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Pamela in VIP promotion lingerie shooting

(last update 9. Nov 2003, see at bottom)

This new page became necessary, after the number of interviews and articles of and about Pam grew too large for the main overview page. I hope, you think neither this remark nor the additionally required mouseclick are a major drawback... Now I stop and present you with these ones available now:

long interview 1998 
short interview
another interview/article  
long 1999 interview  
short 2000 interview  
next short 2000 interview  
just another short 2000 interview  
medium long fall 2000 article  
medium long winter 2000 interview  
long article and interview from begin of 2001  
medium long interview from fall 2001  
medium long interview from summer 2002   [new since 8. Dec 2002]
medium long interview from begin 2003   [new since 2. Nov 2003]
medium long interview from spring 2003   [new since 9. Nov 2003]


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