Join to search for the aliens, who conspire with Pamela!

You can easily call this a weird idea --- and it is one, indeed. But a group for the SETI@home project costs virtually nothing, but can get more people involved into the biggest common computing application.

Therefore the reason for creating it is the trial, to get some Pamela fans also into it, besides scientists, ETI and science fiction addicts. The idea came from these two most funny Pam parody pages: Pam cavorting with space aliens and even better The Pam-Files.

Now in short what this is all about: from the Berkeley SETI site you can download a screensaver/graphical application, which can either automatically download units for calculating and displaying and sending back the results or doing the transfer manually. As group member you can see the progress of all members of the group... If you are interested, please follow all or most of the following steps:

  • Read more details about joining SETI@home or even more general informations about the project and background.

  • Then download the screensaver program from the official SETI@home pages (look especially in the download section left upper side).

  • Install and start the client (installation is straightforward for every platform chosen, I think) for the first time: enter your email address (it's protected against thirds, don't be afraid of it!) for unique identification and statistical purposes. You are now member of a community of about 2 million people world wide.

  • When the client is configured and running, you are ready to join this group: Pam alien conspiracy. Of course you can decide also to do it for you alone or to join any other of the about 100,000 groups world wide.

  • If enough members are in the group, you and the others can become a member of one of the most successful groups, eventually finding the very signal hidden in the mountains of SETI data?! Either way, you are always member of one of the most unusual SETI@home groups...

  • Regardless if you take this really seriously (mid of August 2000 I had already about 700 results delivered back to Berkeley) or just for fun and viewing pleasure (Pam is more pleasure to watch, I have to admit), it costs you nearly for sure never more than your Pam hobby...

  • Finally this can demonstrate, that not all Pam fans are, what they are considered often by many people to be...


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