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It's an urgent need for me, to express my deepest concern about the tremendous loss of lifes in Manhatten, New York City, and Washington DC. This is my little personal condolence especially for the inhabitants of Manhattan/NYC, a city I like as much as I expected prior to my visit in 1997, which included the observatory deck of the demolished World Trade Center. Hard to imagine for me, that it's gone, despite it was more than clearly shown by the media, but I'm sure, that the New York people, true citizens of Earth, symbol for peace and freedom loving people in all world, will manage examplary this horrible situation.

Revenge is no help in this situation: it could lead to even more violence without solving any problems really. The Israel/Palastinean conflict is witness of this fact; as long as both sides act in the dated revenge manner in every case, a solution can't be achieved. --- We have to take measures, to make such huge terror acts impossible, while being conscious, that total exclusion of terror acts can't be achieved in the free world, otherwise freedom would vanish on another way.

More thoughts about this unprecedented serious situation involving NATO alert will follow in near future. I hope to be able to contribute something for us all, or at least help others to consider important aspects. If you think, that there is a devil, it has now become quite clear, who it is / they are.

And as final remark for the moment: not the Islamic world is the foe of all life and freedom on Earth, but the minority in it, which is blinded by religious fanatism, corrupting and perverting the true religion of millions people in the world. But anyway, we have to solve this problem world wide, and for the first time the chance has arisen, that nearly all countries may work together to accomplish this goal. Especially entire North- and South-America, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and Australia are united in their posture, and I hope, that most Arabic countries will join these, before we may have to consider them as our lifes threatening enemies. For these foes of the world among the Arabic countries and illegal groups especially the US Marines are ready (statement by General Jones, current commandant of the USMC), and they know no mercy at all with such foes...


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