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Pamela in German Peoples Magazine BUNTE

Pamela in new FHM shooting
The above picture is from For Him (FHM) men's magazine and the article below once again from the German BUNTE peoples magazine, which is not always a reliable source, what I already stated on another article page. Of course it was translated from me into English. The article is accompanied by some non-nude pictures by Stephen Wayda (bathing suits) with her new love.

After the probably now final split from Tommy Lee Pamela is now madly in love again with another man, about who I'm also not sure, that he is the right one (the explanation of my doubts will follow in near future on another page). But I will always hope the best for her...

Love like lightning:"I saw him and he left me breathless"

A couple like in heaven, intoxicated by the beauty of the other one: he performs sailing turns at night with her and reads to Pam his own poems. She gives him a sports car (Dodge Viper) for 75,000 $ and he makes a present of a diamond of three Karat in a glass (she nearly swallowed it) for her. She let remove much silicon out of her renewed splendid bosom (101 cm), because he loves nature too so very much. (Remark by the translator: that's --- sorry --- again total bullshit; first her bosom was never such large, and second the removal of implants was already done more then one year before, roughly at the time she tried to reconcile the last time with Tommy Lee, when she didn't even knew the Swede.) And then he waddles good to the set of the TV show "V.I.P.", where she works as main actress and producer. In short: the fortune between "Baywatch" blonde Pamela Anderson (33) and male model Marcus Schenkenberg, 32 ("the most beautiful man of the world"), is meanwhile hard to bear. "The two can't let the hands from each other", a friend observed, "and they spend every spare second in Pamelas Malibu home." (Further remark: I doubt this heavily and guess that this is confused with the real location, her newer home in Beverly Hills, compare the following description!) That's a comfortable nest with big white couchs and furniture made of old wood, well suited for snuggling up.

Maybe both will live here early as married couple. "Pamela is so strong in love with Marcus", the friend says, "that she's planning a midnight 'Blitz' marriage in Las Vegas, still before the summer has gone." That leaves not much time yet...

Pamela Anderson herself tells: "With Marcus I found my inner balance. He is very close to me and I love not only his male beauty, but also his sensibility." Very important is likely also, that her two sons Brandon Thomas, 4, and Dylan Jagger, nearly 3, like the tall Swede (1.90 m [translator remark: keep in mind, that Pam is only 1.70 m!]) so very much: "At first I felt a little shy against them", Marcus Schenkenberg tells. "But then I fall in love figuratively with both of these sweethearts. We amuse ourselves simply phantastic together."

"Pamela plans a flash marriage in Las Vegas"

This peaceful rest, full of love and tenderness never existed in Pamela Andersons life before. Her marriage with the rocker Tommy Lee was a rather bad story of boozing and beats, cruel splits and desperate reconciliations. The drummer was sentenced to six months service in jail and serving 200 hours of social work for his cruelty against Pamela Anderson. (Remark of the translator: additionally he took part in a course in anger management.) This couple seemed to be a pathological team, like psychologists say, --- two, which are damned to be unable of splitting. Meanwhile Pamela Anderson finally gained distance to him. She says: "I always tried again to help him, I did all, to save our family's life, but it was impossible. Tommy remains the father of my children, about all other I don't want to speak anymore. The sores are still fresh." Even when Tommy sent her 100 white plush bunnys, she didn't got weak.

Since past May she seems to carry an invisible armour around her soul. An armor against feelings for Tommy Lee, which can ignite at any time again. This protection she owes to the Swede Schenkenberg, who she get to know at the last World Music Awards (2000) in Monaco. "His physical appearance took the breath out of me. My heart beated hard. It was a magical moment, as I thought previously, only happening in a movie. I never knew a man like Marcus before." The two disappeared abruptly in the "Hôtel de Paris". Pamela smiles: "Such things are performed secretly."

Forgotten are the times, when she displayed with Tommy Lee her sex and position war in a porn movie. (Remark of the translator: I'm still upset about this infamous, often stated lie, despite Pam has meanwhile come over it.) Now she solely demonstrates love and tenderness. And that's the better movie. Obviously with a happy end.


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