Why Pamela is a superstar?

(last update 15. Apr 1999)
As I mention on the main page: Pamela is - at least not yet - no great actress, she has nothing done besides acting and posing in front of numerous cameras, which would be worth to mention.

Consequently you may ask, why the hell does she fascinate so many people all over the world and is such a great star, that she outshines most showbiz celebrities, sport stars etc. - even many of them decorated with Oscars, Grammys, world championship titles etc.?

In the following sections I discuss plenty of reasons, why she became the star she now is. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons: if at all, this gives a first hint, what lurks behind this media phenomenon. Many attractive facets of her build a mosaic, which is able to fascinate different people - scientists like me included - also in different ways...

One final remark before I begin: this is no way intended as any sort of scientific investigation nor I'm absolutely sure, that all of it is essential. But I think at least I grasp a considerable part of the phenomenon with name(s) Pamela Denise Anderson Lee.


  • First: character.  As all humans also the famous people are very different. Here we consider an example of the total open-minded type: Pamela is such an honest and open person to no end, that she is regularly criticised for being one. That means: ask her any question, and she will directly answer it, disregarding any taboos which might be violated by her. Of course this attracts interviewers in an extremely strong manner; she is figuratively a perfect "victim" for every interviewing person. For she very seldom turns down wishes for interviews, this creates as well an high number as an often very revealing, occasionally the public more or less shocking interview "flood". Despite being such honest, she is such a polite and well-behaved person, that she can easily take part also at very official events without creating any problems at them. For example it was the only remarkable thing about her appearance at the last Academy Award ceremony, that she was present at all (yes, they invited her indeed, despite she played only one major role so far in an often criticized movie: Barb Wire!). Of course her modesty has also much to do with that. She tries never to seem to be more than she is (I cite: "I love my dumb bombshell image for I have nothing to live up to and can only surprise people."). Her sound humor is another part of it: seldom laughing loud, but often visibly amused, she takes also jokes about her never as offending, but smiles only also, if she is herself the "victim". And last, but not least, see is such a nice human to everybody, who is not total hostile against her, that she never says or does a bad thing to others (did you read her brothers "complain" - more worth admiration, in my view -, that she never says even a single bad word about anybody?). Indeed her charm is so strong, that even interviewers not knowing her before and being indifferent or even slightly disgusted by her media image, regularly like her very much after the interview - if not even falling in love with her. And her colleagues and former lovers also say never bad things about her - at least I don't know such ones.
  • Second: living in front of cameras. There is really some sort of magic between Pamela and any camera. This relation is such a strong one, that it showed up even, when she was four years "old": photographed while hearing a speech the resulting picture was mounted in all public libraries in British Columbia (her Canadian birth province). When she later moved from the countryside on Vancouver Island to the City of Vancouver, she was picked off during a football game among the spectators and shown several times on a big monitor. Fascinated by her flirtatious attitude to the camera a beer company engaged her from there for an advertisement campaign and posters of her plastered public places in Canada. This caused so much attention, that even the people of Playboy wanted her to pose for their magazine. And these experienced photographers etc. were literally struck by her way to live up in front of any camera. Real fame than came with a minor role in "Home Improvement", a comedy series and the big one than with "Baywatch". There it was, that she showed another strength: using her sportivity she swam, run, jumped and so on through the series, wearing very little (due to American standards) as a lady lifeguard and doing even not so easy stunts by herself (for example, jumping deep into the water from the pier). Another citation demonstrates her attitude very well: "I'll do anything in front of a camera" - keep in mind, she generally doesn't like taking great risks, but in front of a camera this seems to change a little... Also in her movie Barb Wire she did some risky stunts herself, despite being doubled in extremely difficult and/or risky ones. And besides all, she has an aura that is visible at any time she is photographed or filmed and even than she behaves always absolutely natural, despite her love to pose. Besides her candid girl-like voice fits perfectly to her nice person. Further there are undoubtedly remains of the next-door-girl, naïvity and innocence in her, despite all, what happened and last but not least she is an examplary twofold mother, whose attention is clearly focused onto her kids. Finally she is as well a workaholic, giving it all to her profession, and also a dreamer, not shy to show this also clearly - unusual combinations indeed. 
  • Third: an outstanding appearance. The section above I already mentioned her aura, charm, naturality and so on, she shows at every time. Than she is extremely photogenic not only for her attitude, but also for simple visual reasons. She is not really the catwalk-type doll without character, like many people may think, despite she said once, "I like to be a Barbie". To make this clear, in this regard she is slightly too short, her face and also her shoulders to broad and her legs slightly too short. But does this really hold true? Indeed not, her Internet presence is one of the proofs of this fact. In reality she shows an absolutely perfect appearance, partly natural, partly supported by makeup and her very smart handling of her long hair, which she has blonded according her type and the like of most men and the only surgery she did, a relatively modest enhancement of her breasts (she had ever enough of these, so one may ask, why she did anyway - and indeed, in these days (first days of April 1999) she did a second surgery, now to remove the ten years ago installed implants). And doing much sports and fitness training she combined her natural beauty with all the other ingredients to match her own perfection-driven imaginations. The result was and is really stunning: starting with her beautiful green-blue eyes from the head to her feet all parts and proportions seem to be perfect. Half for fun I measured once the relation between her height and the height of her belly button. It was no surprise, that innerhalf the reached precision this relation is identical with the golden mean (1.618034...), and this was of course already true, when she moved as a country girl from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Altogether with the section two above these are the reasons, that she is now probably the most photographed woman in the world, that magazines all over the world take her for their covers and the above mentioned magazine set her a monument with now eight (by far a record) covers of her, supposedly the currently last will not stay to be the last (if you doubt this in light of recent events, consider, that the Playboy people already took photographs of her with passion before she let increase her breasts by surgery and before anybody outside Canada knew her, and even in Canada and more specially British Columbia people knew her at best very poorly).

I guess, that many female celebrities are more or less jealous about Pamela, especially because reasons of sections two and three: they feel superior as actress, singer or whatever, but feel also, that they can't surpass Pamela in these other respects. However, if some of you should feel the need, to defend your praise(?) of Pamela, I have delivered some ammunition for it, I hope. But more seriously, she is a real remarkable person, isn't she?


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