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(some minor updates at 23. Sep 1999, especially about  V.I.P. )
As I mentioned at another page, Pamela has covered numerous magazines and also many pages of such were filled with photographs of her. Here I will concentrate on her appearances in moved pictures, in cinema, TV and video - so far they are authorized by her. I divide these into four groups: her only main cinema movie role "Barb Wire", her major appearances in another movies and TV, notable guest appearances and finally a few video tapes.

Barb Wire (1996)

This not very successful movie (at the cinemas) is a mixture of science fiction, action and humor - but it was not well composed out of these ingredients. Especially considering Pamelas strengths, the product doesn't fit very well to her, forced to play in a too serious way an ex-marine which makes money primarily by some sort of mercenary and - at second place - leading a bar. But for true fans it's not only the introduction sequence, which bases on an idea of herself, which makes it worth to see. Maybe she shall get in future a role more due to her character in another movie!

Other major Appearances (historical order)

Home Improvement (1989-1992 + 1997)

Despite it was only a little part as Lisa, the tool time girl, it was her first regular participation in a TV series: she was already a notable co-star of Tim Allen and his buddies. Supposed seldom to say anything, her beautiful appearance was already used, to create attention and jokes by the way. And there was a fan, which was the main actor in an at that time medium successful TV show with name David Hasselhoff:

Baywatch (1992-1996)

This was clearly her breakthrough: with her love for water and swimming skills, her beauty, nice and full-of-humor attitude and also with the perfect body for the role as lifeguard, she fascinated people (predominantly men) as Casey Jean Parker, mostly referred to as C.J. Only a minority will deny my statement, that she clearly outshined Baywatchs first bombshell Erika Eleniak and also all other female actresses in Baywatch, which joined the show since Pamelas first appearance. This C.J. was and grew with time even more Pamela herself, especially at the final years she was allowed, to behave mainly like herself. Especially the relation to the Holden sisters was a very tight one, while she changed her series boyfriend several times. And Pamela was the most important ingredient for the outstanding success of Baywatch all over the world. Since she left, the ratings of the show have dropped considerably.

Snapdragon (1993)

A solid made movie of the sort sex and crime - even if you think, there are pieces of "Basic Instinct" in this movie, it is well worth to watch by itself - presenting a Pamela Anderson (at that time this Tommy Lee had not yet met her) in her best performance so far, not only in my opinion, I guess. You may consider this somewhat natural in light of recent events, because she had already suffered from male brutality in real life, and so she did a convincing job to play this poor girl, which is called Felicity from the people, who found her...

Raw Justice/Good Cop, Bad Cop  (1994)

Another crime story, but far less in quality than Snapdragon, and in my view an usual, in one scene a bit hard abuse of Pamela due to her bombshell image. A crude story, and Pamela had only to deliver sex...

Come die with Me --- A Mike Hammer Mystery (1995)

Also no very unusual movie, but better than Raw Justice, the responsibles for it indeed withstood the temptation, to make Pamela put off her clothes. And what's also unusual, she played a very intelligent secretary, but of course with her usual sex appeal and the humor, which she has enough of.

Naked Souls (1995)

No bad movie, but nevertheless also no brilliant. Pamela is the only actress of the cast, which is generally known to the public - and she is only number 2 or 3 in appearances, obviously not really involved in the main actions and only the splendid looking goodie - in principal superfluous to mention, that her body is once again exploited as attraction and hardly more. Despite this, this thriller is not one of the primarily erotic type, but more a criminal respective fantasy one.

Dumped (1997)

If anybody of you know anything about this movie, I would greatly appreciate, to hear from you - she was announced to participate, but since them there was nothing heard again about it - email address is as usual at the bottom of the page.

Vallery Irons Protection (1998-?)

Her first own project, what means, that she's not only acting, but also co-producing and has therefore now great influence about the contents. Her fantasy and humor are besides her sex appeal together with her sportive nature good presuppositions for the role as "fake" bodyguard, by chance often thrown into dangerous situations. With this series she has overtaken the now dinosaur-like series Baywatch, which lacks Pamela clearly...

Remark after viewing the first episodes: clearly no award (Emmy) winning performance, this is a series of pure fun, only enriched with some less realistic action ingredients. The success is surely also due to Pamelas way, to present herself and especially her media image in an ironical manner. And finally the show contains a lot of irony about some typically "Hollywood behaviours".

Major Guest Appearances

The Nanny (1996)

Only Pamelas well developed humor can account for that she played in one episode (another had a very short appearance) the Heather Biblow, a cartoon bombshell due to the worst clichés of many people, especially in the USA. But this was so much exaggerated, that only complete idiots will take it for real - it seems more likely, that she wanted herself to play this parody about her image.

Saturday Night Life (1997)

A very provocative appearance of her (one time stripping all of her clothes off!) at TV, by which she embarassed once again the prudish US public: after the airing many men called the station and criticized the censorship, which was used as usual for avoiding the visibility of certain parts of Pamelas body... What do you want really, our US friends???

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (several times per year...)

Jay Leno may be the best host/talkmaster, and the open-minded, honest and funny Pamela is the best guest for talkshows - this unique combination creates every time a memorable event, when she is - THE - guest of Jay. Watch out for it at NBCs  Tonight Show , when she is the next time in...

Video Appearances

Pamela Anderson Video Centerfold (1992)

A first compilation of diverse video sessions with the top playmate of the magazine - announced to fulfill the wishes of many men, who had seen her before only in Baywatch... A very young Pamela indeed (created - so far I know in the years 1990-1992).

The Best of Pamela Anderson (1995)

This Playboy video exists in two versions: one suitable also for minors, the other not. People, who can compare this with other products of the well-known company, are nearly without exception of one opinion: this is the best video ever produced by them. It contains also the most scenes of the above mentioned tape.

Pamela Anderson with the Girls of Edenquest (1995)

Another sexy session with Pamela, but of the somewhat more decent type - somewhere in between Baywatch and Playboy. It was produced on the caribbean island Bora-Bora, according Pamela one of the most beautiful places in the world (at least for people, who like sunshine, beach and the ocean with warm water) and made by a French photographer.


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