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Another, medium length interview with and article with observations about Pamela, also during the 1999 production of the second season of V.I.P. and immediately before the first airing of the first season in German TV. This one was made by E. Brettschneider and E. Merck-Wöhler for the German TV magazine TV Movie . Again I can only hope, that neither they nor I (during translating it back into English) have twisted the contents anyway...

Los Angeles. Chaos reigns in the hall of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. From the ceiling conductions hang down, thick cables lie  wildly on the carpit. Illuminators haste and workers carry sceneries. Than she appears. Tight top, extremely short skirt, glittering plateau boots. "Hi", Pamela greets her team, all beaming, "let us begin." Abruptly order emerges from the chaos. The cameras hum, twenty minutes later the first scene of "V.I.P." for the day is completed.

Pam has changed. Self confident, professional, initiative. Hard to believe: in the beach opera "Baywatch" she was only an accessory, now she commands a complete crew on the set. Despite with lower top size since she let remove her implants the success as Pin-up myth hasn't diminished. Less bosom, more business. She does commercial by fashion with her name, sings in the band "Wig" (seems to be only a short episode, remark by translator), writes her biography and her new TV series "V.I.P." made a major impact in the USA. Much action, plenty of humor, many dangers and at the center Pamela as agency chief Vallery Irons, who protects celebrities with her ("real") bodyguards.

From beach babe to the boss. Pam not only plays the primary character, she is also executive producer of the television hit. She co-developed the concept, shares the responsibility for the budget of 1.3 millions dollar per episode and can hardly believe herself all of this: "It's really my show", pronounces the blond colored brunette. "I trade with the studio. I'm involved in all decisions. The casting, the scripts, costumes - nothing happens without me."

Thanks to David Hasselhoff. The "Baywatch" star and producer often helped her out. "It wasn't easy, to change into a business woman from one moment to the other. From him I learned a lot about studio politics and backgrounds." Meanwhile she has overtaken him: the "Baywatch" ratings are far below the ones of "V.I.P.". "Because we produce the better show and are sexy - more than Baywatch", Pamela comments and giggles malicious (remark by translator: surely not malevolent), "in the new episodes we will wear even tighter stuff."

"Who draws conclusions from my appearance about my intelligence, is wrong. If I would be so stupid, which is often said about me, I would never have gotten an own series."

To be sexy is her job, about this she has no illusions. "I'm certainly not only engaged because acting talent." Why she risked despite this the reduction of her main assets? "Pain in the back", she justifies the implant removing, "I feeled tilted to the front. Besides one implant was leaky." She twists the mouth and knits her brows: "Suddenly the entire world behaves, like I'm amputated. Does I even look like Kate Moss?"

No. Nothing in common with the flat model. Even not in the eyes of the professionals, who are working on mens imaginations. The "Playboy" made just again an offer to it's sex goddess. She did already eight covers and countless sessions with them - more than any woman before. "All warned me to pose naked. But it helps your personality to recognize, that you are somebody also without any dressing." (This I can't present without comment: at first, before becoming famous, all relatives, friends and entertainment specialists advised her to take the first "Playboy" offer! Maybe this changed later and she had for example some trouble because a shooting for the magazine during her "Baywatch" years.)

And she is someone, who fascinates the mass public. At first this happened in summer 1989: an unknown fitness trainer (Is this right? She did already some minor model jobs before, so far I know.) with name Pamela Anderson watched football in the stadium of Vancouver. The Toronto Argonauts against the British Columbia Lions (home team). A break. Suddenly a stadium camera displayed the smiling Pam in a tight T-shirt onto the giant screen. It was like an explosion: 50,000 spectators whistled, clapped, screamed and of course they shouted also: "Strip off! Strip off!" The very next day the 22 year old got her first advertisement contract: as poster girl for beer.

Pam went to Hollywood for making a career. But in the first place she made rumors in the media. She shot like a pinball through the world of men during the castings. "The most guys were invented by the press", she defends herself. It were at most 15, she says: "compared to others I was like a saint."

"I think, that I have a lot of discipline and behave very professional. Therein I feel superior to most women. Sex appeal alone isn't enough."

Beats instead of kisses. Even more stormy it went, when she married in 1995 her great love, the scandal rocker Tommy Lee. A public marriage. Beats, a short seperation, passion, two sons, a video in the Internet about the most intimate moments of the marriage (the notorious video). Than the divortion, after Tommy hit "his" Pamela with unforgiving cruelty. Six months he served in jail (remark: this was halved later).

All forgiven. Pamela feels like heaven. "We are such strongly in love, want to marry again badly. Tommy no longer drinks, is a great dad. He changes Dylans swaddles, plays (ice?) hockey with our older one." Even on the set of "V.I.P." she placed him: two guest appearances and he writes the music of the series. What's up, if he drops down again?

"He will not", she says and hurries back onto the set. The hips swing, the bosom surges. Hotel guests stand still. Extras look admiring - simply fabulous, this new Pam. Convince yourself.


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