In the following I account important reasons for major changes in the catholic church, especially regarding the position of the pope and the actual holder of this position.

The most know, that the pope was derived relatively shortly after the creation of the christian church (around 250 it was in the primatial stage) from the first christian leaders as solely religious truth speaking person.

But much details, important to judge this position and its development, are either lost in the mists of time or largely unknown.

On the top of political power: the middle age

The most power the pope had during the middle ages, when single people in charge were allowed to do anything, what they wanted. Therefore the pope used most often totally unscrupulous his power, even to gain influence in the states of that time. The worst example for this behaviour was Innozenz III. (consider, what innocent means!), who had more power than the most kings of his time, virtually ruling large parts of Europe. And of course, the kings in the middle age wanted also their power; the result were wars and intrigues.

Don't marry! It could cost you power!

Do you know, why marriage is forbidden for the pope and other members of the clerical? It originated in the mentioned era, when even trials to win influence on other leaders by their wifes were not uncommon: a simple measure, to avoid such tricks, nothing more, is the rule of staying single... By the way, this has never disabled a considerable number of children being created by the pope and his subordinates. The first centuries of the christian church saw NO such rule; they had wifes just as the protestantic churches today allow it.

Terror in the Name of Jesus Christ...

The probably worst chapter of the catholic church is inquisition. In todays categories, this was nothing else, than one of the most powerful, violent and efficient terror organisations, which human history has seen so far. The number of people, who did --- even due catholic standards! --- nothing wrong, but were tortured and murdered by the inquisition is virtually countless. Especially women, accused to be vixens, were victims of this campaign of hatred and intolereance, alongside with leading experts in advanced fields of exploration, so in the (in)famous case of Galilei, who was also suppressed by the inquisition. No adequate excuse for these incredible crimes was been heard until today by the pope or the catholic church.

The abuse of power by the church and especially by the popes was finally finished by democratic revolutions, which restricted the church to religious questions, by forbidding them, to practise government-like power.

Todays second class people...

And in general, the rules of the catholic church and especially the behaviour of Johannes Paul II. (he should have better chosen only a Paul as designation!) are clearly guided by a dogma, which is nothing else than sexist. It relieves the catholic church not from responsibility for it, that most religions act similar. Women are generally treated as second class persons; the picture nowadays is quite clear, which is promoted especially by this pope:

Women must not get official positions in the catholic church, they are dangerous beings, which are there for the only purpose, to get the worst out of men, especially of such with positions in the catholic church --- the official reason for the no-marriage doctrine, but see above --- and they are all potential murderers, only wanting to kill unborn children, if they consider it as an advantage. If you agree with such prejudices, you may want back the middle ages...

It's a total surprise for me, that there are today women in democratic countries, which accept this way of handling them by the catholic church.

The elected pope is always right...

This is just one --- but especially important --- facet of the incredible arrogance, existing without any real justification, with which the pope acts. And there are other aspects, which make it increasingly difficult for the catholic church, to keep up a minimum of credibility. Dangerous tendencies like fighting all means of birth control and this way threatening the life of all human beings on our planet are totally inacceptable (the explosive population growth is one of the biggest threats of our time and the future); and therefore major revisions of the internal policy are required. This is also necessary, to keep members in the church, which remains impossible, as long this pope denies reality. The worst thing are the encyclica, which claim absolute truth. Let decide them further topics this way, and one day the church will be total inmobile, unable to adapt to the post middle age era without complete abandoning these often insane papers.

Reformation and Reaction...

The last precursors of the actual, dinosaur-like pope, had already tried, to change the frozen dogmas. But even the 2. Vatican Concile failed clearly to do so, and since then this pope has turned the direction back into the past! Taking step by step backwards, the old man is a real threat for the catholic church, its members and all humans, because he is one of the people, who has real influence on many other people world wide.

A possible solution

The most obvious way is, to rob of the pope of all dictator-like power of his position and to transfer the decisions to a concile or similar institution, which can by debate and polls steer the church in a consistent and far more future oriented direction. This is, why I called this page DISMISS THE POPE --- even, despite the position "pope" will probably never be cancelled. But centuries ago, for example the British monarchy has changed into a democracy, leaving the Queen or King with purely representative tasks. The same is past due for the position of the catholic pope!

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