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Pamela in German Edition of Magazine FHM

Pam "shot" by FHM
The above picture is a current one. Because I missed the original British release of the magazine, it was translated (back) from the German Edition of FHM --- For Him by me into English. The article is accompanied by some pictures of her in minimal clothing from Isabel Snyder, the text is from Grub Smith. It's somewhat hard on the limit, what I'm willing to publish regarding language and contents, but I decided to take it anyway.

This gets Expensive!

From breasts no woman will live solely: Pamela Anderson has still legs. And she is a business woman.

Pamela Anderson sometimes in 1998 didn't liked anymore to speak about her breasts. Many Hollywood experts considered that as major career drawback. Because Pam were never a Meryl Streep and it's not far from true, to state that her fame and money came from her tits. It was stupid, to speak no more about them. Like the head of the Egyptian tourism industry, some morning stating: "Who will hear anything more about the pyramids?"

But she wanted to prove the whole world, that she has more to offer than an extraordinary bust. Meanwhile it was revealed, that she was right. Because of V.I.P., the successfull TV show, in which she is as well the star as a producer, her career fares better than ever. The series about the mostly female bodyguards tries to merge the glamour of Charlies Angels with the irony of Moonlightning and works primarily with weird gags and much less with deep insights into her tops.

Pam: "There is as much humor as action and we are kidding ourselves really with it", she tells. "What I imaged from the beginning, was some sort of anti TV, which reveals the showbiz and the dumb blonde image, which was created around me."

Less high flying is her posture regarding business. She gets not only a considerable part of the earnings of V.I.P., but she constructs with also an internet TV web, which may help her into the highest financial league. In the general public she is still highly valued: Baywatch is still aired all over the world and her internet site has eight million visitors per month.

When she is talking about her meanwhile terminated up-and-down marriage, her voice gets a clear, decisive edge, a companion of her new, realistic posture regarding business. Altogether you gain the impression, that the fire of critique has not destroyed, but hardened her: with 33 years she is on the right track to become a big leader in business.

FHM: Do you have more fun with V.I.P. than with Baywatch?

In Baywatch they took all far too serious themselves. In V.I.P. the only thing, that counts, is to get crazy clothes and to have fun. I like these weird things to wear, they are absolutely great, especially the weapons fitting well to my clothes. The stunts are totally absurd. We made an episode, in which I did Yoga and we used the legs of a double. In the end I was a single knot, the feet were wrapped around neck and ears.

FHM: With this idea you came not up as the first...

(laughing) you are right in this.

They ripped off my blouse and I got a stone onto my head

FHM: Does it happen, that a stunt double is seriously injured?

Oh yes! In every case anybody is paid for exposing her-/himself for me to danger. But the best is, to take a double, which looks completely different from myself. I like it, when people recognize, that it's not me, so the see: the series is an joke. In one scene, when I surf, a man will play my part. We put two oranges into his bodyglove, give him a cheap wig and then I get out of the water and sigh.

FHM: Oranges? For sure, do you get something bigger from the fruit dealer?

Mhm, big oranges, maybe?

FHM: Okay. Let us talk about your bodyguards: are they always with you?

Not always, but there are occasions, when people know, that I'm coming. And this is a major crowd around. This gets more and more crazy. I can only stay short at one location.

FHM: What was your worst experience with fans?

When I was appearing at the beach in Uruguay, they pressed me nearly to death. Oh my god, then I had really fear. The people ripped off my shirt and I was hit with a stone on the head and nearly they stamped me down. At that beach were thousands of guys, but because there were no barricades, they came ever closer in. They damaged the windows of my van and tried to turn it over. During that, they cried "I love you, Pamela!" My bodyguards helped me into a building, but it was conquered by the crowd and completely destroyed.

FHM: Were you ever hurt during production?

Once they stuck a needle for fixing a wig fully into my head. When they draw it out, a coin sized piece of skin went along with it. It didn't grew afterwards, so I have a gap there. The people always think, that's a joke, but it's true.

FHM: Would you be able, to beat a woman?

Clearly I would hit under certain circumstances. My sons would beat her even harder.

FHM: What about your preferred fighting method? Kung Fu or whipping around with the handbag?

You will laugh, but I did a lot of self-defence. I'm sporty and strong. Therefore I know, that I can defend myself pretty well. Of course I don't want to get into ugly situations. Therefore I prefer to walk, if people are cruel.

FHM: Which way brutal?

Especially men, which things they want to do with me all. Then I say only, "Don't overestimate yourself."

FHM: Aside from braggerts, which kind of man attracts you?

Who wants to get me, must to be something very special. And he has to be very kind with my two children.

FHM: Eventually you find a divorced father and found a big family with him? I want to have more children in every case. But he has to be a very hot guy with a great body and very much like an animal.

FHM: Is a big tail important?

Speaking sexually, I don't know, if I have ever seen one.

FHM: Hey! What about, huh, "T-Bone"?

This is a widespread opinion about Tommy.

FHM: You should know...

I'm an extremely romantic person. I'm not searching for love, I'm simply very passionate and spontaneous, sometimes at the right time I meet the right man... And this way I get romantically involved.

A womans doctor? Sure! he even knows the direction

FHM: Are there any men, which disqualify themselves by their job? For example, an installer?

If it were an hot installer, I would not be repelled from it.

FHM: And a womans doctor?

Clearly no problem. He even knows the direction.

Many say, it's no good to live in a dream world like me

FHM: Anybody, who deals with the death in a morgue?

If he washes the etheric odor off his fingers...

FHM: You say, that you're very romantic. Do you like it, when a man does the sentimental thing and sends you love lyrics?

Regarding romanticism, a man can't be sentimental enough. I love this, flowers, lyrics,... The people tell me, that it's no good to live in a dreams world, but this is simply me.

FHM: Then you must have been disappointed a lot, when your former friend Scott "Chaci" Baio gave you some shoe scrapers as gift for Valentine?

Yes, that's why the relation didn't endured. I said "Thanks, Scott." Then I went home and cried.

FHM: What hurts more? A breast operation or to give birth to a child?

To bear a child anyway. I did it twice, and there is nothing worse. I cried, that the walls shook.

FHM: Because we are talking about plastic surgery: about Nick Nolte it was once said, that he let tighten his scrotum. Would you expect from a boy friend, that he would do so too for you?

Every Man with this problem should do so. It can be too long, the scrotum. Sure.

FHM: How long they can get?

Very much. Eventually the skin stretches, when the child wears no pants or so. All what I know is, that I've already seen some unattractive long scrotums.

FHM: How was it at all, when your home video was stolen?

That was the worst thing ever happening to me. Anybody stole it out of a bif safe, which we placed behind Tommys recording equipment. We had some other valuable things too in it and some day I opened it and recognized, that it was no longer present. Anybody, who knew us well and knew about the safe, must have invaded our house while an absence and took it away. Some day we will know, who did, and will get justice. The FBI is still working on this case.


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