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With the extremely friendly help of Webzauberer these clips (and some more, which I can't offer all to you at now for certain limitations) were created from the TV show "SPACE --- above and beyond" and from the movie "Contact"; and at the moment they are also hosted on "his" server: many thanks! They are mostly quite large and I strongly recommend the use of a download manager like nt on LINUX or Gozilla on MS Windows for downloading them, despite usually you can watch them in the browser during download. But Internet browsers aren't reliable under difficult conditions regarding loading big files...

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Because he and I live in Germany, the original voices are substituted with German synchron speakers --- if there is somebody speaking at all. But the quality of PAL is better than US NTSC, so the digital clips are better than mostly found on US sites!


old intro sequenceintro sequence of first episodes  
size: 3,014,660 bytes or roughly 2.9 MB

new intro sequence with Chiggie von Richthofenintro sequence of later episodes ("Never no More")   (German speaker for McQueen)
size: 5,433,348 bytes or roughly 5.2 MB


Vansen moves melancholicallyfinal sequence of "Never no More": Vansen numb due to another loss   (background: Jupiters moon Ganymed)
size: 6,426,628 bytes or roughly 6.1 MB

final (double) episode intro sequence   (German speaker for Vansen)
size: 10,952,708 bytes or roughly 10.4 MB


Contact MPEGs

A young astronomer (Jodie Foster) takes an unusual voyage with a difficult, but spectacular start.

The original voices can be heard herein, the MPEG creator Webzauberer got an original medium in English for this movie...

voyage through solar system and universespace voyage sequence   (already formerly present)
size: 8,523,821 bytes or roughly 8.1 MB

begin of start preparation   [new since 17. Dec 2000]
size: 11,544,580 bytes or roughly 11.0 MB

(these two new clips show also Smallwood Tucker, who played Commodore Ross in SPACE above and beyond)

end of start preparation   [new since 17. Dec 2000]
size: 11,616,260 bytes or roughly 11.1 MB

voyage through the wormholewormhole voyage sequence   (already formerly present)
size: 11,411,460 bytes or roughly 10.9 MB


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