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This is  a newer branch of scientific publication, despite the early begin of remote electronic communication in the sciences. But nowadays a real revolution is on the way: some university libraries are abandoning the classic form of buying paper magazines, but offer them now completely online to the users. You will see, that this is now feasible by looking at some important general online magazines.


Banner of Science Daily magazineScience Daily
This award winning site offers research news from every science on a daily base - the name is therefore well chosen. From Monday to Friday you can see a list of the last news and also search the archive of older ones by date or category. The only thing to remark not positively is, that sometimes very large messages at times of poor bandwidth can require a considerable time, before you can read on - this is simply due to the usage of one table for the entire message. But the site is totally free, what means, you need not even a password to authenticate yourself. Finally, it's mostly possible to proceed directly by a link at the end of the research news message to the original source of it.


Science Magazine Logo  Science Magazine   European Mirror site
The famous magazine offers its contents weekly also online, where three stages of access are possible: everybody can read the headlines of the articles and other sections, but to go further, you have to request a login with password (alongside with an AAAS number, which you receive, if you have none so far). Even than  two possibilities exist: free access onto summaries respective first paragraphs only or paid excess (credit card, as usual) for full online access of all contents of the magazine. In my view the registered, free access is for individual users the most preferable, because if you are really interested in an article, you should better read it on paper... But of course, if you have only online access, this is a good alternative, especially also if you request seldom an entire article.


Nature Magazine Logo Nature Magazine  Nature in Deutsch
The British pendant to Science offers in a similar manner its contents; even the three stages are equal. Also every week together with the paper magazine updated, the most striking difference is the lower font size (you will enjoy a greater monitor). As ever you should use both for a complete coverage of publications, if you will not resort to the special publications of your branch(es).

Neuerdings gibt es auch eine deutsche "Tochterseite" (seit 10.2.2000).


Scientific American

The famous magazine offers its full contents also for subscribers only, but even without such payment you can access considerable parts of it. There are also features like past interviews in a well done site layout available.


Research Index Robot

This is a specialized search engine for scientific purposes. Its special, outstanding ability is, to search even in DVI and postscript files, which are online available, for keywords and to index them directly! This can be a big help to get poorly or not at all (indirectly) indexed papers extracted out of the always the overview lacking Internet.


German flagSpektrum der WissenschaftSpektrum der Wissenschaft
Das deutsche Wissenschaftsmagazin präsentiert tägliche Kurzmeldungen, wovon eine frei in ausführlicher Form lesbar ist. Alle anderen Angebote sind nur gegen Bezahlung verfügbar. Auch Archive und Übersichtsdatenbanken älterer Ausgaben sowie die Artikel des Spektrum-Clubs (gegen Rechnung, keine Kreditkarte!) können bestellt bzw. abgefragt werden. Die Homepage arbeitet mit Frames.

German flagBild der Wissenschaft - Logo Bild der Wissenschaft 

Die verglichen mit Spektrum der Wissenschaft mehr populär und nicht ganz so anspruchsvoll gestaltete Zeitschrift ist ebenfalls im Web vertreten: auch hier wird mit Frames gearbeitet, in denen Nachrichten, Umfragen und Highlights (z.B. die Sonnenfinsternis vom 11.8.1999) präsentiert werden.


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