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Pam from FHM mag 2002 shooting

The following interview is from the summer 2002 edition of FHM magazine. The pictures, including the above one were taken by Willy Camden. This is translated from the German edition, because I missed the original English issue. Again many thanks to Patrick from Australia, who improved afterwards this English translation; all remaining faults are due to me and maybe the German edition of FHM...

This interview was done after the announcement of her Hepatitis infection and before doing her (final?) show, the last movie episode of "Baywatch", made for the cinema first. Contains language not suitable for minors.


Another proof that beer is good. If Pamela Anderson, 34, at one time had not worn the T-shirt of a regional beer brewer, she wouldn't have become a model for that company and well-known too. What would we have done then, without Baywatch, without Barb Wire, without V.I.P:? Without the Tommy and Pam home video? And who else would Kid Rock marry next time? A toast for beer!

What kind of underwear are you currently wearing? Nothing.

What is the craziest headline you have ever read about yourself?

That I'm an alien and try to rule the world.

What is the strangest thing you had ever in your mouth?

I don't think, that I've ever put anything strange into my mouth.

On the pictures, is there anything on your nipples, as they always stand out despite the different postures.

You have to take care, to ensure that everything fits rather close.

No tape?

No. I hate that stuff. I would never allow anybody to glue anything on me. Maybe you see anything on the pictures, okay. There is no secret within.

You were often seen in mags, in FHM too, rather raw. Why do you still do so?

Because I get older and better. I feel much more sexy then ten years ago.

Your fiancé wears fur. You too?

He doesn't wear fur anymore. Only faked fur. When I met him the first time, he assured me, he will never wear fur again. And he sticked to it. I presented him with the choice: "fur or me". I can't go with anybody, who hunts or wears fur.

How do you call Kid Rock?

Bob. He isn't the kind of man you think. He is shy. He is one of the most shy men I ever met.

Often we ask celebrities: "What was the last porn you have seen?" Are you surprised, that often the answer is "The Tommy and Pam video"?

I did never see it myself. But it is amazing: there are strippers coming up --- and I meet lots of them, especially when travelling with Bob --- and tell me, that I'm their hero. I can't go to any strip bar without being asked by the girls: "What do you think of my dance? Can I improve?" On the other hand in every Canadian lurks a stripper. That's just tied to our Canadian origins however. What was the question?

What was the last porn you have seen?

Anything in commercial TV.

"The children believe, that the strippers bar in the bedroom is a firemans' pole."

You came one hour early to this interview. What was up?

I had to take my children to school.

For this you surely have a nanny.

No, no nanny, no housekeeper, nothing. Only me and the boys.

Recently, the press has attacked you heavily.

Well, we know why. Somebody has to gain attention for his tour. And the only chance is through his kids and former spouse.

Is it true, that Tommy Lee is allowed to see your boys only when the visits are recorded?

He sees the boys seldom. Let me put it to you like this: I think, that my kids are safe. I can breathe freely, when they are with him.

Can Bob and your ex get along with each other?


Who would win the brawl?

I hope, that this will never happen.

But it could happen.

Hopefully not for 20 years. I don't want to mention "him", because that is what he wants.

You are one of the biggest sex icons. Who is a sex icon for you?

Oh, wow, you are one, who is destroying relationships with questions.

There is an internet site, where...

Fuck the net. I don't acknowledge it...

You have 20 seconds, to cancel a rumor about you.

I don't want to erase rumors. This way I am clearly much more interesting. I think everybody believes, everything is much more interesting in my life than it really is.

Is it annoying for you, when people defame you?

Well, they have a job to do and to earn money with it. And so anything can be printed about me.

When did you last beat anybody physically?

I have never done it really. But I have to confront some people at occasions.

How are you with your mother?

There are things we have to clarify. It is no big dispute, but some things have to be discussed. She was just here for one and a half months. A few days ago she left (a sigh of relief). She was great, but damn, grandma, bake your cookies and vanish!

What part of your body you like most?

Usually I tell "my hands", but I don't like them really. I think my calves and ankles.

By what name do you call yourself? There are a dozen or so names.

That's true: Pamela Lee Anderson, Pamela Anderson Lee, Pamela Sue Anderson. But there is no Sue in my name.

When you were at last together with a transvestite?

I always meet transvestites. They are my best friends. I know a lot of drag queens. You know, hair stylists and the like.

Every star collects something. What you collect?

Old toys. At exchanges I get wild.

Describe your way to dance.

Well, I have such a strip bar in my bedroom. But my children believe, that it is a firemans pole and that I forgot to make a hole into the ceiling.

How often do you use the bar?

Currently often. It is great for sit-ups.

Tell us a story.

A homeless woman invaded my guest room and lived there for three days. I called the security in. When they entered, it smelled really strongly. Under the bed they found bread, which she had stolen from my house.

Is the guestroom in another building?

No, it is in my building. She breaked into it. When they ripped off the sheets, she worn one of my red Baywatch lifeguard bathing suits. She was mad, insane. When the police arrived, she pulled a broken piece of glass from the bed and cut her arteries. The first I said was: "Oh, my $3,000 linen! You slut! Do you know, how hard it was, to get these antique sheets? I paid thousands of Dollars for them!" The police found a letter from her addressed to me: "I like you and want to touch you."

How did she look in the bathing suit?

I didn't see her in it. Luckily. And I didn't want it back.

It is reported, that you are working on a book "cooking with grass".

No. I never smoked dope.

How do you imagine Kid Rocks' stag night?

He won't have none. He doesn't. His entire life is a stag night. That is over now.

And how will your party look?

Believe me, we have so much fun together. I don't need any external support.

You have the bar.


Will you wear a wedding dress this time?

Yes, it will be a traditional one. I want a true wedding. I have married once in a bikini, once in a space suit and once in salad ball. But every girls wants a true wedding.

Maybe you will use your clarinet?

The last time I tried it, I lost a tooth with it.

What would you call your biography?

I can't think with all this hair.


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