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(last update 8. Feb 2004, current time: 16. Jul 2019 04:46:36 CEST)
To present you a faster lane to the most desired contents and to show you something about the preferences of you and your fellow visitors, I created this special overview. It's based on the numbers of accesses onto the different HTML pages in the months from March 1999 to May 2003 now. Remark for recurring visitors of this page: due to a combination of lack of time and some technical problems I had not updated this page for months. But this is now over, and I have extended the statistics even more regarding browsers... see there.

Remark: the ranking may be at least partially due to circumstances other than the interests of the public, because for example the astronomical links are harder to find than Gabriela Sabatini or some other pages, but this may change in future.

Important hint:The last month is taken into account now solely and sums are used only for equal numbers for ordering; but there are now these ordered overviews to choose:

last month request table
all time total hits
month maximum numbers
monthly average since foundation of the page
total user email activity
next generation browsers rising

I hope, that last one improves this overview somewhat too!

Current remarks: Veronika Zemanova is still clearly dominating even the women celebrities, which are clearly on top among all of my pages. With one new major exception: the German no TCPA page made an enormous start and surpassed all but the two most often visited pages (Veronika Zemanova and Pamela Anderson). Recently it has even grapped rank two clearly before the other two, only but rather clear behind the Veronika Zemanova main page. But after January the traffic dropped down heavily. So it is now placed much lower. --- The old KDE desktop theme of Veronika Zemanova made a jumpstart and still gains a lot of downloads, see below, as well a new (though itself being of older date) Veronika Zemanova interview. And then a page about UNIX system monitors, especially for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X gained a respectable ranking too immediately and even better in its second month, also the browser statistics page got at first fairly enough requests to be listed... The internal site search is well accepted and has it meanwhile temporarily made into the top pages list below.

Another hint: Due to the more or less slowly increasing traffic on my site and the also increasing number of pages with much visitors, I have sometimes to increase the limit for pages to be listed below. This results occasionally in a drop-off of pages, which don't suffer reduced traffic, but can't keep up with others because of being surpassed by them. --- No more major changes occured. For the other pages therefore look at the minor changes below. Keep in mind, that even few accesses more or less may result in swapping places in tightly arranged ranking "groups".

The last Month: the most often requested Pages (and other Files)

Veronika Zemanova main page   (German flagdeutsche Version )  [27. Jun 2005]

Pamela Anderson main page   (German flagdeutsche Version )  [20. Jul 2005]

Gabriela Sabatini main page   (German flagdeutsche Version )  [17. Feb 2004]

breast surgery poll  

Veronika Zemanova poll   (German flagdeutsche Version )  [12. May 2002]

long 2000 article links about resp. interview with Veronika Zemanova     (German flagdeutsche Übersetzung )   [19. Nov 2001]

Veronika pages copyright and BOMIS related informations resp. explanations

(index, main page)

medium long early career interview with Veronika Zemanova     [11. Jul 2002]

Veronika Zemanova KDE desktop theme (download)

Kristen Cloke main page   (German flagdeutsche Version

about network ports   [20. Jul 2005]

backup of Think Magazine Veronika Zemanova interview

gegen TCPA-HauptseiteGerman flag  English no TCPA main page  [ 8. Feb 2003]

some further celebrity links   (German flagdeutsche Version )   [23. Jun 2002]

Gabriela Sabatini biography  (German flagdeutsche Version

Science Fiction (main)   (German flagdeutsche Version )  

Pamela in the media  (German flagdeutsche Version

Pamelas V.I.P. TV series episodes  [16. Jun 2002]

Why Pamela Anderson (Lee) fascinates...

rarely known facts about Pamela

about Pamelas (big) screen appearances

bird cameras link page

about UNIX system monitors (especially regarding GNU-Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X)  [20. Jul 2005]

Remarks about the US Society

All Time Totals of the Top Pages

1.(1.) Veronika Zemanova main page

2.(2.) Pamela Anderson main page
3.(3.) Gabriela Sabatini main page

4.(4.) Veronika Zemanova poll
5.(5.) general index page
6.(6.) breast surgery poll

7.(8.) Veronika Zemanova old interview link page
8.(7.) Kristen Cloke main page
9.(10.) Veronika Zemanova/BOMIS explanation
10.(9.) Anti-TCPA-Hauptseite
11.(11.)Science Fiction / SPACE aab
12.(12.)celebrity links
13.(13.)Pamela Andersons TV show V.I.P.
14.(14.)Pamela Anderson and the media

The highest Month Numbers of the Top Pages

1.( ) Veronika Zemanova main page

2.( ) gegen TCPA Seite
3.( ) Pamela Anderson main page
4.( ) Gabriela Sabatini main page
5.( ) Veronika Zemanova poll
6.( ) Breast surgery poll
7.( ) first Veronika Zemanova interview
8.( ) general index page
9.( ) Pamela Anderson video page --- no more online!
10.( ) explanation about the Veronika Zemanova pictures/BOMIS
11.( ) second Veronika Zemanova interview

The monthly Averages of the Top Pages

1.(1.) Veronika Zemanova main page

2.(2.) Pamela Anderson main page
3.(4.) Gabriela Sabatini main page
4.(3.) gegen TCPA-Seite
5.(5.) breast surgery poll
6.(6.) Veronika Zemanova poll
7.(7.) general index page
8.(8.) Veronika Zemanova BOMIS picture explanation
9.(9.) second (older) Veronika Zemanova interview
10.(10.)original Veronika Zemanova interview
11.(11.)Kristen Cloke main page

The Totals of Users who mailed me regarding the following Topics:

1. Veronika Zemanova
2. Gabriela Sabatini
3. Pamela Anderson

4. gegen TCPA
5. Space above and beyond
7. Deutsche Banken
8. Mieten
9. LINUX/Computer

The Two Rising Browsers: Mozilla and Opera

Introducing remarks: all Opera versions are counted together, not only the really new versions 5--7, but former ones too (even version 3). And as Mozilla all browsers are counted too, which use its Gecko engine, like Netscape 6--7, Galeon, Phoenix, Chimera or Nautilus, to name just the most important. Market share in % of all hits is listed, download tools and robots included; where M$IE is clearly leading and the old Netscape <= 4.8 was second until autumn 2002, with an huge advantage leading these two. But since then the Gecko based browsers have overtaken that dated predecessor... Important hint: due to an annoying bug in the webalizer log analyzing tool the numbers for both browsers first given were too low, especially affecting severely the Mozilla numbers --- this problem was recognized and corrected by me in May 2002 only!

monthMozillaOperaboth together
May 20010.700.631.33
Jun 20010.690.691.38
Jul 20010.880.651.53
Aug 20010.750.941.69
Sep 20010.950.801.75
Oct 20011.041.012.05
Nov 20011.341.132.47
Dec 20011.361.002.36
Jan 20021.431.122.55
Feb 20021.331.122.45
Mar 20021.421.222.64
Apr 20021.561.392.95
May 20021.611.382.99
Jun 20021.801.082.88
Jul 20021.621.242.86
Aug 20021.791.213.00
Sep 20022.231.293.52
Oct 20022.431.333.76
Nov 20022.951.444.39
Dec 20023.331.715.04
Jan 20033.531.855.38
Feb 20033.101.744.84
Mar 20033.001.544.54
Apr 20033.001.204.20
May 20033.511.525.03
Jun 20033.251.414.66
Jul 20033.221.324.54
Aug 20033.021.544.56
Sep 20033.251.124.37
Oct 20033.481.324.80
Nov 20033.921.325.24
Dec 20034.211.205.41
Jan 20044.391.395.78

  more browser statistics


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