(minor addition 27. Aug 2001: pdf format and gzip version of it)

Because in HTML there are problems to make the scientific symbols (for example Netscape can't cope at now without special character sets with Greek letters), I offer it in several standard formats for downloading.

It's a LaTeX document, which is available as dvi, PostScript and as well as zip resp. gzip (GNU-zip) compressed Postscript (platform independent formats, available for all operating systems; printed 10 pages), finally I added the popular format pdf:

DVI file (28232 Bytes)
Postscript file (80570 Bytes)
Postscript ZIP file (33346 Bytes)
Postscript gzip file (33222 Bytes)
PDF (Acroreader) file (140692 Bytes)
PDF gzip file (61668 Bytes)


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