Pam TV animation logoPam TV   NEW project, was officially launched, first preview contents were a time ago available for the public...

This was a new project, lived only a number of months, falling short of an year. But considering Pamelas situation, I question seriously, that she will be able to deliver enough time for this new project... (it was at last also presented at the top of her first homepage). Like the former, now gone official own and the current VIP sites, this is again a shockwave flash application, you need it really to make use of the site! Meanwhile the Shockwave FlashPlayer 5.0 is available not only for the insane MS Windows platforms and for the (Power-)MacIntosh, but also for LINUX, Solaris and IRIX (Silicon Graphics' UNIX, at last still in version 4). Now also JavaScript-(ab)use is applied, which poses the security holes, which lead the US government to ban it from their own sites... Another preliminary observation: similar to the former abuse of the proprietary Quicktime > 3.0 / Sorenson video codec, which prohibited UNIX users from viewing the clips, this time an even worse format for videos is used: MS Shitwares (sorry) own hyper proprietary format. But of course we have to give Pam and her support a little time in the first place.

Pamelas own homepage

again disappeared - no announcement whatever - at last back again, but without updates...
  Her own official site was hard to find (only Google! is able to present it in the first place!) - therefore the advice of her brother, to bookmark it, had a lot for it. There were two main sections, a guest and a member area along with a few others. If you would like to advertise at her homepage, you can also go further from the above entry page, for example (this may well pay off, because of the heavy traffic on her site).
  Pamelas official sign

Remarks about her apparently gone Homepage:
If you think of getting a membership, you should consider the following facts. First the responsible people of motion design are really multimedia freaks. This means, that you need the actual shockwave flush plugin in the first place, along with the newest quicktime movie software (version 3.0). Both is available for the insane Microsoft platforms, also for MacIntosh, but that is it - at least partly. For example, I don't know at now a movie/animation player wich can cope with this format at the LINUX platform. And a beta version of the shockwave plugin was released in November 1998 for LINUX and SOLARIS, and it works fine so far I know for LINUX (meanwhile the "final" release is available for LINUX, SOLARIS and IRIX too). Last - of course! - you should have a relatively actual version of Netscape (4.x recommended).

Second with this many animations and videos you should have an ISDN or another high speed connection to the Internet with at least a real performance of around 50 kBit/s, otherwise your access will be to slow for enjoying. And this many multi media features cause even problems at motion design; they have now major trouble for example with the products section.

Third the contents are not as good as the presentation is: too seldom updated in my view and partly not accessible through ridiculous multi media bottlenecks and limitations. For example the media section remains now unchanged for more than one year. And the other contents seem to remain now unchanged since February(!). So for half an year nothing has happened!

Eventually the best things about membership are the signed photo you get, the amount which is given to a baby AIDS help organization and the following parts of the homepage (this is subject to change, because the people of motion design feature a for members not always funny playing style at the page):

In diary she writes personally entries, so I sometimes doubt, that you or I should really read all of this - but it's her decision, what she puts in. But you have to be warned, for this section has not been updated for half a year (see above), but now there is at least one new entry.

In biography you can read much more details especially from her youth, written by her brother. When I read this, I wondered sometimes, that she has no problem with the big climatic difference between cold British Columbia, other parts of Canada and the south californian Los Angeles, a really hot place.

In appearances you can see, what magazines are currently (?ab-)using her as cover girl and present interviews and/or more pictures of her. But this is a section, which requires some patience, because there are plenty of magazines featuring her and the page makers use heavily animation, which is loaded at once... It's also a bit dated at now (last entry November 1998, there are definitely several major appearances since them).

If you not know, how bad the life for celebrities in L.A. often is, read tabloid response - and you will at the end celebrate, that you are NOT famous. Obviously some so-called journalists treat even pregnant women worse than they would do with animals, if the hunted are famous and therefore financially interesting. Also very seldom updated section - this is hard to comprehend why, I think. At now not available - subject to change.

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