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Pamela says, that she did nothing noteworthy besides the Baywatch TV series and the movie "Barb Wire". This now changes significantly, because for the first time she is even co-producing at the 1998 started TV series "V.I.P.", which has already earned high ratings (but as usual not very nice "official" critique). Her first primary movie "Barb Wire" was no great success, due to different reasons, which may include a chaotic production staff, too great expectations for a first-time effort, to many comparable action movies, her far to nice appearance (her voice included) for the part as an ex-Marine and a wrong decision, which she couldn't fight against, to work it out in a too serious instead a funny manner. I guess anyway, that most fans of her see this a little different. The low-level Baywatch series was essentially coined by her, only by her natural, real and impressive personality (and no doubt, she has the perfect shape to present at the beach). She reached a record for an actress (only beaten by main actor Hasselhoff) of 76 appearances in this series and I wonder, that the series is running even without her (she retired at the end of season1996 after she entered it 1992, three years after start), but without any doubt with less spectators. And also there can be no doubt, that she is the most photographed and in the Internet most searched-after (Guiness Book Record) woman, many pictures of the Playboy magazine included - the leading persons of it are really good and true friends of her, it's by far no pure business relation, as many people may think. Now I start with the official site of her own TV series. Remark: I learned a short time ago, that V.I.P. has overtaken the now definitely too long (and without Pamela) running Baywatch series, which proves my point: the most interesting ingredient for the majority of spectators was Pamela, and the producers of Baywatch made a big mistake in not trying seriously to keep her in the series at least one or two years longer.

German flag Es ist interessant, daß selbst unter den DLRG-Rettungsschwimmern Baywatch im Allgemeinen und Pamela im Besonderen zumeist einen guten Ruf genießt: so wurde von deren Seite z.B. geäußert, daß ihre Arbeit erst seit Ausstrahlung der Serie ernst genommen wird und es gibt weibliche Angehörige der DLRG (Deutsche LebensRettungs-Gesellschaft), die Pamela sehr bewundern und nichts besseres zu tun hatten, als sich mit roten Einteilern dieses Zuschnitts und Baywatch-Rettungsbojen einzudecken, als sie die Gelegenheit dazu hatten - erstaunlich, daß letzteres angesichts unserer per DIN-Normen geregelten Gesellschaft überhaupt vorschriftskonform ist.


Vallery Irons
Vallery Irons
Vallery Irons
V.I.P. official homepage  2. V.I.P. site

short episode overview/kurze Folgenübersicht (weekly updated during airing / wöchentlich aktualisiert während der Ausstrahlung)

"Vallery Irons Protection" is the name of this new TV series. It's a mix of action and comedy, with Pamela as star and also as producer. It has some autobiographic resemblences to her real career: a girl of country, arriving at L.A. without any knowledge of business, she takes an unusual way to become a star. The site presents background information about the series, pictures on the set, team member biographies, station listings (USA only), fan articles and even a role playing game - and despite it's run by motiondsign, the same multimedia freaks, which made her personal homepage, it offers also a non-shockwave version. And indeed, you should be warned: the same difficulties, alongside with frames, arise with this site; especially the shockwave section animations are very big and the animations are Quicktime 3.0 format and therefore require newest software to view. In the USA the - I pronounce it again - usual split in reaction is observed: despite most more or less official comments are mostly negative, the series enjoys in reality a high rating in terms of number of viewers. Obviously it's trendy to criticize her, but to watch her doings nonetheless... At last the first 22 episodes were already aired in the USA (see also below, next link) and in summer 1999 the second season of 22 was produced and was finally also completely aired despite her resorting to her natural breast size and political incorrect behaviour!

Now a second site is online (see above) with newer material and additional offers than the first, official site about the series.

German flag In Deutschland wollte SAT 1 angeblich ab Mai 1999 die erste Staffel von 22 Folgen ausstrahlen. Aber - typisch für einen Privatsender - offenbar haben politische Überlegungen zur Verschiebung des Serienstarts auf den September 1999 geführt (17.9.1999 20:15 die beiden ersten, dann ab 19.9. immer Sonntags gegen 17:00 die weiteren Folgen; ab 25.6.2000 dann um 13:00, zunächst Wiederholungen, dann die letzten Folgen der 1.Staffel) - zweifellos will man das bezüglich Einschaltquoten günstigere Winterhalbjahr nutzen. Die zweite Staffel wurde im Sommer 1999 produziert, trotz jüngster Aktionen wie einem reichlich offenen Playboy-Interview (an den Bildern werden sich diese Leute wohl nicht stören; ist nicht als Kritik an ihr gedacht: für so etwas sind sämtliche anderen prominenten Frauen in den Staaten entweder zu zurückhaltend oder aber schlicht zu feige - nur nicht als unangepaßt auffallen!) oder einen ebenfalls für US-Begriffe politisch inkorrekten Auftritt in der Howard-Stern-Show sowie ihre anscheinend ohne zu fragen (sie würde allerdings ohnehin jede ablehnende Haltung von jedem ignorieren) oder möglicherweise auch zu informieren erfolgte Rückkehr zu ihrer naturgegebenen, ohnehin perfekten Figur.

Der obige zweite Link verweist auf eine neuere Seite zur Serie, in der auch Verschiedenes über die zweite Staffel zu lesen bzw. zu kaufen ist.


V.I.P. episode guide
This is a nice overview about the shows contents, done by fans without any official connection to the show and outside the USA even one of the few possibilities, to get more detailed informations. Actualization happened during airing about every two weeks, of course depending of the airing dates of the series. At last the show was suspended in USA for some unknown reason again, but the airing continued later. And the production of season 2 is now finished, meanwhile all episodes of the second season are aired (at least in North America).


German Pam TV logo

Pam TV - German site  (online before Pamelas new PamTV site!)

This is now part of it:

Pamdoras Box presents Pamela Anderson

Now transferred to a new server - but you need not to update the bookmarks - and downsized!
This is (was!?) a really great site. The best offers are/were MPEGs of the movie "Barb Wire" (one is 10 MB in size: be aware of this!), Baywatch, advertisement (Pizza Hut commercials, at least one of them most of you will not have seen, and a cosmetics presentation) and talk show appearances, especially from the Jay Leno show, and at last of the new series "V.I.P.". Many of them exceeded 5 MB - so you need patience, money and last but not least a high speed internet connection. About the first Pizza Hut commercial I will make a remark: when she was for Pizza Hut in Belgium, some too hot-blooded Belgians mobbed her once and she escaped indeed into a restaurant (indeed one of Pizza Hut!). Probably this inspired the spot. To be loved from (too?) many people can be hazardous, both in reality and in fiction.

Attention: cruel as life can sometimes be, the homepage was shut down by too much traffic of visitors (finally around thousand per day!). Therefore the "Djinn", now "Webzauberer" has now chosen another server and is online again. Due to the huge traffic his site gained at last (around 2 GB per day!) and his need for diskspace for customers he offers now only few MPEG animations anymore.

Attention: the site was for a time shut down. The reasons were: 

  • the unability of the low cost servers offering Americans, to cope with some parts of reality like sexuality
  • the high traffic generated by such big MPEG files
  • further special limitations about file types etc.
  • the denial of advertisement by the site owner (this is okay, I guess!)
Now he has chosen a less comfortable version for the visitors, due to the mentioned problems of the last time. You have to leave sometimes the original site for some (fewer than before) Playboy pictures for example.

The "Djinn" presents also a selection of pictures of all types, ordered by source. The news section bears the usual problem: it's often difficult to find out, if a certain article/report about her is really true - see also the next link. The site uses frames. CAUTION Netscape-Users: some link texts are/were misleading by faulty underscores. But the maintainer of the site is aware of this and is correcting it. Try to aim left...

Because Pamela herself requests some care of minors in the Internet: there is some nudity involved.

The situation is expected to worsen due to a lack of time and space of the webmaster!

German flag Diese großartige Seite ist (s.o.) auch in Deutsch abrufbar. Es gibt MPEG-Animationen aus "Barb Wire" (Achtung: die größte umfaßt 10 MB!), Baywatch, Werbung (Pizza Hut Reklame, eine wurde anscheinend nicht regulär ausgestrahlt, eine Kosmetik-Präsentation) und Talkshow-Auftritten, v.a. von der Jay Leno Show (Harald Schmidt fand ich als Talkmaster im Vergleich zu Jay Leno ziemlich lahm, er konnte sich nicht so gut auf sie einstellen), und zuletzt auch von der neuen Serie "V.I.P.". Viele der Clips überschreiten die 5 MB-Grenze. Da kann man nur mit Geduld, Kleingeld und einer möglichst schnellen Internet-Verbindung zurechtkommen. Übrigens hat der erste der beiden Werbespots einen realen Hintergrund: in Belgien hätte die (männliche) Meute sie vor Zuneigung fast in Stücke gerissen, als sie für Pizza Hut warb, so daß sie tatsächlich aus nachvollziehbaren Gründen in ein Restaurant flüchtete (es war sogar ein Pizza Hut!). So ist wohl die Idee zu dem Spot entstanden.

Achtung: Grausam wie das Leben manchmal sein kann, hat der US-Provider den Homepage-Account des "Djinn" kürzlich zeitweise stillgelegt: dieser konnte oder wollte den großen Traffic am Schluß (ca. tausend Besucher pro Tag!) nicht mehr tragen. Aber er ist jetzt auf einem anderen Server wieder online. Weil die MPEG-Clips hauptverantwortlich für Übertragungsmengen von ca. 2 GB pro Tag (!) waren, bietet er jetzt immer in wöchentlichem Rhythmus nur einen Teil dieser an, d.h. unter Umständen muß man etwas Geduld haben, bis ein bestimmter Clip für einen Download verfügbar wird. Hoffen wir alle, daß dieser Schritt genügt, um die Netzbelastung beim neuen Provider im akzeptablen Bereich zu halten.

Achtung: diese Homepage wurde nun zeitweise erneut dichtgemacht. Die Gründe waren:

  • die Unfähigkeit der Amerikaner, die relativ billig Webspace anbieten, mit Teilen der Wirklichkeit wie Sexualität richtig umzugehen
  • die hohen Datenübertragungsraten, die durch solch große MPEG-Animationen verursacht werden
  • weitere Begrenzungen bezüglich Dateitypen etc.
  • die Ablehnung von Werbung durch den Homepage-Besitzer (was ich begrüße!)
Es ist "Wischtan/Webzauberer" gelungen, die Homepage wiederzubeleben - wenn auch weniger angenehm für die Besucher. So müssen die (jetzt insgesamt weniger) Playboy-Bilder aus den genannten Gründen auf anderen Homepages betrachtet werden. Übrigens ist er erneut dabei, den Provider zu wechseln und eine neue Domain einzurichten.

Der "Djinn" präsentiert außerdem eine Auswahl von Bildern aller Art, nach Quellen geordnet. Die Nachrichten sind wie üblich mit Vorsicht zu genießen: es ist oft schlecht überprüfbar, ob sie der Wahrheit entsprechen. Diese Homepage nutzt Frames. ACHTUNG Netscape-User: einige Textlinks sind/waren fehlerhaft, der Unterstrich ist teilweise nicht auf den Link begrenzt. Es empfiehlt sich, mit der Maus auf die linke Seite zu zielen... Der "Djinn" weiß Bescheid und sinnt bereits auf Abhilfe.

Die Situation dürfte sich wegen Zeit- und Platzmangels des "Webzauberers" verschlechtern!


Celebsite Mr. Showbiz: Pamela Anderson Lee
For some reason the sympathy of the creators of this part of their homepage dedicated to her is very limited (presumably the usual one: being prudish to no end, like most US citizens). But that affects not the way of reporting: this is a source you can really trust, so far I can now judge. This has the consequence, that there are not so many messages about her (I guess you know, how this comes). But they are neither invented nor twisted anyway (at least with a very high probability). If you hear something spectacular about her, it's a good idea to check this site out - if you do not so regulary. Especially in the light of recent events (the notorious implants) check out the NEWS button, to read shorter stories about Pamelas always chaotic life.


Jay Leno Show LogoThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno
You may ask, what this link does on this page - the reason is simply, that Jay Leno is one of Pamelas greatest fans and invites her as often as possible - a fact you could easily confirm by checking out past appearances by searching after Pamela in a little search box right hand and compare with whoever of his guests you wanted. Of course this stops him no way in creating jokes about her, even in her presence. Her humor prevents him of anger of her - with one past exception, when he made several "jokes" about her illegal distributed home video. She told him clearly at one occasion her disgust about his behaviour and so far I know he stopped immediately with these - but not with other ones about her, and she will never complain again, I guess. It's often funny to watch Jays flirtatious attitude to  her... The buttons upcoming guests and go enable a little preview, if she or somebody else appears in near future. Two final remarks: this Talk Show is aired by NBC and of course there are also another interesting guests, but often also many, which are not known at all outside the USA.


Tox - Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson - Tox
There are numerous pure picture sites of her in the Internet. Of these this is in my view the best: fast and easy navigation without advertisement or superfluous stuff - and with more than 500 pictures of all type. It's some irony in the host of the site: it's a philosophical institute and Pamela has at least in earlier times read philosophical treatments too, like ones by Nietsche and others. Also a few links to other sites are presented. Every aesthetic oriented being should enjoy it!

As mentioned above, you deserve to know, that this is also a site, which is suitable only for adults or teens at least 14 years old (the last is Pamelas definition, in USA the legal limit is 18 years).



This was a nearly dead-born project: a joined effort by several web masters, which are among the presented links on this and my next links page. All webmasters reading this and willing to comply to the PamNet rules, are invited to join it! Please be patient, it was founded in early November 1999 - it is a lot of work of course, but may become the premium source of informations, pictures etc. about Pamela. It's a very modern site, using style sheets, therefore too old browsers may pose problems with correct displaying. Current important remark: the site is virtually dead now, it's only a redirection to above mentioned site now... last additional remark: this site resp. little net of sites was awarded officially by Pamelas homepage for two weeks at begin of October 2000 as outstanding fanpage, the first one featured ever!


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