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Pam portrait from Stuff mag 2001

The following interview is from fall 2001, appeared in the mentioned magazine Stuff, the pictures including the above one were taken by Tony Duran (aRTmiX agency) and the interview by Jonathan Small. Several months after splitting from Markus Schenkenberg and at this time in love with "Kid Rock" she offers another time deep insights... Once again her sometimes bad language isn't suitable for minors.


One truth about TV: Whereever Pamela Anderson goes, so go millions of male viewers. One truth about Pamela: she never, ever disappoints.

Walk onto the North Hollywood set of the hit TV show V.I.P. and there's no question who the VIP is around there. Amid a sea of generic white trailers sits a little retro silver Airstream number, with pink and purple racing stripes and a license plate that says HO'S UP.

A beefy blond bodyguard named Brian, who likes to call people bro, stands guard at the gate. "Pamela will see you now, bro," he says. I've been waiting for this moment for days, actually my whole life. She postponed our meeting last week because she was sick. "Mommy has a tummyache," her three years old son Dylan informed me.

As soon as the trailer door swings open, I'm nearly knocked unconscious by the smell of scented candles. Lavender. Or perhaps honeysuckle. Then I see her. Pamela. The Pamela. The sex icon of our generation.

For those joining our story already in progress: Pamela was discovered on a JumboTron screen at a football game in Vancouver, and she soon became the Labatt's beer girl. This led to appearances on Home Improvement, on Married with Children and in a tight red bathing suit on Baywatch. She's dated Scott Baio, Bret Michaels and Dean Cain --- but we won't hold that against her. She's had her breasts done --- then done again. She married Tommy Lee, then divorced Tommy Lee --- after many seperations. Then there's the inadvertent starring role in one of the most successful porno tapes in history.

Today Pamela is wearing a silk robe, which refuses to stay closed, revealing a lacy pink bra. She shakes my hand and says, "I'm burnt. We've been going nonstop on the show for a year and a half, with no hiatus."

But she's not complaining. Not anymore. Her life is back on track. She's the star and executive producer of V.I.P. --- a wildly successful action show about sex women who work as celebrity bodyguards --- which seems to air strategically on weekends before sporting events. She adores her children, Brandon Thomas, five, and Dylan Jagger, three, and she's spending more time at her home in Malibu running through sprinklers, barbecuing, going to the beach and hanging out with her new man, Kid Rock. It's about as close to a normal life as she's probably had in while.

"I'm really happy where I'm at,", she says. As I look around her custom trailer, with its full kitchen, kicking stereo system and king-size bed with white, fluffy pillows, I can't help but think, So am I.

STUFF: I hear that you've never actually watched an episode of V.I.P. What a coincidence! I've never read Stuff.

PAMELA: I watch the dailies, but I hate watching the show when I'm alone. I just start sweating. I hate seeing it 'cause I'm like, "I should have done that --- I should have done this." Recently, I sat down with my boyfriend and watched the show after having a couple bottles of champagne. I hate seeing photo shoots of myself, too, but I love doing them. I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist.


I know it's shocking. I'm not shy in front of the camera.

You mentioned your boyfriend, Kid Rock. What do you, like call him? Kid? Rock? Brenda?

Big Bob. My kids call him Kid Rock. They think his name is Kid Rock because he loves kids. They're like, "I'm gonna change my name to Kid Rock," and I say, "It's already taken."

So how did two famous people like you hook up? Did you say, "I want to meet him. Bring him to me"?

No! Fuck no! Are you fucking crazy? The last person I'd ever want to date is a musician, believe me. I'd obviously heard his name before and heard about him. There were so many times we were supposed to meet, but it never happened.

I finally met him after the VH1 Divas Live concert in New York, and we sat next to each other at the party afterward and that was it. We really had a lot in common: how our images are out there. How we like both to poke fun at ourselves. We both have a sense of humor about the business. We both have kids. We also have a lot of fun. We're never not having fun.


Well the other day I put on my Baywatch suit and ran around Bob in slow motion. [Laughs] We did it for fun. He'd never seen me in the suit before. He'd seen the show, but he didn't know me back then.

He lives in Michigan; you live in L.A. How's the long-distance relationship thing working out for you?

It's actually good. I tend to just completely consume the men that I love, so this is forcing me to go more slowly. Because it's not in my nature at all. I'm such a romantic. I want to shower my man with attention and every kind of gift. I tend to lose myself in somebody because I think that's the best thing about being in love --- really being in love. And I tend to overdo it, so this is good for me.

What is it with you and musicians anyway?

I don't think it's musicians. It's just people that you meet, you know? It's not, that I date only musicians. Before I met Tommy, I knew he was in some band, and I really didn't know that much about Bob until I met him. It's not as if I go out to meet people like that. I just want to have fun. I'm pretty self-sufficient. I'm financially independent. I have my kids. I have all the things I need. So I just want to be with people I want to be with. I just want to be with someone who's sweet and nice and has a good sense of humor. I'm probably a handful, so I need someone who can deal with me.

How about a lonely writer for a magazine? Would you ever date someone, who isn't famous?

I'd rather date someone who isn't famous, 'cause then I wouldn't have to deal with all the problems and shit. I don't think about dating anybody. There was a point, during my divorce, when I just wanted to be alone. I didn't want to date anybody. Then I just happened to meet Bob and he was wonderful, but I wasn't really looking for anybody.

What's the nicest compliment a guy can pay you?

A lot of people say that they wish I was their mother. It's kind of a weird compliment. But being a mom is the most important thing in my life and something I'm trying to do the best, so I'd rather have a compliment about me being a mom than about my show or about how I look.

Can we talk a little about sex...Mom?

No. I think a lot of times when you read interviews with women, they try so hard to be sexy. And either you are or you aren't. And I think a lot of being sexy is not being so forward about it. Like I'll read an article and a girl will be saying, "Yeah, I got fucked up the ass while my boyfriend was watching football." And I don't think that's sexy. I think that's trying really hard to make people think you're sexual. And usually if you have to talk about it you aren't. Believe me, I know. I've been disappointed many times. I'm like, "So that was it? You were talking about doing this and that and everything and that was it?"

In your first Playboy centerfold in 1989, you said you liked waffles and strong arms. Still true?

I like arms. That's why I like going to basketball games. Free throws are my favorite, 'cause I can look at the arms. I love watching sports. Bob and I went to a baseball game in Detroit last night but caught only the last two innings. I took my kids to the Lakers series and my kids were yelling, "Aq! Aq!" My kids are hysterical. They think every mom has a TV show and every dad is a rock star. They ask other kids, "What band is your daddy in?"

What went wrong with Barb Wire? It had so much promise.

Barb Wire was supposed to be PG, very funny and campy. Then they switched gears halfway through the movie, and they wanted nudity and violence, and I ended up getting thousands of letters from fans saying, "I can't see Barb Wire because I'm not old enough." See, it should have been geared to a younger audience --- then it would have been more successful. But when they pushed it over the edge, it was just boring.

Should we look out for Barb Wire II?

No. I'd never do that. Why don't you ask me about the show? People always ask, "What's it about?" And I say, "Oh, about 48 minutes and commercials."

Not bad. OK, so do you love doing the show?

The show's a blast. I am so spoiled here. I have a lot of fun teasing the guys on the set. I call them perverts and bastards, all of them. I like teasing the camera operator. Like the other day the guy was talking to me and he said, "OK, Pam. What I'd really like to do is come inside you." I said, "But I don't even know you!" And he was like, "Oh, my God! I didn't mean it like that." So a little while later he says, "OK, I'm going to come across your legs," and I was like, "That's disgusting!" And he was like, "Ah! I didn't meant that!"

Sure, he didn't...


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