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Pamela in German Edition of Magazine InStyle

Pam as next door girl
The above picture is unrelated to the article, but seems to reflect her current private look. Once again it's a proof, that she can't "divorce" from the Pacific Ocean, which is "hers" since her childhood on the Pacific Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada...

Of course it was translated (back) from InStyle mag by me into English. The article is accompanied by some pictures of her new home and herself, doing housework especially regarding her two sons (partly shot by Stephen Wayda --- who else?).

CALIFORNIA DREAMS: Pams life in a dream house

Instead of barbies doll house we see one in country look

Pamela Anderson? We remind us shortly: barbie, buxom sensation, lifeguard, eight times on the "Playboy" cover and the blondes prototype. Keep honest; if we had to imagine Pamela Andersons home, we would have immediately a picture in mind. Clearly, something in between of a giant version of barbies doll house and "silicon valley". Probably all in pink plush from make up desk to the bed coverage.

"Life is more then just a mad love"

But now comes this: east coast meets west coast --- the house of Pamela Anderson looks like a Ralph Lauren country building at Malibu Beach, California. It's if Pamela were once in a antique shop with beautiful old furniture and other things and took all, she liked. Striped cushions in pastel shade with ruches, chairs and dishes of white colored wood, from where the color sheds the leaves a little bit. Here a more trashy candle ceiling lightning, on her night desk a silver decorated hair brush and roses, roses, roses, everywhere. This might be like she imagined as child her dream housing and because this dates back a considerable time now --- 33 years, to be precise ---, all these beautiful things have already a layer of patina on. Inmidst all a wet, soap lubricated Pamela who jumps around with her two sons Brandon Thomas (4) and Dylan Jagger (2) between plant containers and sheet metal bathtubs on the terrace playing washing day. During that, her new love, the Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg, still lolls in bed. Nothing, what we are used to see her: no tight, red bathing suits, no fake eyelashes. No, Pamela all natural: in cut jeans, a simple white shirt tied above her breast, virtually no make up and when her lips formerly looked like after a bee's sting, today they appear more at average.

"I'm a modern Barbarella, just a girl thrown into a rich world"

Tell me, how you reside, and I answer you, who you are, is often said. With Pamela this would lead nowhere. This building doesn't fit at all to her image. Is it possible, to be mislead so largely? "It's possible", Pamela Anderson tells. "I think, the people would be surprised a lot with me. The public Pam is at most 5% of myself. Sometimes I read the headlines about me and ask myself, who is meant there at all?" But these 5% publicity lead to see Pam more as a bombshell, but as a convent pupil. And her beating association with hard rock Tommy Lee, her enduring "they kissed and beat" world theatre didn't contribute, that we discerned the other side of her: the hard working actress, the producer, the mother of two little boys, the just fallen in love one.

But Pamela Anderson is such a mother, like all children dream probably of her mother. Because she knows, that for children nothing worse exists, then to live in an extremely stylish house, where they are not allowed to touch anything; all is allowed in Pamelas home. When her sons hurry once more around her romantically rose bouquets, she doesn't run after them crying "caution, attention that nothing falls down." Her furniture of the 20's with antique aura doesn't suffer from a few scarps from children hands anyway.

Sometimes, when Pamela works, Marcus Schenkenberg is "on duty". The spare time basket ball fan from Sweden is ready for sports. Takes the boys to the beach and teaches them surfing. "Very cautious though", Marcus says. "The two are still little ones."

"Without Tommy Lee I'm much more happy"

Four months ago he came into Pamelas Malibu beach house, just after they met each other during the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. Or more precise, after they fall in love, because Marcus had eyed Pam already a longer time ago. But then Pam was still together with Tommy Lee. Marcus, more a shy guy, could wait. "I am no zoomie", the most successful male model of the 90's tells. Also with Pamelas sons he introduced himself cautiously as good friend in the beginning, but not as new father. "I won't become a second Tommy Lee."

After the final divorce of her former husband in spring 2000 Pamela has not only deleted the Lee from her name, but also redesigned her entire life: new image, new house, and new boyfriend. "Without Tommy my life is much better now", she says. "We were too young, to crazy. That's okay for a moment, but life is more than just that."

With Tommy Lee she made videos about her private life, with Marcus she discusses several lights with wine and candle light, sits on her terrace with look onto the Pacific and views the stars in the sky. She hasn't to wait for shooting stars, which could fulfill a wish for her because Pamela, who we got familiar with as bombshell, is satisfied completely: "I'm a modern Barbarella (in German this was "Aschenputtel", this is very hard to translate, I am only guessing this as adequate expression). Just a girl from a poor family, which was introduced unintentionally into a rich world." And after she got rid from extensive sex, Rock'n Roll and silicon, this girl remembered finally the important things in life...

A few final hints of the magazine about Pams home:

  • the garden is a green paradise, there are flowers everywhere.

  • Little helpers: the sons care for the Petunias.

  • Famous lifeguard: mom Pam soaps her sons Brandon and Dylan in a sheet metal bath tube, wearing jeans and the mentioned white, tied top

  • the breakfast corner with chairs from second-hand dealer

  • a breakfast dish, decorated with love and flowers

  • a wooden staircase leads into the garden

  • there are no "permission denied" labels. Pam lives and collects all, what she likes...

  • the living room is an adventure area for her two little ones

  • a big sleeping room for her sons with bright, white beds

  • a picture of Pam as child on her antique bureau

  • a romantical bed room

  • Pamela has (probably?) a hard time every morning, to leave the cuddly bed, with a dream man lying in...

  • vases with flower decoration fit well into the beach house

  • the prevailing colors are white, red and creme.

  • cushions over all: Ms. Anderson likes them most in red-white

  • roses in ceramic vases and many little pictures are important details

  • candle ceiling lights with much crystal glass and lamps in candle shape


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