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Pam lying on bed

This article was written and the interview was taken just before Pamela split with the Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg early in 2001. It appeared in the February 2001 issue of Arena magazine (a men's magazine). Because this is a rarger large account about Pam, I have divided it in a natural manner into two parts: the general article from the magazine responsibles and the accompanying interview. The first should be mostly familiar for any "Pamela" experts out there, but the second is a typical Pam interview one with some interesting new statements --- warning: the interview is suitable in my view due to the partly explicit language only for people at least 14 years old (generally speaking, younger people should be in the internet only in a rather limited and controlled manner anyway). Texts are provided by Brantley Bardin.

Part One: the general article
Part Two: the Pam(/Marcus) interview


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