A short List of the SPACE Episodes
This is the so far complete list of SPACE - above and beyond pilot and episodes. I present some remarks to each of them; besides the 86 min pilot the episodes lasted (without advertisement of course) from 42 up to 44 min. Because for the people which hadn't seen them (all), I will not tell things, which are to revealing about the contents, especially not the original title(s) of the last two. A (1) and (2) designates double episodes, which are some sort of unit.
Despite all episodes are very good, I set a * for my personal favorites (the half of all!).

Number Designation (Deutsch/übersetzt) remarks
0 * Pilot sets the frame and the three main characters West, Vansen and Hawkes
1 The farthest Man from Home (In der Höhle des Löwen/Der am weitesten von zu Hause entfernte Mensch) West and his girlfriend again, on Tellus!
2 * Dark Side of the Sun (Kopf oder Zahl/ Die dunkle Seite der Sonne) Vansen: the nightmare of her
3 Mutiny (Meuterei) Hawkes and the racialism
4 * Ray Butts (Das schwarze Loch) presents a malevolent marine
5 The Enemy (Der unsichtbare Feind/Der Feind) horror without any military or other sense
6 Eyes (Hexenjagd/Augen) unscrupulous politicians and again racialism
7 (1) Hostile Visit (Das trojanische Pferd/Feindlicher Besuch) as McQueen once said: brave or stupid, it's always hard to tell...
8 (2) Choice or Chance (Folter/Wahl oder Zufall) Wang is badly tortured and a nasty game with West
9 Stay with the Dead (Gedenket der Toten/Warte bei den Toten) a desperate nasty action of the 58. squadron - West in trouble
10 River of Stars (Per Anhalter durchs Weltall/Fluß der Sterne) Wang as the rescuing person - together with an unknown...
11 * Who monitors the Birds? (Wer überwacht die Vögel?) a retrospective of Hawkes during a fiery and hopeless, nonsensical revenge action
12 Level of Necessity (Visionen des Todes/Grad der Notwendigkeit) Damphousse develops visions of danger - creating a danger?
13 (1) * Never no More (Abschied für immer/Niemals wieder) Vansen loses again someone close to her...
14 (2) * The angriest Angel (Auge um Auge/Der "angriest Angel" [zornigste Engel]) McQueen revenges a marine, murdered by a dishonorable hostile pilot (due earth pilots standards)
15 * Toy Soldiers (Der kleine Bruder/Spielzeugsoldaten) the West brothers and a terrible mistake by an irresponsible acting marine
16 Dear Earth (Feldpost/An die Erde) mails causing confusion among the members of 58.
17 Pearly (Ein Panzer names Pearly) Wangs guilt feelings revisited and a strange behaving English major
18 * R & R (Bacchus/Urlaub und Erholung) a little off-duty for the 58.: an unsual duel with Vansen on the Bacchus and Hawkes in trouble
19 * Stardust (Dead Man flying [tolles "Deutsch"!]/ Sternstaub) the 58. is supposed to lose a dogfight (to retreat)!
20 * Sugar Dirt (Die Vergessenen/Zuckerdreck) all dimensions of the horror of war - bowel-wrenching
21 (1) * And if ... (shortened! Begegnung der dritten Art/zu verräterischer Titel!) the 58. meets an alien(?)
22 (2) * ... our Best (shortened again! Für immer treu!/auch zu verräterischer Titel!) the 58. - witnessing the end of the war and therefore disintegration of the unit?


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