would be largely useless without a working framework, despite it's the central part of the OS.

UNIX motto: freedom!click for bigger plate (opens in own window)

And I hope with confidence, that some of you will be with me in the same spirit!

About this Site

After three decades of UNIX systems these are the only operating systems, which have blossomed all the time and the prospects for the future are very bright indeed. In about ten years, I'm sure, the IT OS world will be a pure UNIX world, still with several flavors of it, maybe dominated by the GPL protected and promoted GNU/LINUX or (too?) a Mac OS X or similar system, with Solaris and FreeBSD as probable long time runners still active. Or a similar constellation will arise. Today there is still only one remaining proprietary OS with considerable distribution and not yet dead or obviously dying, supported by an illegal monopoly, which was unintentionally promoted by the two big IT companies IBM and Intel. And that dinosaur OS is still a dangerous one, despite it is technically so much inferior to UNIX, because the company which is selling it at largely exaggerated costs to the IT community is a total unscrupulous group, using any and often illegal means, acting like a mob and in my view clearly being some modern kind of a true IT mob. It should be treated as a criminal union therefore. Our aim has to be, to bring down these folks, punish them to the fullest extent of law for their economical crimes and to destroy that commercial empire, which is threatening the freedom of all humans by the trial to control everything with/about computers, which are influencing our lives today so very much (the movie "The Net" with Sandra Bullock has gained even more relevance meanwhile). And the fact, that this OS costs the societies so much money too without any adequate payoff, creates lots of allies in the industry, like all mentioned UNIX vendors from above, GNU/LINUX distributors and other big IT companies like Oracle and SAP. And either way, these companies represent an economical power, which is much higher, than that of the Redmond mob, which is lead by a new kind of "godfather", an absolutely unscrupulous megalomaniac and some other people of the same kind.

We will strike back in this not officially declared, but practised IT war incited by the Redmond mob, that's for sure. --- These are harsh words, but I will present lots of stuff about these topics in the next time, come back in a month or two... Below is a number of useful links about UNIX and so on, I think.

The Last Dinosaur and the Tarpits of Doom --- why GNU/LINUX and UNIX have and will prevail against proprietary operating systems

French Site: UNIX history and resources --- very current depictions included

UNIX administration guide --- a fine resource for your daily work (browsing with a certain widespread proprietary OS you will be not able to see much content there, by the way).

GPL operating system part 1: the GNU (programming) tools
GPL operating system part 2: the Linux Kernel

about the different UNIX flavors

UNIX systems, standards and so on

The Open Group --- especially UNIX standards, tables and so on

O'Reillys great UNIX bookstore

The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

The GNU/LINUX Standard Base (LSB)


Own pages:

table of UNIX systems and CPUs [15. Nov 2003]
the major UNIX forces [27. Apr 2002]
GNU/LINUX package guide [22. Dec 2002]
other computer/LINUX stuff [27. Dec 2002]
Mac OS X overview [13. Oct 2002]
port number overview for TCP/IP and UDP networking [20. Jul 2005]
effective measures to fight against the Redmond mob [28. Oct 2002]
other offenses against freedom and fairness in the IT world [27. Oct 2002]

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to come: about the Redmond gangs' crimes and usual methods, more UNIX/GNU/LINUX related stuff, show your support and so on...

The UNIX/GNU/LINUX Alliance Charta

If you agree to the following statement(s), you're strongly encouraged to join this respective these rings of sites presented thereafter!

We, as the members of the global, strategic alliance for open UNIX/GNU/LINUX operating systems, hereby declare, that we will use and promote solely free and open UNIX based operating systems (OSs) instead of proprietary OSs, for the sake of freedom, innovation and cooperation instead of customer and opinion control exerted by some (mostly one) illegal acting companies. We will use exclusively legal, but effective means, opposed to the often illegal (ab-)used illegal ones from our enemies, to ensure the prevalance and final victory of our common aim.

(if you have proposals for improvements ormajor additions, you're invited to send these to me!)

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