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What can We Do?

It may seem natural, that we should have virtually only allies, aside from the TCPA cartel members. But it would be short-eyed, to think so. To activate all our potential allies, we have to do a couple of things...

Most Important: Publish and Mention It!

The best weapon against them is publicity: we should take every opportunity to explain the true intentions of that illegal monopoly, and the real consequences of the established system, as I did on my introduction/overview page. That they fear publicity like the devil the light is rather evident in the latest moves, which are just hazing ones: no one tells about build in Fritz chips, nobody of the non-TCPA-members is allowed to see the member list and so on...

The next step can't be done before this one, but is even more important:

Explain every Potential Ally the Danger for him/her!

This has to be done individually. But I make proposals for likely ways now:

Non-TCPA and Non-Hardware/-Software Companies

They have to fear several problems: runaway costs by monopoly pricing, total control of their internal data, therefore no chance to keep any secrets against the TCPA control system, which may use/resell them without the chance, to be blocked against it, production outages due to the unflexible, not under their own control system, which may solve problems far to late, than they would have been able, to do it themselves... All these companies should be strongly against this kind of control!

Developers of Hard- and Software

These have to fear virtually impossible conditions for development: runaway costs even exceeding the companies in the section above and no flexibility at all. And even worse, if the trust members don't like a piece of them, they can easily deny the certificate needed to sell it --- the best way, to switch off most of these (potential) rivals! (or alternatively it can be secretly robbed away from the developer company without any chance, to know or even be able to prove it)

Keep it short: for such companies this is simply a matter of to be or (more likely) not to be...


Internet Service Providers have to fear also runaway costs and major disadvantages regarding competition --- nobody wants to be extremely limited by the provider! Maybe they need a complete new infrastructure for these insane new control measures, more personnel and so on.

Governments and Parliaments

They have to be aware, that the TCPA trust will keep lying all time and hazing the fact, that they will take away all real power from the political institutions. After introduction these institutions depend on the TCPA system too and can be arbitrarily manipulated by the trust. The lies are, that the keys are given to government and parliament --- why the trust should do so? If not, the leaders of the country are helpless, puppets of the cartel.

The Computer User at Home

I have already mentioned the consequences: instead of being able to do potential everything your computer is cut back to a very restricted state, which cannot changed by you, in which you can only use few, selected, and extremely expensive pieces of software, and not being able to do anything by yourself in case of failure; hardware changes become a nightmare and so on, and so on... Not to speak of the absolute violation of your than no more existing privacy and freedom to publish without total censorship. For the developers under us this means the practical end of own software developing.

Our Major Goals

The best way to get rid of the unconstitutional TCPA system is, to forbid it by law as that, what it is: an inadequate, unlimited destruction of fundamental rights like privacy protection, freedom of word and speech, the right to get informed and so on. We have to do this in every country, so we have the disadvantage compared to the global operating TCPA monopoly, that we can't stop it at one point.

The second best way is not to buy --- I already mentioned it especially on my special page, see below --- any TCPA Hard- and Software. Without selling anything of it, the TCPA trust is forced to offer alternatives or even to cancel that evil program.


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