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"Babylon 5"
A future space station is the center of this series, presenting disturbances and several wars at the scale of the milky way. Several very different intelligences cooperate and fight against each other in a complex way, and several secrets of the oldest of them are revealed during the continuation of the series. But the problems are not only planet wide ones, also the changing characters (only the security/intellience chief and the leading doctor of the station keep there from begin to end) display a lot of personal problems and more or less friendly relations between them. It's no way a simple black-and-white draw. Similar to SPACE, this is also a mainly pessimistic series, but despite this keeping the hope, that things may become better...


Babylon 5 logoBabylon 5 Encyclopedia
The comprehensive information center for the series: a long index (framed page) comes along with many links in the explanations to other ones. If you search something special, you should find it there or nowhere.

Babylon 5 Webring

A comprehensive webring about Babylon 5: obviously all major sites are joined in it. Therefore you can find additional stuff about the series, which you never heard or read...

About the Movie Contact...

In my view there are really very few good science fiction movies. The best was the classical "Odysee 2001" by the now late Stanley Kubrick, and quite a few are even remarkable. Among these last group is "Contact", written by the popular and now late (definitely to early!) Carl Sagan and the main character played by the great actress Jodie Foster. I have once more to thank Webzauberer, formerly Wischtan Wuselwind for his restless work on digitalizing video sequences, now enjoy these (if you have the bandwidth and/or patience, sizes (see there) are of the order 10 MB)!

MPEG page


BOMIS Ring Galaxy Quest
I hope every science fiction and comedy fan has seen this movie: it pays really off! Evidently the makers of the movie know very well the diverse Star Trek shows, and therefore the movie is full of (malicious) allusions especially about the original "Star Trek" and "The Next Generation" as well as about freaky Star Trek fans. For example, the comedian Tim Allen ("Home Improvement") plays a good parody of William Shatners character Captain Kirk, and the boy at the navigation console reminds surely not by accident a lot of Wesley Crusher from the "new" Enterprise...


Another general Link:

Science Fiction Wire logoScience Fiction Wire - News
Despite being a page of the American Science Fiction Channel, this site offers news about all science fiction in all media: movies, TV, books and so on... There should be any desired information about planned, pending or current events in the entire scene.

Perry Rhodan - The Perry Rhodan Net 

Only a few informations in English respective Spanish or French. Or do you understand Interkosmo? This is the official homepage of the by far biggest written science fiction series, but it was suspended in the USA because of a lack of interest... If you can ignore or at least partly read the mostly German texts, you can find a number of multimedia pieces like pictures of extraterrestrial beings. Frames are used.

The Perry Rhodan Webring
A well visited webring about the written series and all other aspects of the PR universe. But you have to be warned, it's mostly written in German again...


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