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What is written or said about Pamela...

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This is a collection of more or less unusual respective typical statements about Pamela. Generally speaking, the compiler doesn't share the majority of opinions you can read below and which were collected from magazines, TV and the Internet. But I hope you will enjoy this quite heterogenous and somewhat confusing list... And finally: if you know another remarkable ones and think, they should be also here, please email me them (address at bottom, as usual), preferably with the reliable source!
  • "too much information, Pammy, but thanks for sharing..." (Mr. Showbiz/internet about one of the usual open and private statements of her)

  • "with slight boredom we see Pammy another time in the raw in Playboy" (Mr. Showbiz/internet about her eighth cover and at least sixth major photo session with the magazine)

  • "after a while all Pamela Anderson Internet sites begin to look alike" (Mr. Showbiz about fan pages of Pamela --- I hope, this will never happen to mine!)

  • "my advice to all Internet stock market owners after Pammys breast implant removal: sell!" (Mr.Showbiz/Internet)

  • "welcome at Pamela Anderson central here!" (Mr. Showbiz/internet, obviously annoyed by the breast implant removal hype)

  • the unconventional Ripley museum wanted to exhibit Pamelas removed breast implants... (diverse sources)

  • "an interesting technique, which Pam uses" (a female journalist in the Internet about a certain infamous video tape)

  • "Pamela for President 2000! As candidate of the Naked Truth Party!" (an internet parody about US politics)

  • "Pamela has the perfect body" --- "Queen of the Internet" (by diverse Pamela homepage owners)

  • "if you have never seen her nude, you have not lived" (another Pam site owner)

  • "when we went online for the first time with SZonNet in October 1995, we got a lot of delighted faces, when they clicked on a special, unrelated hyperlink: then the beautiful blonde became visible, lying in the water. the link was likely 'accidentally' malformed" (a journalist of the most selled serious newspaper in Germany, located in Munich, in a book about SGML/XML)

  • "when I entered my hotel room (in Monte Carlo, during the MTV awards 2000), there was (by accident! hotel personnel fault...) Markus already in the room" Pam explained Jay Leno in his show, still leaving room for interpretations for the press, which had interpreted that events there before already completely wrong...

  • "many people say, the Internet wouldn't have grown so fast and much without you" (an interviewer statement, confronting her with this)

  • "the bottle topples!" (Richard Branson about his Virgin Cola product, named and slightly shaped as "Pammy")

  • "she visibly enjoyed the shock, visible on my face" (a female journalist of "Cosmopolitan", after Pam stated somber, but with irony, she would now sleep with two men --- only meaning her two sons)

  • "the strawberry award for the worst 'screen couple' goes to Pamela Lee" (the award comitee, meaning Pams "two best assets" in "Barb Wire")

  • once I saw a parody in German TV about Baywatch in general and especially Pamela: you see people drown, while she calmly adjusts her make-up

  • "Pamela --- the modern media genius" (Playboy magazine about her media "relationship")

  • "when I met Pamela for the first time --- before the first shooting ---, she had already more than a dream, there was a clear determination and an unusual strong will to work hard, which seperates her from other women" (Playboy photographer and fatherly friend of her, Stephen Wayda)

  • "she is a modern woman, the woman of the 90's and possible of the beginning next millenium" (a Playboy top manager, who knows her also well)

  • despite some critics were stated, when she did it the last time, she stated at begin of Feb 2000, that she would pose again for Playboy in not to near future, if they propose something special, not already done to her --- this may transform to the readers of Playboy and fans of her to an invitation, to send the Playboy people unusual proposals for shooting places and arrangements, to get her there as early as possible...

  • "break of ten minutes --- Heather, for you this means two times five" (a producer at a set in a simulated soap TV series, to Heather Biblow, played by Pamela, in a comedy series)

  • "now journalists hustle chaotically as a crowd, only sometimes Pams blond hair flashes through --- why I'm so calm? Because the trash goddess has announced a personal interview with me alone. I could name a dozen colleagues instantaneously, who would sacrifice wife, kids and even their car for sitting here with the goddess." (a male(of course!), German journalist of "TV Spielfilm", waiting for an exclusive interview with her)

  • "is this the bodyguards body?" (Jay Leno joked, while looking frankly on Pams body, wrapped tightly in a dress --- imagine, how the bodies of the guarded ones then should look!)

  • "I think there are TWO T-questions now", Jay Leno answered to Pam regarding "the T-Question", which Pamela rose, than both laughed wildly, meaning once Tommy Lee and the other a political incorrect expression for Pams most famous, than downsized body parts

  • "if you want not me to do, I will never watch your private video" (Jay Leno visibly embarassed after Pam accused him of making too many jokes about the video, despite claiming to be her friend)

  • "ah, I mean of course your V.I.P. video" (Damon Wayans, correcting himself during the Monte Carlo World Music Awards 1999, hosting together with Pam, after mentioning "Pamelas video" and then recognizing her clearly visible disgust)

  • "because scientists recently found out, that long breast milk feeding increases the intelligence of babies, the MIT has already accepted the application as students from the two baby sons of Pamela Lee" (Conan O'Brien in his show)

  • Hollywood in Tokio: the great Jodie Foster was due to land with a plane on the airport, when she got knowledge, that Pamela was also due to land with another plane nearly simultaneously. She let her manager mob the responsibles in the tower, to delay Pams arrival (poor other passengers in that jet, which had subsequently to make a few waiting rounds...), because the several time academy award winner, producer and director of Hollywood movies feared, that Pamela could turn away the main attention of journalists and the public from her! (Internews)


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