TCPA --- a Threat grows Immanent ever more

The reason for creating this page is the recent joining of the TCPA cartel by VIA Technologies and the offer respective announcement of a TCPA BIOS by AMI and Phoenix Technologies. Here I want to highlight the immediate consequences; you should be well aware, that this kind of CPU/desktops/web-client holds a monopoly, which is even stronger than that of the Redmond mob, as you can easily recognize for example on my browser statistics pages.

CPU: Intel, AMD, VIA or whatever?

All three vendors of those CPUs, known as ia32 or ix86, are now member of the TCPA cartel, all Pentium, Celeron, Athlon, Duron and VIA/Cyrix CPUs belong to these. Despite only Intel so far has announced support of TCPA in the upcoming "Prescott" called Pentium class CPU, we will see jumping the other two early on that bandwagon too. And there will be no alternative for this CPU architecture anymore, not very long to happen... Than the rather tamper resistant CPU will control every PC entirely, it will decide, if a BIOS is acceptable or not and can deny start with an OpenBIOS for example...

BIOS: AMI, Phoenix and so on...

At now not all BIOS vendors have joined the TCPA cartel, so far it is known at least. But with Phoenix one of the biggest is a member: in light of the danger for BIOS vendors, that a CPU could not support their products anymore, they will be forced to support TCPA too, to stay into business. The condition will be rather simple for them: they have to enforce running only certified OSs, a community style GNU/Linux or BSD will get no support and can't start anymore. Of course you will be able to switch off all of those TCPA functions at first (otherwise those current PCs would virtually not work anymore), but with time coming the day will too, when it is no more possible to switch it off. And because all of those manipulations are highly illegal especially in Europe, you can expect the industry (computers and media) to lobby for such illegal legislations (more precise: unconstitutional legislations).

OS: Palladium, Longhorn or similar and TCPA-Linux

Microsoft was/is ever dreaming about it: to block off any competition at all and to be able to sell all software to their highly exaggerated prizes (a true antitrust sentence would have meant for example forced heavy prize reduction due to the 85 % earning margin they have). Because only certified M§ OSs will run than, only buyed versions, but no copies of the thing, either way how it is called (an obvious trial to cause confusion by renaming) will work. And for the people who want to use Linux, they will to have to get a copy from IBM or HP for a working, licensed version of it, which will operate in a way approved by those big TCPA members, and not to your wishes. That TCPA-Linux will enforce similar constraints on the things users can do with it as the M§ Win versions, because its inner security is much better, it will be even much harder to sidestep the controls...

Applications: Vendors' Own or Third Party Products?

Now it goes to the end of the 'chain of control', which is established instead of the promoted trusted PC: only vendor-approved, certified applications will run and they will enforce aribtray DRM systems, without any chance for the user to do without. This imposes no limits on the fantasy of software and media vendors, how they can press out money from their products only to their own like and disadvantage of the victim, which the customer has become. And of course no net browser aside from the IE will work on such a Windoze any more, no enemy product like Opera or OSS browser like Mozilla/Gecko --- they will simply get never certificates from Redmond. Besides a few exceptions, when the Redmond gang has no own software offers for a special purpose, third party software vendors will never get anything running on Windoze.

Similary IBM and HP will prescribe the TCPA-Linux victims what browser and other software to run and what not by aimed certification...

Ways out?

I'm shaken, when I am fully aware of the nightmare described above --- sadly enough it is no science fiction, but an absolutely feasible goal, without any doubt desired by the TCPA cartel and the bad guys behind (media industry, DRM); the prerequisites are all created at now.

That means, in the forseeable future we can't afford to buy PCs of the kind used today, if we want to preserve our freedom really. The only feasible alternative (at now!) are Apple and Sun, who are against that dangerous TCPA crap. The remaining threat regarding Apple is the fact, that Motorola and IBM are TCPA members and may one day build in the TCPA control into CPUs used by Apple, so they can force Apple someday, to support TCPA too. The general big threat is, that Apple and Sun are US companies and another illegal (unconstitutional) legislation (like DCMA) could make them to build TCPA in either way.

IMHO the cancellation of our personal rights by multinational super companies for profitability reasons only allows us to use virtually all measures against them. We have to do so, because otherwise the TCPA cartel will make the world a place of new kind of dictatorship control, exerted by it and claim rights about life and death, because it will easily control politicians, justice, police and the media.


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