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This interview was taken 1999 during the production of the second season of Pamelas new TV series "V.I.P.". It was hold by Antonia Steffens for the German TV magazine "TV Today" and so I translated it back into English... It's a short, but nevertheless actual one, and I only hope, that neither the magazine nor I made any mistake with the contents while publishing it...

The Interview

TVT: Which role play bodyguards for yourself on a daily base?

Pam: A very important one, they escort me always and everywhere. One of them guards me since five years, he is a member of the family. He even feds my children with the bottle.

TVT: How behaves the "real" Pam after finishing of shooting?

Pam: (reasons short) A true mother. But this holds true even before it. My both sons are always with me. I prefer to be wife and mother, all other is work. My job enjoys me a lot, but I'm also tired in some respect. In ten years I would like to be in retirement. (laughs) Until then I want to earn plenty of money with my productions. Because the faster I can become than, what I want really to be: only housewife and mother and always present for the family.

TVT: Has the motherhood changed you?

Yes. Tommy and I care now more for ourselves. He has even given up the motorcycling.

TVT: Your husband went to jail, after he attacked you physically. At that time you wanted to divorce. How is this now?

The last year was for both of us the worst of our life. But it has weld us together even more. And Tommy did everything for our reconcilation.

TVT: What has changed in your marriage?

We have now more respect for each other. Once a week we drive anywhere without kids for being alone together. Besides Tommy ceased to drink. This makes things much more easy.

TVT: How do you feel with 34C?

Lighter. (laughs) But fine. Without implants all is again as before.

TVT: New motto therefore: back to nature?

Pam: Of course nature is all, what we have, or not?


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