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 Thoughts about the Chigs from SPACE  
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 Military Ranks of US Marines and Navy   [29. Oct 1999]
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Since the series "Star Trek" appeared in the 60's there has been a number of science fiction series in TV with more or less success. Of the "Star Trek universe" the best in my opinion were the "Next Generation" series, mainly due to the best actor involved in all Star Trek series together, Patrick Stewart. But more generally speaking, "Star Trek" is more a trivial one for "Trekkies". In the past few years two other series (produced in USA) were aired, they are the tough future war drama "Space - above and beyond" (sometimes referred to as Space 2063) and the great future drama "Babylon 5", which takes place in a further future (2257-2261). Therefore and because there are already many "Star Trek" pages in the Internet, I will concentrate on these two series.

"SPACE - above and beyond"

What I like most at this series is it's througout all in every aspect convincing appearance: the only thing, which is really not covered by todays science, what can be critizised, is the way the spaceships moves faster than light (the series is not very precise in this respect, no wonder about). But so far I can judge, all of the technical equipment of the Earth Forces (especially the USMC) seem to be at most upgraded ones of todays technique. This applies not only to the composition of the technical equipment, but also to the political state of the planet around 65 years from now: a formally united, but in reality fragile union of most (all?) countries of the world in the UN, the seemingly unavoidable hatred for minorities, demonstrated with the synthetically generated humans, designated as in Vitroes or racist as tanks or nipplenecks, the unreasonable and unscrupulous behaviour of no more controllable giant corporations (Aerotech),  situations, when only wrong decisions can be made (sacrificing marines or even more other people for example) and the total cruelty of great wars, which were superfluous, if all potential participants would behave rational - what is simply an illusion. And of course the most prominent one is the way, the life of humans is affected by these circumstances, shown with the way five young people make through the Marine Corps, joining out of completely different reasons. This series is clearly not suited for children and is no nice future story: all negative aspects of war are presented with virtually no mercy. And the well played main characters behave neither like big heroes nor cowardly, they hope and fear and act as normal human beings. Now I present some links related to the series, which ended after pilot plus 22 episodes, and a few other things.


overview of the series in short

A few Multimedia and other Pieces about SPACE:

An animated GIF with the title picture and main cast.  (77 kBytes)
(if you don't know the actors/actresses well, their SPACE characters are from left to right: First Lieutenant Nathan West, Captain Shane Vansen, First Lieutenant Cooper Hawkes (In Vitro); second row: First Lieutenant Paul Wang, First Lieutenant Vanessa Damphousse and Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Cassius McQueen (In Vitro); ranks taken from the final phase of the series)

history and character of the main persons

general thoughts about SPACE (new since 19. Nov 1999)

thoughts about the Chigs...  (new since 14. Jul 1999)

thoughts about the end   (13. Aug 1999)

And on another server with many thanks to Wischtan Wuselwind/Webzauberer, owner of a big multimedia homepage (main content Pamela Lee) you find a MPEG animation of the title sequence of the twelve first episodes, recorded with S-VHS and from that digitalized. And meanwhile there are more animations... (see below)

Opens in own window: MPEG clips from SPACE and the movie contact, regretfully no more all of them completely as unit or in greatest size online (but once more many thanks to Webzauberer, who needs now most of the web space by himself, for hosting them again!): 

with Contact clips and MPEGs of SPACE at the moment:

SPACE and Contact clips  [17. Dec 2000]

maybe for a limited time   remark about this problem

In the following: links to SPACE sites and the rings...


Yahoo - Space Above and Beyond Overview
A comprehensive overview of sites about the series. A few remarks seem appropriate: the fan groups are organized as units with fantasy names of squadrons (the series circles aroud the 58. squadron, called the Wild Cards, of the fifth air wing). And the creators of the sites (ab-)use military ranks of the USMC from First Lieutenant up to Colonel. Therefore the higher the rank of the homepage creator is, the more important and complete the site generally is. Due to the problems of Yahoo to keep track with the development of the net, some of the listed entries are already outdated.

Space Yellow Pages Logo Yellow Pages of Space  seems to be no more online!
The so-called main directory of Space. It was a good starting point to get all the principal informations to the series, for example episode guide, homepages of actors/actresses (I propose you look especially on the homepages of Kristen Cloke and Rod(ney) Rowland, which are in my view the two most impressive of the acting characters) and so on. Is anybody out there, who would take over this important task?

Google sorted SPACE above and beyond Directory
Opposed to Yahoo! this open directory, sorted in relevance by the best search engine around, is more up to date. You can sort it alternatively also alphabetically.

SPACE - Mission LogoSPACE - Mission Status
The most comprehensive single Space site I know so far. A series encyclopedia is also included as communication ways to fans, additional fiction (non-official) and so on. One of the related pages is especially remarkable:

News about the SPACE cast and related topics 
Kate Duncan does a lot to offer some newer informations at this place. For the devoted fan useful to check it out from time to time...

SPAC aab message board  

  Science Fiction online provides us with the most important Saab forum online available. For active participation the best stop at now. Registration is required for active posting, but it's free.

New SPACE site!

There are still new homepages created about the series --- witness to its big impact on science fiction fans. She (the owner) has obviously great ambitions, so stay tuned to check this site out regularly, I recommend.

Join the "SETI: Above and Beyond" group!

If you don't know, what this is all about, I recommend to you my SETI@home explanation page and the official home of SETI@home. One thing is for sure: this is a really good group, it was earlier in the project clearly better, then the amateur observatory group, to which I belong, in terms of processed and transmitted results.

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USMC Logo: Eagle, Earth and AnchorUnited States Marine Corps   Ranks & Rates of USMC and Navy
ATTENTION: this is the official Homepage of the USMC. I included it, because some people may be interested in the motivation, doings and history of the real US Marines. Related to the series you can discern several events of the past, which are mentioned in Space - the producers are obviously well informed about the Corps.

If you want to know something about abbreviations and designations in the Corps, you can get it on my new page with or without frames.


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