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(Variations of her name include: Pamela Denise Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Pamela Anderson Lee or even with Pam instead of Pamela, sometimes completely wrong with a Sue in too --- a real pleasure to search for! If at all, than use Google!:)

She is a completely different person to the other famous (sports) woman on my homepage, not just in terms of appearance. She is often misunderstood, especially by simple minded people and the sensationalist parts of the press. But when it comes to character, she has a lot in common with the South American former tennis pro. She is another famous woman with one brother, this time a younger brother. There are a few important differences to Gabriela Sabatini though....

There is obviously more more to her than 50 kg distributed along 170 cm in a perfect (85-91?)-56-86 manner (cm according to official rules: remember, imperial is supposedly no longer legal in most countries).

ATTENTION: The above bust measurement varies because of her long planned, and brave move of removing her breast implants in April 1999. The first number was valid from around the beginning of 1990. She has now dropped down considerably. But as all "experts" of her know, there is no danger that she is now lacking what many people consider the essence of a woman. I for one, am glad to see the reduction as it is now clearly more difficult for simple-minded people to criticise her. Besides, she never really needed the implants, more likely, as she once said, it was the usual way of increasing assets in nasty L.A. The old number is visible in her first shoots for Playboy Magazine 1989/1990. Important update: I can't comprehend why, but she got implants again in 2002, obsoleting the above statements partly. I can only guess, that her new fiánce is responsible for that decision.

Pamela is an unusual combination of humor, natural honesty, modesty and politeness. Especially when you consider she lives in L.A., where nearly every actress behaves like a diva (the only other really prominent positive example may be Sandra Bullock).

And finally she has a strong character and will never do, what the public or media want. Instead she does what she wants. She has to had to accept therefore, being permanently criticised. For example, posing nude for Playboy in 1994 (which she just did again) nearly cost her the role in the Baywatch series. What a bad joke that would have been, as David Hasselhoff and the others knew, she had already been in Playboy before she came to the very simple TV series. It was this that made the series successful. It certainly wasn't a role she took to improve her acting abilities.

In the last few months she has reconciled with her husband; Tommy Lee. Update: as you probable know, that didn't work out, the relationship seems to be over forever. --- It seems to be one Pamelas' greatest wishes, to be happy with one man. There was indeed some reason to hope, that with the months he served in jail, the "Pamela deprivation" (a bit ironic, but he has the real background), and psychological treatment, her alcohol addicted husband Tommy Lee may have been able to handle his problems without becoming cruel. --- After dating Kid Rock Pamela is now in a position to care for her "three boys again."

The point I really want make is not that there are a few nasty fake pictures of her circulating on the Internet, but the really worst thing, I ever heard of, is the distribution of an extremely private video of her with husband Tommy Lee. At first via Internet and later as a commercial video casette. In my view this, and the consequent legalisation of its distribution was the biggest media injustice in the US in 1997. I'm really annoyed about these developments, now more than ever, because I recently learned, that further details of her private life are to be published. Partly, again with Tommy Lee and partly with another musician.

This way of compromising the innermost privacy of a prominent woman is --- so far as I know --- absolutely unprecedented.

To explain this further, you first have to realize, that every woman who is not a porn star or prostitute, does not want to be exposed like this. To have this happen would drive most women crazy. It is not that unusual for a couple to make recordings like these, as many people --- especially in prudish countries like USA and GB --- may think. But if Mr and Mrs Smith do so, who would be interested in this? No-one, nobody else would even know about it.

But now try to imagine you are famous and living in Los Angeles, a short time before Antonio Banderas said, "the worst place for actresses, because there is a constant request for fresh flesh" LA has a way of observing the prominent people, that ranges far beyond the imagination of unknown people like us. And then there exists a totally unscrupulous crowd of people, which tries to make money of these facts in any possible way. I call these people the Hollywood mob.

It was not the first time the house of a famous person was broken into. Mainly personal items were stolen --- in this case a gun and the mentioned video inside the safe containing them. Would you call her reckless for storing it in a safe in her own castle-like house?

Particularly in the USA, where lies are normal in sexual affairs, nearly everyone acts as though they would despise public displays of a sexual nature, but in reality many of them are real liars. As it was in the Clinton case, most people wanted to see this illegal video. In continental Europe every Judge would have decided for Pamela, and not for the scum called IEG. And the US judges are therefore promoting the porn industry, instead of fighting it (what they often claim to do). But one day even in the USA this Hollywood mob will pay the price for its crimes.

The worst thing for Pamela, who has meanwhile overcome these nasty events, will be, to explain these things to her children, who are the most important people for her now --- even after the intermediate reconciliation with her husband.

Now I will clear up a few lies about her - and believe me: at present there is no one on this planet, about whom there are written more lies and half, twisted truths than Pamela. I should start with the greatest lie, which is of course, that she helped to publish this video or earned any money from it.

She has never denied that she had surgery to enlarge her breasts. But it is a lie, that her face was also changed by surgery, which can easily be proved, if you look at some really old pictures before she came to L.A. Of course there are some naturally beautiful women in LA, but if you search for monsters there, you will easily find some (like Cher and Toni Braxton). As Pamela herself once said, synthetic enlargement of breasts is quite common in L.A. Indeed, there are more prominent actresses and singers who have them than ones who don't. The only difference is, that most of them don't admit it. And as mentioned above, Pamela later removed her implants --- unlike most of the female celebrities in L.A. But I have to admit, that reinsertion of implants is equally unusual.

Another thing is, that there is a lot of prejudice against blonde bombshells in general. Pamela admits she is no great actress and has never claimed to be one. This in no way implies a lack of all positive capabilities, as some people endlessly repeat. For example: she tries as hard as she can at her art and in her own VIP series, she did a lot of her own stunts. This can not be said about many Hollywood actresses. Also in the Baywatch series she was doubled in only one type of scene: walking along the crowded beach --- the reason was simply that, as she used to say, certain optical impressions can cloud most men's mind, especially in connection with a famous woman. Making it impossible for her to walk through a crowd without being noticed and ruining the scene.

When I first read extracts from the newest Playboy interview with her, I was again surprised by her liberal, totally honest way of talking about sexuality. Thankfully this interview caused less problems than she, and also I expected in the USA (including the new photos). In America, where the vocal majority is prudish to no end, I can't help but admire her for breaking these ridiculous taboos --- in my view she deserves an order of valor for her bravery in doing so.

This type of self faith is clearly not a common value in L.A. It seems beautiful and attractive women are literally hunted by many guys there, even if they are married. Pamela is exceptional by being ever faithful to her husband. This shows an important truth about the real Pamela Anderson.

To close the subject on Tommy Lee: I am sure that she would have divorced him long ago, if he had beaten her before the incident that caused him to go to jail. She would have done so, because the safety of her little ones is the most important thing to her. She is also not a person, with whom anybody can do what he/she wants. The bruises she sometimes has (she took a bloody wound on her head during the production of V.I.P. for example), are simply the result of her action preference and she is also very active in sports generally. There are many ways to get bruises.

Now there is rumor, that she has bisexual tendencies (incited by a Playboy interview and an appearance on the Howard Stern show). This also doesn't hold true: she has said clearly, that she never did so, despite numerous offers by other women(!).

Other accusations such as devil worship or drug abuse are so ridiculous, that they are barely worth mentioning (do you really think that she needs drugs to enjoy life?).

As you probably already know, there is a lot of nasty stuff presented about her on the Internet. Therefore I present some of the better links. It's not a good idea to do a search on AltaVista or another search engine for "Pamela Anderson" or similar - Remark: in an upgrade of search capabilities the AltaVista service has improved since May 1999, despite this you still get more results than you can scrutinize in an acceptable time. Most recently AltaVista has returned to the former, useless behaviour. Probably because of pressure from abusing commercial homepage owners. If you want to do so, try better search words as "Vallery Irons" or use other link lists from the sites mentioned below and on the next page. The best general approach is to use the new style search engines like Google! (see above)

And if you want to do Pamela a favor: don't pay for or even watch these illegally distributed private videos! This would simply be harming a great human being of good character.


Due to above and similar incidents Pam has developed some kind of hatred against the net meanwhile. Her second official home is now unreachable since some time, despite the domain is still registered. Therefore I have decided to put these now historic comments onto the same page, as the text about her first official home:

The following explanations/comments are now only of historical interest, but for a while they will stay here nevertheless:  Pams first and second (last?) official page

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