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Despite I can't guarantee for total accuracy of all listed items, I've tried to do my best in this respect. For sure it's no way comparable with the lies, inventions and twisted truths, which are widespread by so-called media all about over the world about Pamela. These items are unsorted, but I hope it's not confusing.
  • Pamela worked some time on the already announced book "Pamdemonium" - until she recognized, that her "co-workers" tried to do it in a way, she doesn't like. Consequently she stopped it: that is it, why this book isn't and will not be available. But she has announced, that she will try again to publish some book of her own.

  • In the German magazine "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" (German edition of "Scientific American") an article presented a project named PAMELA - a matter-antimatter detector for a space mission (if you don't know, what this is all about, just ignore it). It's convenient in science, especially physics, to build abbreviations with the initial letters of devices, but the choice and sequence are always tunable. I guess, if these physicists despised her, they would have done this naming job a little different...

  • The 1998 edition of the "Guiness Book of Records" presented a number of new record types. Surely Pamela would prefer decorations like the academy award (in my view not impossible in the farer future - remember Kim Basinger!), but her first record is at least - partly - due to her outstanding appearance and her friendship with a certain mens magazine: the most searched after celebrity in the internet. An ironical comment about this meant, that the internet would not have grown this fast without her...

  • New. Now in 1999 Pamela won her first award: the newly created "Linda McCartney award" for animal rights protectors. Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney presented her clearly visible with much sympathy with the award in midth September 1999, which left a happy Pamela, modest as always saying, that she thinks, she can never fight enough for animals. Background besides her PETA activity was primarily her obviously successful letter to South-Africa, to prevent a world wide known tragedy about 14 baby elephants.

  • In her so far only main movie "Barb Wire" the introduction sequence was created according Pamelas idea: she did an unusual type of dancing performance, let herself be sprayed with champagne and showing of her at that time enlarged two "best assets". Despite being criticized for the playing in that movie, this scene was recognized as outstanding, clearly surpassing erotical the amateur trials like the ones of Demi Moore in "Striptease" or Elisabeth Berkley in "Showgirls". This may due to a mixture of Pamelas natural attitude and talent for such actions and her Playboy experiences.

  • In one episode of Baywatch Pamela celebrated her off-duty time at the beach and in the water (also rescueing a sea lion, more precisely: Eumetopias jubatus) together with a Golden Retriever - it was her own. By some miracle few people knew, that she has/had a dog.

  • Once Yasmine Bleeth (as Caroline Holden the good friend of C.J. Parker in "Baywatch") was asked about Pamela and the now badly widespread video of her with husband Tommy Lee: she answered, that she is also private a good friend of Pamela and that she denied, when other people tried to make her watch this video! After stating, that she is sure, that Pamela looks great in this, Ms. Bleeth defended Pamela also against this infamous invasion of privacy, as Mr.Newman (the only real lifeguard of the series) did at another occasion.

  • Probably the best known action for PETA (organisation against [ab]use of animal furs mainly by unscrupulous women) was a giant photograph of her mounted at the Time Square in Manhattan, which caused some confusion among the passing (predominantly male) drivers - therefore it was halved, despite there were "nothing to see", as she said (she covered with an arm, where she was undressed). She is even more a vegetarian, all this by sheer love for animals. That's also the reason, for which she denied a shooting with animals last year, because they were supposed to suffer during the planned event.

  • New. As I mention on the movie page about Pam there are two Playboy videos about her. Especially "Best of Pamela Anderson" is quite a remarkable one: at the video stores it has beaten famous ones like Disneys "Kings of Lions" and the award winning "Forrest Gump" (with Tom Hanks) by selled pieces and when a German TV station aired this and the other (Centerfold Video), they reached spectator numbers of 1.2 to 1.3 millions. Consider the fact, that nearly exclusively men watched these, that the "Best of..." was aired during summer vacation time and both were shown after 23:00 CEST, more than four years after production, these are quite impressive numbers!

  • If you belong to the people, who buy every Playboy issue with Pamela on the cover and/or inside, you may have missed new material between 1994 and 1999 compared to Pamelas average appearance intervals - if you did, you were correct in this posture: she did another session with the magazine 1996, but the chief of Playboy decided, that she looked unhappy and therefore let not publish these pictures! This demonstrates once again the already mentioned deep friendship between Pamela and these guys; without any doubt they gave away another major commercial success this way.

  • New. It's interesting to hear both Pamela and the Playboy people about their unusual "relation": Pam says, she will pose ever again for the magazine, as long they want to do her so, but thinks, that they must be already sick of her. Maybe more sick of love, to express it ironical, because they have already offered again a photo session to her, probably incited by her April 1999 implant removal, and obviously neither tired of this nor lazy... Besides it's clear, that she earns not as much as some others like Katharina Witt, she does theses shootings mainly, because she loves to pose before a camera with and also without clothes.

  • Shortly after the marriage the people of Playboy gave a little party for Pam and Tommy. Obviously Pamelas idea, to do a few naked shoots together with Tommy was not the one, to make Tommy quite happy: but as usual, he fulfilled her wish. Even Pamelas main photographer Stephen Wayda found this session a little weird and after a time too hot to continue with photographing.

  • New. Usage of really heavy make-up is widespread in the USA. And Pamela in her TV series is no exception. Nowadays it needs about one and a half hour, to make her look like we know her from the little screen, the notorious "Pamela Anderson media appearance". Sometimes I wish, this would be not so extreme, because she is a natural beauty and doesn't need this massive support by make-up artists... (but remember, that a make-up for camera sessions is done with every actor and especially actress)

  • It seems, that a statement of her in Jay Lenos Tonight Show was barely recognized by the public, concerning her former-and-now-again husband Tommy Lee. When Jay asked, if she wants now to get a daughter (after her second son was born), she answered, that this is just impossible, because her husband let himself sterilize - clearly an astonishing one, because this man is clearly not the type of soft, ever peaceful and never manlike human.

  • The British Royals are known for a lack of humor and tolerance. This was witnessed again, when young prince William asked once, if he may meet Pamela for a talk - of course the total prudish Queen and Williams' mother denied this request - they simply don't know or even want not to know, that Pamela is a very polite and well-behaved person. For example, once I witnessed, how Pamela rised herself, despite being highly pregnant with her second son, only to shake hands with an appearing country singer, who is - so far I know - nearly unknown in Europe. I guess, nearly nobody would expect this from a woman in such a state.



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