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Preliminary Remarks

As young as Mac OS X still is, there is plenty of need not only of improvement and configuration/usage issues, but of course extremely information need to accomplish these tasks. Below three very different books in level, scope and number of page/weight are presented, which I think are great for different reasons respective purposes. Finally some external links are presented.

Books about Mac OS X

Mac OS X For Dummies (ISBN 0-7645-0706-0, Bob LeVitus and Shelly Brisbin, Hungry Minds)

A very easy, but nevertheless helpful introduction to this newest mainstream OS. Either if you are a not very computer insider like old Mac OS user or completely new on the Mac, this will give you an easy start after or before making your first experiences with the new system. Suitable for everyone, as usual in the Dummies series primarily for non-experts. I buyed it before my Mac, to get somewhat accustomed to that for me until then total unknown platform.

Mac OS X Unleashed (ISBN 0672322293, John Ray and William C. Ray, Sams Publishing)

Especially for advanced and professional users coming from the old Mac OS and/or UNIX, these two experts in both topics present virtually everything around OS X and with a special and comprehensive introduction to its UNIX basics and features. So UNIX/Linux people may get the most out of it, but it is recommedable for every savvy and in-depth user respective administrator for Apples UNIX. Highly recommended reading stuff! (but a true heavyweight of nearly 1,500 pages, you have been warned)

Mac OS X Pocket Reference (ISBN 0-596-00346-3, Chuck Toporek, O'Reilly & Associates

Either if you have an iBook or the need to take something around from home to office or vice versa or just want to find very quickly some more special answers, already familiar to OS X, this one is for you: small and lightweight, it contains much essence to know and help you improve your efficiency on Mac OS X.

Links to Mac OS X resources

Official Apple Sites

The central location for downloadable Mac OS X resources by Apple is ordered in a number of popular categories, trying to present primarily the highlights and the medium players in the software for Apples UNIX, here you can go directly for it (the OS X anchor page is implemented in virtually every browser available for it). In case you are a developer like me, even if you want only to compile software on Mac OS X yourself with fink source unstable branch or own ones and so on, I strongly suggest to sign up with Apples developer site.

VersionTracker OS X presents the most current Macintosh Software Overview

Very fast all the newest software is presented herein, and the only major drawback is, that also old, proprietary Mac OS only software is included (but is seems to be seperated like the other purely proprietary OS stuff on the other tabs). This concern is more and more shrinking due to the fact, that we are about at the turnover point, where more software will be available for OS X and not for the old one than vice versa...

Virtually all new software for Mac OS X

Here in the typical UNIX/Linux style you can get an overview as well as all the latest links and (short) informations about new and updated software releases --- much more comprehensive that Apples site, it offers even more rarely requested kinds of software.

Hints for Mac OS X

A very helpful site with search function to get some more obscure and hard to get special informations about OS X --- very different kinds of tips are there available, so it should be useful for everyone at least from time to time.


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