What probably few people know about Pamela

Despite I can't guarantee for total accuracy of all listed items, I've tried to do my best in this respect. For sure it's no way comparable with the lies, inventions and twisted truths, which are widespread by so-called media all about over the world about Pamela. These items are unsorted, but I hope it's not confusing.
  • You will probably never see Pamela ill with influenza or something similar. The reason is the rough Canadian climate on Vancouver Island and the also tough way, in which her father handled her as child: to be thrown as child into the icy Pacific water is an effective way to strengthen the immune system.

  • By the way: used to the humid climate of British Columbia in her childhood she obviously misses the rainfall, nearly absent in Southern California. This, despite she loves to walk in the rain... Once in the Jay Leno show she celebrated, that she could that day getting wet by the heavens.

  • One of the reasons for Pamelas good shape was recently revealed by her: the usage of butt blasters, which seems to enjoy her too. It adds to her good and frequent swimming and other sporty activities.

  • Pamela made an important experience after her husband went to jail for assaulting her. She discovered, that she had not lost the ability to live alone and got considerably stronger by this feeling. During the years before she and Tommy were permanently so tight, that she had obviously "forgotten", that she is a very independent being.

  • And Pamela was glad about the support many people gave her during the long (more than one year) separation from Tommy, caring alone for her two kids. Her only fear was, that other people could make faults by comparing their other lives to hers...

That's all for now...


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