New Pamela Spring 2000 Interview

Pamela 1999 at World Music Award as host  
This interview was taken during the World Music Awards 2000 in Monte Carlo. As last year, also this time Pamela was (co-)hosting the celebrations. Also as usual there were rumors, that she had a close "meeting" with actor Christian de la Fuente ("Family Law") during these days (she was alone, without her two sons and the now finally seperated Tommy Lee). But because she is always at the center of attention, especially by men, I'm pretty much sure, that this was just rumor. The original German version (here translated to English) appeared in the people and boulevard magazine BUNTE (and was performed by Annette Pawlu), which has clearly limited credibility. But read yourself...

(First the interviewer pointed out, that Pam features a soft, girl-like voice and still after her implant removal a quite impressive breast.)

Would you like more to be singer than actress?
Yes, really I would like more to be Mariah Carey. I love and admire her. Because opposed to be she can sing. I don't dare even during a shower or in the car to sing.

Do you never sing your sons into sleep?
Occasionally I do. Brandon is now four and Dylan two and a half. But I try it only with a song at the edge of the bed, when I'm sure, that they are really tired and will fall asleep. Otherwise I would do it in vain. With telling good night stories I'm better. But Brandon sings often for me. Some time ago he painted a little picture. There were he and me in. And he said: "Mum, when you will marry again, you must marry me." This was meant absolutely serious. I had to guarantee it to him.

Therefore your children know very well, that you have finally seperated from your husband Tommy Lee?
Of course they do. This is noticed by them every single day. With Tommy and me it simply didn't worked anymore. That is it. Finish, point, end, closing.

Is he caring for his kids?
Sometimes he does.

Have you any new guy at the horizon?
No, I need at first air to breathe. Such a separation is no easy thing, I have to collect and organize myself newly again. This needs time. Besides I want to use my new free space. And I have a lot of work with my own TV show "V.I.P.".

About this we hear surprising things...
Oh yes, we have a lot on our plans, for example we would like to produce an episode with your Anke Engelke (a German comedian). She is funny, intelligent and an excellent actress. This is rare. (closing remark by the translator: this last one could be a piece of self irony, couldn't it? Some day her handlers will go crazy, I'm sure...)


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