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(last update 15. Jun 2002, see especially new system monitors, office solutions and Internet usage)

A Collection of especially useful GNU/LINUX Packages

GNU/LINUX distributions (often sloppy called Linux distributions) come on CDs with lots of packages, generally the bigger ones often with several 1,000 (!) of them. To help you through all of this stuff, these pages are for you to ease up the selection.

Some Kernel topics will also be treated, which are no packages of the usual kind. Despite the Debian/GNU package manager seems to be superior to the RPM (RedHat Package Manager), I will give you hints for the RPM, which is used by most major distributions at now (especially SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake and Caldera) and (regret it or not) part of the LSB, the LINUX Standard Base.

For all users (either if new and starting with LINUX or coming there after dismissing/leaving M$ shitware) and even true administrators I create this guide. It's still in the beginning, and I publish it only therefore right at now, to give you a chance to influence selection of topics and order of describing the available and in my view best fitting packages for every purpose on the list. If you are searching for a not listed topic email me (see at bottom of page, as usual) and so you may do, to get a certain topic before others. This will need a number of months and will never be completed, of course. But after 10 years experience with UNIX systems, including now several years with LINUX, I hope that I can share some valuable informations with you!

In some cases you may fare better by downloading a current version either from the site of your distributor or from the original site, sometimes even compiling of the current original sources may pay off --- the distributions often doesn't contain sufficient recent versions for some "hot" topics.

When a topic is ready for your visit, below the text line will change into a link text line, so it should be easy to use. Especially many GNU tools are available also for Solaris and most or all other UNIX systems too, but this holds also true for a considerable number of other applications!

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