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  Pamela against furs

During Pams visit of Germany for about one week from end of January to begin of February 2000 she was interviewed several times. This one was taken by Philipp Jessen for the February 2000 issue of the German magazine "GALA" and as usual, I have translated it (back) into the WWW's language English...

"among my family are several geniusus"

Why she likes Anke Engelke (a famous German comedian) and for what her brother envies her: cult actress Pamela Anderson interviewed

Pamela Anderson has bodyguards, who could be offsprings from a Tommy Hilfiger advertisement (a cult clothing line): tall, handsome, enviable steeled. If a stranger could manage to get past these model like custodies and to involve the actress in a talk, he would be certainly surprised. The 32 years old Hollywood star has big humour, also about herself, and --- she likes German humor.

GALA: Pam, you look fantastic again. How do you get this always done?

Pam: The secret is very much make up and my special sports: I walk all day with high heels while carrying my children on my arm. Therefore I have so well trained arms. Even my brother, who is surfer and really having muscles, envies me.

GALA: You have named your sons Brandon and Dylan. Maybe due to the two sonnyboys of the series "Beverly Hills 90210"?

Pam: Oh no, NO! I have watched the series only twice. But Tommy Lee said exactly the same: "We can't call him Dylan. Otherwise my rocker buddies would think, I would watch 'Beverly Hills'."

GALA: Do your children resemble you?

Pam: Dylan resembles me more, Brandon is more like his father. Their character is wittily like my fathers'.

GALA: How would you describe the character of your sons?

Pam: Brandon, my oldest, is a genius. Of my family several are such a one, their IQs are huge. I think, that Brandon is also equipped with a special psychic asset. He is able to talk in a wonderful poetical manner about his wishes and dreams. Dylan becomes a great sportsman. When he was one, he could already hit a golfball out of our garden.

Pam is cool --- because she is hardly embarassed by anything. Only with "Baywatch" co star David Hasselhoff she reaches sometimes her personal limit of pain: "I like him really very much, but his music I don't like at all"

GALA: Would you like to have a daughter?

Pam: Of course, yes! We would have a lot of fun together --- my wardrobe is the dream of every little girl. Eventually I will even adopt a baby --- later. In the moment I have to do a lot too much, so I couldn't be enough available for another child.

GALA: Do you not think, that your daughter would have a difficult life --- with you as measure?

Pam: Believe me: I'm no high measure, when it comes to beauty. You should me see once without make up...

GALA: Had you an idol as child?

Pam: My (finnish) grandfather. He was not a vegetarian, but he lived very sound and together with the nature.

GALA: Judged according to your roles, he wasn't your only prototype: first "Baywatch" lifeguard, today in "VIP" bodyguard with sex appeal --- would you like to be a female James Bond?

Pam: More a female MacGyver. With lipstick and much hair spray.

GALA: You gave a guest role to Kati (German abbreviation, meant is Katarina) Witt. How this happened?

Pam: Kati probably was full of being always the sweetheart. She desired heavily, to play once a bad girl.

"My beauty recipe? The secret is VERY much make up"

GALA: In "Wetten, dass...?" (the most seen German TV talk and game show, always more then 10 million people (of 80 million Germans) watching it) you have met Anke Engelke. Did you like her?

Pam: She is incredible witty. I think, she is simply fantastic!

GALA: Do you thought also it was witty, that Anke joked about you, when you had departed?

Pam: This I have not recognized (Pam appeared later again in the show). It doesn't matter for me anyway... What she said by the way?

GALA: She has joked about your bust...

Pam: With this she is not the first. That means nothing to me.

GALA: What's about the rumor, that you and Tommy married again naked at the beach during the millennium celebrations?

Pam: This is only an invention! We don't intend now, to marry again. But if we do so, we want to do it right, with our whole family.

GALA: And then becoming old together?

Pam: Yeah, most desired in a house in southern France. This would be a dream of mine coming true.


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