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A tempestuous marriage brought her career to the brink, but now Pamela Anderson's bigger than ever --- and securely under the covers with the world's first male supermodel. Jealous? You will be...

Poor Pamela Anderson. As if the little sex bomb hasn't been through enough trauma in her 33 tabloid-ridden years --- the messy relationships, the stolen videotapes, the multiple breast surgeries --- now she has a whole new problem to contend with. "Everybody --- women and men --- is so jealous of me having Marcus I can't even believe it,"she announces with a frosty-lipped faux pout as her brand-new, super-chiselled, supermodel boyfriend, Marcus Schenkenberg, ambles into the dressing room trailer on the set of her hit action-comedy series, V.I.P.. "I mean, the other day I went in for hair and make-up and they'd put up a giant poster of him on the wall and were practically drooling over it. I was, like: "Take that down now!"

Forget that a nasty American magazine revealed recently saw fit to dub Pamela and Marcus "the Hollywood couple most likely to have dumb children", this pairing --- unlike Pammy's epic on-again, off-again soap opera with Moley Crüe's Tommy Lee --- seems like a match made in celebrity heaven. After all, the're both ridiculously beautiful, exhibitionist and lusted-afer icons

After a dog-walking job ended in tragedy --- one of his canine charges jumped a barbed-wire fence, cut its throat and died --- Schenkenberg became a nanny

(he first got famous by taking a nude shower in an early Nineties Calvin Klein ad --- she, by showing her ta-tas as Miss February 1990 in Playboy). They're both hardcore vegetarians and long-time PETA --- the American RSPCA --- members (in fact, PETA Humanitarian Award-winner Pam first fell in love with Marcus when he valiantly rescued a dying bird from a toilet in Monaco). And, oh yeah, they both really, really like to make nookie.

Lately, in fact, the crew at VIP have been urging Schenkenberg to "please, please" allow the sleep-deprived Anderson --- who is, after all, not only the star and Executive Producer of the show but also the mother of two young children --- a little downtime from that particular activity. But Pam, who, despite her Scarlett O'Hara-like waist, rarely does a sit-up, doesn't think that will be necessary. "Sex is such great exercise," she enthuses. "Yes!" agrees Marcus, helpfully adding: "It's very good for a flat stomach --- I mean, I only have to work out, like, twice a week now."

Marcus Schenkenberg van Mierop was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to Dutch parents --- his father is an architect, his mother, believe it or not, is a model builder. Now 32, Schenkenberg first came to America in 1987 to bum around for a while and go home. But he got bitten by the California bug and settled in LA. After a dog-walking job ended in tragedy --- one of his canine charges jumped a barbed-wire fence, cut his throat and died --- he became a nanny until one day in 1989 while roller-blading on Venice Beach a passing phototgrapher took his picture. Before long, Marcus was stripping for Calvin, vogueing for Versace, and had been officially proclaimed "the first male supermodel". Since then he's put out a book; launched a vodka company "MOR"; recorded a Latin pop single "La Chica Marita"; filmed a television pilot Human Being and dated model/Playmate, Kylie Bax (who raised American eyebrows last summer after telling shock-jock Howard Stern that she'd greatly enjoyed anal sex with Marcus). He's also co-starred with Pam in VIP as a bounty hunter. All these endeavours have enabled Schenkenberg to enjoy catwalk life to the tune of about $1 million a year.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, is rumoured to be worth somewhere in the region of 77 times that. Born to a furnace repair man dad and waitress mom, the young Pamela Denise Anderson was a volleyball and saxophone playing "straight A" student in Comax, British Columbia, whose only real problem was her father's --- since reformed --- fondness for pub life. In 1989, the 19-year-old moved to Vancouver where, one fateful night during a break in a football game, the Jumbotron camera operator spotted her in a tight, Labatt's beer T-shirt, flashed her face up on the screen and --- voila --- the crowd went nuts. The Labatt's people noticed, promptly hiring the budding bombshell for some nationwide billboard work, and soon Hugh Hefner was calling. Within months she'd moved to LA to shoot her first Playboy pictorial. She's since done a record eight additional covers (remark: that first shooting went without a cover, but shortly before she was a first time on it) for the magazine and likens Hef to "an uncle". She then decided some implants might be nice (ramping up from a C-cup to a DD) and by 1991 was playing Lisa, the "Tool-Time Girl" on the Tim Allen's TV hit Home Improvement.

Her metamorphosis into the ultimate California girl was finally completed the next year, when that jiggle, Baywatch, needed to replace departing former Playmate, Erika Eleniak (mistyped in orginial article as Elian?). Hundreds of girls auditioned. But, as is solemnly intoned on the Playboy video Babes of Baywatch, "It took a Playmate to replace a Playmate."

And sure enough, a soon as the 25-year old blonde stepped into her lifeguard alter ego CJ Parker's red simsuit and began jogging up and down the beach in lip-smacking slow-motion, the term "boob-tube" took on a whole new meaning. Full-blown Pamdemonium erupted as Baywatch became the most watched show on the planet, launching Pamela Anderson as the world's greatest, undisputed sex symbol of her time.

And then came Tommy Lee. They'd met on Ney Year's Eve, 1994, when the drummer had casually introduced himself by licking Pam's face. She nixed that sloppy advance, but Tommy was relentless. In February 1995, Anderson went to Cancun, Mexico, for a photo shoot, and he followed. Four days of partying later, they wed on the beach --- with Pam in a white bikini and Tommy in just his shorts --- and from then on the terrible twosome became Hollywood's most tempestuous couple since Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

Their four years and three months together have, of course, been all-too exhaustively covered. But what the hell, here are some highlights: They got nuptial tattoos ("TOMMY'S" on Pam's wedding finger, "PAMELA'S" on Tommy's penis). A trapeze was installed over Tommy's piano for Pamela to swing nude from as musical inspiration for her hubby. A home sex video was stolen from their house that later, as Pamela, Anderson and Tommy Lee: Uncensored And Hardcore, became the best-selling adult video of all time though neither Tommy or Pam have ever seen a penny. Six months after the 1996 birth of son Brandon Lee, Pam filed for divorce --- only to take Tommy back ten days later. Pam quit Baywatch, filmed the 1996 flop Barb Wire, then rebounded in late 1997 by selling VIP to some 80 countries. Tommy, in a rage, kicked Pamela while she was holding their seven-week-old second son Dylan in her arms, forcing her to have Tommy arrested in February 1998 on charges of "spousal abuse, child abuse, and possesion of an illegal firearm." He served three months in clink and was served a restraining order. Pamela once again filed for divorce and this time went through with it --- only to get "back" together with Lee in 1999, announcing to the world in early 2000 that they would be remarried. But by March of that year, the plans had changed again, and Pam left her old combat buddy for the last time --- not before calling him a "loser". Oh, and let's not forget the momentous "removal of the implants".

Less than two months after she finally left Tommy, Pam was hanging around Monte Carlo. It was there that the woman who claims to a constant stream of overlapping boyfriends found her new perfect soul mate in Marcus. He immediately moved in with her and the kids to Anderson's small, cozy Malibu beach house.

Have you ever jerked off to any of Pam's Playboy pictures? Marcus: "Hasn't everybody?" Pamela: "Pervert!"

In marked contrast to the gaudily public life that was "Pam and Tommy", ther have been only scattered sightings of this new couple. They rarely go out, choosing to spend most nights at home playing games with the children and then... Well, we've discussed that already, haven't we? Though there have been rampant rumours of marriage, until now the clearly hot-for-each other duo have never granted an interview together. Today, however, is the day.

Back in Pam's VIP trailer on this blazingly bright afternoon in North Hollywood, it's lunchtime. Miss Anderson is dressed as her alter-ego, bimbo extraordinaire Vallery Irons, in a sequinned, aqua spandex crop top with naval-baring spandex flares, eight-inch (i.e.: 20 cm!) stiletto platforms, and three-foot (about 90 cm) long Daisy Mae pigtail hair extensions and delivers the goods --- 'I lie out in my yard nude and I think "If someone passes by they could see me, but what's the big deal?"' --- while sweet, softly-spoken Marcus looks on adoringly. He admits that it's weird to date such a famous woman and he doesn't like it when people stare at them. But, he says, "I've been in boot camp training for the past ten years getting recognised. So I'm kind of used to it --- just nothing like this."

Hanging with the two of them is not like hanging with rocket scientists --- but how much fun would that be? As a couple, Pam and Marcus are super-firendly, shockingly affable, clearl in love, and funny as hell. Throughout the interview, intriguing titbits about the infamous Pambo pop up --- "She never listens to rock," says Marcus --- as they intermittently sneak a kiss.

Right now, the world's reigning sex symbol has just spotted a magazine cover I've brought that has her recreating the famous Seventies' Farrah Fawcett and simsuit poster. "I was only worried about my nipples being hard for that picture, you know?" she chirps. "So I grabbed a Polaroid and saw that they were and went: 'OK. Good.'"


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