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Pamwatch LogoPamwatch - Official Pamela Anderson Fan Site

was taken over by another fan, updates are now performed...
This is an older site, but presents also interesting stuff, so interviews of several magazines. Also they had the advantage of direct contact to her, so you could gain some first-hand information. You will eventually be astonished to read, that Pamela self requested them to take nude pictures out of the site - she wants not to upset mothers or confuse children, who surf the Internet. This tells you again something about the real Pamela Lee, who is often accused to threaten the growing up of children, but is as matter-of-fact a great mom to her both sons and also caring about other kids. Not only the news are now rather ranging into the present (I helped to do so), but also the photo section is currently updated --- stay tuned!

A short remark: by chance I discovered, that this site is abusing JavaScript for popping up an unwanted window like the providers geocities and tripod. To get rid of these you have to deactivate the mostly unnecassary JavaScript support, at best in general, only occasionally reactivating it for special cases --- this can be done in Netscape and Opera for example, but not in the insane spy tool of MS with name IE...


dhs Pam bannerPamela DHS fan site  URL change now complete
A newer site, despite the biography is now somewhat dated, but it contains a relatively complete news section and many further links --- without comments about the sites, but in thematic groups. Current remark: this fanpage (collection) was awarded as second one by Pamelas official in October 2000.


3d Pam sign Pam in 3d - stereo pictures
Eventually some of you already know this site, which was already online for years, but now it got major improvements as well in contents as in presentation --- up to now, the type of banners used prevented listing of the link on my site. Without any doubt this site fills in a "gap", therefore it is welcome by many (male) surfers, despite there is no real nudity involved. But the stereoscopic impression makes worth it to view...

Important current remark: again one of the even Pamela hostile porn banners is now on this site. I have already mailed the webmaster my anger about this nasty habit and threatened, to delete my link to him... AND THIS IS, WHAT I DID NOW, BECAUSE HE HAS NOT COMPLIED TO THE REQUEST TO REMOVE THIS SUPERFLUOUS, INADEQUATE AND OFFENSIVE BANNER!


Fresh Prinz's Pamela Anderson Lee PageFresh Prinz
This often visited site comes with frames, a banner in the status line and a complete menu of categories on the left side. Besides pictures there are a filmography and the awards, which the owner already won. Don't be confused by the update history anyway, because minor updates of the last time doesn't occur in the update table. But the site is indeed relatively seldom updated, I propose at most one visit per month.


Delta Man's Pamela Lee Page   Second Delta Man site! both at the moment down --- but they will be back!

Another nice page with an AVI from her new series and the usual photos, presented in a manner which offers a good overview (some photos may be not from the 1994 Pamwatch shooting). Please remember, there are also nude pictures at the site. Now he also has an additional second site, presumably to overcome provider space and/or traffic restrictions? CURRENT REMARK: now both sites are down for a while; but they are announced to be back later again. I'm doubting it meanwhile heavily...


900 Pictures of Pamela  probably cancelled due to violation of xooms "no nudity condition"!
Another pure picture site - the number hints already to the fact, that there are also pictures not suitable for children included. Maybe the most complete collection so far, obviously completely covering many photo shoots, which are at other sites mostly presented only by a few pictures of them. Important remark: the navigation has to be performed by the user self, because the archive links point only into the directories(!). If you have few or none pictures of Pamela seen so far, you may work through the index listings by clicking one after another, but for all others it's better, to click the <n>index.jpg picture first, which contains a map of the pictures. But then you have to remember the designation of the pictures, which you want to see in full size - a little implicit memory game. For example, Archive 6 leads to directory ./Index6 and contains the map picture 6index.jpg.

My Pamela Anderson Network
Another fine picture site, with many newer and more rare pictures than most other sites. While most pictures are non-nude ones, you may occasinoally encounter one with some nudity. However, definitely worth a stop for the devoted fan.

Blonde Doll logo
Blonde Dolls Pamela Collection

This is a good fan site by a webmistress, who is a professional designer. Since she has overcome some trouble caused by the annoying geocities provider, you should be able to access the diverse contents without major problems, despite especially the dated Netscape 4.7x browser may still have problems with some pages. Be aware, that you have JavaScript to activate for accessing the unsusual left hand menu, which may be a little different to "drag in" with the mouse (at least the three browsers I tried, Mozilla, Opera 5 and Netscape 4.78 made it a little different each, but successfully). A page for the general audience, so some nude pictures are censored out (speaking for myself, I prefer omitting nude pictures, when they are inappropriate, instead of showing them in censored state, but the effect is the same).

Pam chat and postcard site   seems to be abandoned and replaced by a total unrelated site!
This relatively new site features especially a "send a Pam postcard service" (electronically of course, i.e. in emails) and a chat forum. As often seen within these chat areas, Pam spoils some statements, which are somewhat politically incorrect, to express it with slight understatement. You have be warned, but joining with more serious and higher level entries you can help to improve its quality...

Pamela News and Poll Site
Despite the creators of that homepage are not always very nice to Pam, it is remarkable for its clean and lean appearance and a very extensive news collection; also a poll is offered. The usual caution with unproven news should be applied.

The pictures are not as remarkable, besides some strange alterings, but also suitable for minors.

BOMIS Barb Wire Ring
Only a few, but well visited sites about Pamelas only main Hollywood movie so far. Despite being no great movie - but also not so bad, as it's often stated -, it has a faithful fan community and this visit numbers are also witness of this fact. It's interesting, that years after publishing even on video tape the interest is still this high. A remark about the video/TV versions: they are partly considerable different, for example the last version I saw in Germany (ARD, a big public TV station), there were some more brutal scenes cutted, but not the German singing Udo Kier, which otherwise is missing in the German video version. I guess, that the US version was censored in another way... Only the English PAL VHS video version of the ones, which I have seen, seems to be complete and even with an extra clip of Pamelas opening scene performance, but several times longer...

Pam Barb Logo
New Pamela Barb Wire Site [5. Sep 2000]

Another new site, which recently joined the above provided Barb Wire Ring --- despite it was no big movie, this is a nice tribute to it, which is a must for all Pamela and Barb Wire fans. CAUTION: there is also JavaScript abuse for tasks, which doesn't require this invasive language.


 The never ending Story: Pams "best assets"...
A nice article about Pamelas way of "disarmament" by a female (!) fan. This may put this unusual event into a new, interisting perspective for you. My proposal: read and consider it.


Pamela articles - Canadian site
This contains a comprehensive overview of often Canadian articles about Pamela. There is also a news section, where you can read something about one of Canadas four biggest living stars (the others are Wayne Gretzky, Jacques Villeneuve and Celine Dion, eventually also David Duchovny, but two of them are French descendants, if you know, what I mean - remember the Quebec question).


Pam undying logo
Undying Pamela Anderson
Another good fan site --- especially remarkable for it's little Pam memory game, with works even without enabled JavaScript support by CGI technique. The site uses frames.


Manipulated Pamela Images
If you can tolerate the annoying geocities advertisement popup windows and partially long loading times, this offers to you a few strange manipulated images of her and some other stuff (no fakes in the usual sense and no way explicit). A remark: turning off JavaScript (and also Java!) avoids the popups! (see also my  computer pages about this topic).


Very Special Woman  [new since 23. Sep 2000]
This is another little Pam site, and despite being a little strange, it's quite nice to Pamela. The owner presents two others alongside with Pam: a special, only Internet related "celebrity", and another one, known only to a few Canadians, he guesses. Besides he was as 13 year old boy able, to speak with Pam, and she was as nice as usual she always is to children.


Ms.Divines Pamela Anderson Page  [new since 23. Sep 2000]
A new, really great page, which shouldn't be taken too serious, despite the irony can't hide, that there are some truths presented --- which not all people will like to read. The irony together with the kind posture about Pamela makes this site unusual and well worth reading...


Pam cavorting with space aliens  The Pam-Files 
This is a really funny site, created for adults, but not really explicit. The first of them has meanwhile become a "classic" parody, but the second, newer one is even better: a parody not only about Pams image, but also about the X-Files and --- regret it or not --- Bill Clinton.


The Pamela Anderson Song
The first example for the sometimes weird, sometimes funny stuff about her in the Internet - however no very high level production, I guess. With disabling Java you can avoid the annoying geocities popup windows.


Pamela viewing prerequisite rules...
A further example: do you obey all 10 rules to view pictures of her? (of course there are also pictures of Pam, you can find them quite easily - nothing really unusual however...)

Flowers for Pamela!   was down some time ago, domain has now vanished!

You will hardly deny my guess, that this is a seldom made connection at all - but despite there are some other stars at that site presented in similar manner, I found it amusing, to watch the offers of flower types which you are invited to send her per SSL(!).


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