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Recently an initiative called TCPA ("Trusted", in reality Treacherous Computing Platform Alliance, Trusted is it only for TCPA members, see below) or "trusted computing" was established, with already at least 170 and maybe up to 200 or even more contractors, which not only wants, but in fact already is introducing a system, which can easily control every aspect of working electronic devices world wide. They claim it an "security enhancement". This and related (own and other) pages will prove them totally wrong and show, what incredible dangers lurk in that construct:

Summary of the Threat

If they succeed, the result will be (believe it or not, details see below):
  • You will be no longer able, to (compile and) run arbitrary programs on your computer(s). Only software the TCPA trust allows you to use and which you buy from them, will be able to run on your "own" machines.

  • You will be not able, to copy, create or get data of your own without allowance from the TCPA cartel. They can limit you to see a document just once, enforcing your unability to print it and so on...

  • You will not get any documents, music or anything else for free at all any more: they will enforce you to buy everything you want at prices, which they dictate, and there is no way around it.

  • They will control every aspect of function of "your" own computer(s). They will update/tweak/change your system due to their own will only, and you can do nothing against it (aside from switching power off).

  • In the rather clear UNIX language: the TCPA cartel will be always root on your system(s) and you will it never be again.

  • You cannot any longer add any hardware to "your" system(s). Only TCPA cartel tickets buyed from you additionally to the hardware and certification by the TCPA monopoly of the hardware in advance will allow you, to change any hardware configuration (if you offend, your system will simply no longer run).

  • They will control, who and how you can get access to Internet resources completely. You will not be able to visit sites, they don't want you to do.

  • You will be no more capable of publishing opinions opposed to their own. They can erase any document on your system, which they want and completely avoid you to distribute anything, you want, but they don't.

  • Even worse, they can arbitrarily create and modify documents on your system and claim, that they were created/modified by you, without any chance for you, to prove the opposite, which means, they can make you a criminal, when they want (keep in mind, that there are always illegal documents/pictures in virtual every country, so they have this capability).

You may now think, I'm citing or replaying the (in-?)famous great works of literature, one called "1984" by George Orwell, the other "Brave New World" (German/Deutsch: "Schöne neue Welt") by Aldous Huxley? But this can become reality in just a few years, if we don't stop this illegal TCPA monopoly, which tries to establish the total control about all of the world: all governments, all parliaments, all citizens.

How this Perfect System of Control works, if It is Established

You may think, that this is impossible... But I will make clear, how the system can work indeed, overthrowing all democracies of the world:

Hardware: there is a new chip on board of more and more electronic devices, especially computers, often called the "Fritz-Chip". Several vendors have secretly started to build it into new hardware, a secrecy, which is rather revealing indeed. Later the CPU vendors Intel, AMD and Motorola (and possibly others too) will build it into their own CPUs, so the CPU is under absolute control of the TCPA system, while before "only" the board is controlled by it, and with that CPU the trust controls "your" system(s) absolutely and completely!

Firmware: next step is the BIOS or BootROM or the like of it. It controls the initialization of the machine after power on, sets the time on TCPA systems due to the rules of the TCPA members and controls every piece of hardware in (supported by the Fritz Chip or enabled CPU). It completes the boot only (you can't do anything yourself at these stages), if all hardware found is certified and boots subsequently only an OS, which is certified too --- the end of usage of self-compiled Linux kernels or anything similar.

Software: Microsoft has required all people, who installed at least Win 2000 ServicePack 3 or XP ServicePack 1 to sign an ultimate declaration of rights invalidation from them: so the "Palladium" (Microsofts version of TCPA software) gets the allowance, to control Windows running computers via the build in hardware (see above, first an additional chip, later a TCPA-control CPU). HP and IBM are developing "Linux" systems in clear offense of the spirit of the GPL, which will equally support the TCPA enforcement system.

Encryption against you: the hardware and software uses a 2048 bit RSA key, which is virtually 100% secure against breaking it for ten years or more due to the knowledge of the leading security experts (and afterwards they will double the key length or resort to another, than long enough virtually unbreakable one, and so on, and so on). Because the hardware controls, if the software is TCPA conforming with this system and sets the time from the net before launching any software (including an arbitrary Operating system), there is no way around it, the CPU build in big brother control on the other hand makes it mechanically/electrically also virtually impossible, to do anything against it.

We may discuss this all time, but leading security experts are sure of two things about this: first, there will be virtually no way to avoid this total control after it is build in both by hardware and software; second especially the always rather buggy Redmond software will despite this expose systems running it to attacks like todays (despite they claim other, but the Redmond people keep always lying, I guess you have learned that also meanwhile) and to failures, we can barely imagine (you can't install again or do anything other to work around in case of failure, remember?).

What this Truly Means

Intentionally I put the "own" above in quotations, because a system, you have buyed, but works completety due to orders of others, but never due to yours, can't be called yours indeed. And what they mean with "Security" is also rather clear: it is not your security, but only the own security of the TCPA members, that you will not be able to do anything, they don't approve. Therefore in reality as mentioned the T stands for Treacherous and not for Trusted.

Furthermore, the FrontPage (a "product", which is probably the worst, while Outlook being the most insecure of all software generally --- this means something in light of M$ internal 'rivals' like IIS) license for example violates your right of free speech by prohibiting critique against MicroSoft using it; this will get standard generally, believe me (at least in licenses from the Redmond mob in Palladium).

The fact, that the TCPA member list is now kept secret (hackers of all world: get and publish it!), reveals another fact: they fear disadvantages and bad public opinions up to the avoidance of their products, when you know, what you should not buy for you own sake.

The often told statement, everybody could switch off TCPA and Palladium to their like, is an obvious lie. For the first time this will be true, of course, otherwise this system couldn't be introduced at all. But after reaching a certain degree of general distribution there is nothing hindering the TCPA to switch themselves this possibility off, and due to the outstanding control established the users of these systems will be absolutely unable, to do anything against it. This step seems even to be straightforward, because as long, as a free net and free software are available, the TCPA members will consider it as loss of own money, because there will always be a lot valuable to get.

Is this Exaggerated? No: Think Twice!

A democratic system balances power carefully between several groups and institutions, so nobody has the ability, to excert one-sided control about others. Indeed, the only central difference between democratic and non-democratic systems is this fine balance, sometimes fragile; and this honours the fact, that too much, especially unlimited power is always abused earlier or later (it lies in the human nature, a fact often called wrong, but sadly a deep truth): with the ultimate power the TCPA cartel would gain, if their plans go through, they have exactly the kind of power, which is capable of rendering all democratic structures useless --- in todays world, we are all more or less directly and even more indirectly dependent of computers and programs; this control by TCPA would give them finally control over all of us --- do you remember the movie "The Net" with Sandra Bullock? This is exactly the kind of control, which the TCPA members desire only to their own advantage. Other recommendable movies, which I have seen myself, which make this all more recognizable, are "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman and "Blue Thunder" with Roy Scheider and Malcolm McDowell.

Finally: Read more and Spread the Word!

Needless to say (at least I think so), that nobody should buy or install anything with TCPA support build in, regardless, if it is hard- or software. Urgent Warning Example: IBM has already secretly equipped all newer ThinkPad Laptops with the Fritz-Chip, therefore it is a first example, what you should never buy! Here and on other pages lists of TCPA members and TCPA devices will be provided, to enable you to make the right choice and to protect our democratic societies from becoming ruled and undermined by an essentially US American, illegal economic monopoly, called the TCPA! (which will control the US government and parliament completely too, by the way, led by the totally unscrupulous Microsoft mob as spearhead)


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