Overview about the SETI Project and Discussions

(last updates 5. Dec. / 12. Oct 2001 and 2. Jun 2002: SETI client performance overview, additional SETI hints and scripts and groups and joining)
This is a pure text collection, in which I present facts, speculations and also own opinions about the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, a famous project now ongoing since about four decades. About speculations one can hardly create or offer pictures for such a topic!

The pages are connected with each other; it's difficult to separate the several, tight coupled subjects. To gain all aspects, you have to read also through some repetitions on several pages, which can hardly be avoided.

Is there life at all aside from Earth?
How about possibilities of life?
Now about probabilities - some speculations...
Where and how we can respective should search?
About possible contacts and consequences...
Are there already contacts of any type?
Vote your opinion about SETI! 
Join the search!  [2. Jun 2002]
Improve your SETI throughput! (and another hints)  [11. Aug 2001]
a comprehensive table of client performances   [5. Dec 2001]
A defense of the SETI@home effort   [23. Sep 2000]

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