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Only recently I found this Japanese hosted site, but don't be afraid - it's completely written in English, with some contents offered also in other languages, for example Japanese (more trivial of course) and Spanish. There you can also find the official and currently valid version of the declaration below of course!

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Background: the in my view best German chancellor ever (Helmut Schmidt) was considerably involved in the following assertion, which the UN received in 1997. For not only to him not comprehensible reasons the plenum of the UN unfortunately did not even place this design (compare also the Official UNO site) to the debate - at least so far not. Contents should actually be more or less natural and in all other respects refer also only to the in the UN statute anyway contained, to a certain extent complementary universal declaration of the human rights. That should also be to the like of the Chinese and their Yin Yang - however perhaps the regime in Beijing likes less the note to the human rights... However, this draw became signatured by not fewer than at least 26 former heads of the government, whereby the Australian Malcolm Fraser is the chairman of the so-called Inter Action Council and Helmut Schmidt as honorary chairman and also Africa and Asia are represented by different of these "former chiefs". 

A very one-sided view, in my opinion a clear misinterpreting of the intentions of this declaration, can/could be read in the homepage of Amnesty International. I guess, that the total direct, unconditionally activity of the organisation lead to this denying posture --- a fact, which I regret.

Remark: this is not the original text! I had to re-translate it from German to English, but I strongly hope, that I've not at all unintentionally changed the contents! If anybody has the original proposal available, please send it to the mail address given at the bottom of the page - I will greatly appreciate this!

Should anyone enjoy my translation or want to control my English knowledge, he or she can do so...

Universal Declaration of
Human Responsibilities


Wheras the acknowledgment of the all members of the human family inherent dignity and the same and inalienable rights is the basis for liberty, justice and peace in the world and includes obligations or responsibilities,

wheras the exclusive insistence on rights has conflict, splitting and endless controversy as consequence and the neglect of the human responsibilities can lead to lawlessness and chaos,

whereas the rule of the right and the promotion of the human rights depend on the readiness on men as women to act fairly,

whereas global problems require global solutions, which can be only achieved through ideas, values and norms respected by all cultures and societies,

whereas all humans have a responsibility after best knowing and ability, to promote both locally and globally a better social order - a target, which cannot be achieved with laws, regulations and conventions alone,

wheras human efforts for progress and improvement can be only realized by corresponding values and measures, which apply at all time to all humans and institutions,

therefore the General Assembly
of the United Nations proclaims

this Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities. It shall be a common measure for all peoples and nations, with the target, that each individual and each social institution, always mindful of this declaration, may contribute to progress of the communities and to the clearing-up all their members. We, the peoples of the earth, renew and strengthen hereby the already proclaimed commitments by the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights: the full acceptance of the dignity of all humans, their inalienable liberty and equality and their solidarity among themselves. Consciousness and acceptance of these repsonsibilities are to be taught and promoted in the whole world.

Fundamental Principles for Humanity


Every person, regardless of gender, of ethnical origin, of social status, of political conviction, of language, of age, of nationality or of religion has the responsibility, to treat all humans humanly.


No person shall support inhuman behavior, whatever type anyway, on the contrary all humans have the responsibility, to stand up for the dignity and the self-respect of all other humans.


No person, no group or organization, no state, no army or police are beyond of good and evil; they are all subordinate to moral measures. Each human has the reponsibility under all circumstances to promote the good and to avoid the evil.


All humans, talented with reason and conscience, must take responsibility to all, families and communities, races, nations and religions in the spirit of the solidarity and: What do you not want one, to do to you, you also not do to others. 

Non-Violence and Reverence
as against the Life


Every person has the obligation to respect life. Nobody has the right to hurt, to torture or to kill another person. This does not exclude the right to justified self-defense of individuals and communities.


Disputes between states, groups or individuals are to be carried out without violence. No government may tolerate acts of the genocide or the terrorism or take part in them, nor it may abuse women, children or any other civilian persons as means for war guidance. Every citizen and public carrier of responsibility has the obligation, to act in peaceful, force-free way. 


Every person is invaluable and has to be protected unconditionally. Protection is also required by animals and the natural environment. All humans have the responsibility to protect air, water and soil for the actual inhabitants and for the future generations.

Justice and Solidarity


Every person has the responsibility, to behave with integrity, honest and fair. No person or group shall rob the possession of any other person or group or take it away arbitrarily. 


All humans, who have the necessary means, have the responsibility, to perform serious efforts to overcome poverty, malnutrition, ignorance and inequality. They shall promote all over the world a sustainable development for assuring all humans dignity, liberty, security and justice.


All humans have the responsibility, to develop their abilities by diligence and exertion; they shall have the same access to education and ingenious work. Everybody has to deliver support to the needy, disadvantaged, handicapped people and to the victims of discrimination.


All possession and all wealth must be used conformant to the justice and responsible for the advantage of the mankind. Economical and political power must not be used as means for domination, but only in the duty of economical justice and social order.

Veracity and Tolerance


Every human has the obligation, to speak and to act truthfully. Nobody, however high or mighty, may lie. The right of privacy and personal or professional confidence must be respected. Nobody is obliged, to tell the full truth to anybody at all time.


No politicians, officials, economical leaders, scientists, authors or artists are released from general ethical measures, nor are physicians, jurists and other professionals, which have special duties to clients. Professional founded or other ethical codes shall reflect the priority of general measures like veracity and fairness.


The freedom of media, to inform the public and social institutions like government measures - what is important for a fair society -, has to be used with responsibility and circumspection. The freedom of media carries with a special responsibility of precise and true reporting. Sensational reports, which diminish the human person or the dignity, must be always avoided.


While religious freedom must be guaranteed, the representatives of the religions have the special duty, to avoid statements of prejudice and acts of discrimination. They neither shall incite nor legitimate hatred, fanatism or religious wars, but they have to promote tolerance and mutual respect between all humans.

Mutual Respect and Partnership


All men and women are obliged, to show mutual respect and insight in their partnership. Nobody shall expose another person to sexual exploitation or dependence. Rather sexual partners shall make use of the responsibility about  the care of the welfare of the other.


The marriage requires - despite all cultural and religious differences - love, faith and conferment, and it shall have the target, to guarantee safety and mutual support.


Reasonable family planning is the responsibility of every couple. The relationship between parents and children has to reflect mutual love, respect, esteem and care. Neither parents nor other adults shall exploit, abuse or ill-treat children.



No regulation of this declaration may interpreted such, that therefore results any right for the state, a group or a person, to exercise an activity or perform an action, which intends onto the destruction of the in this declaration and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 listed responsibilities, rights and liberties.


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