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Kristen Cloke as Captain Shane Vansen of the USMC

Kristen Cloke (* 2. September 1970, married to Glen Morgan)

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interesting note/offer for Kristen Cloke web masters

Again a total different woman she is (compared to the other two I treat special on my site). No way she needs any defense from anybody, because she is/was never attacked and is very well capable, to defend herself anyway...

She deserves to be presented in more detail primarily, because she is a really fine actress and not only in my view heading one day even for an academy award.

Who is Kristen Cloke?

Kristen is clearly still in the early days of her career, and therefore only science fiction and military show fans will know her for sure. This is due to the impact she made in portraying Marine Corps Aviator Captain Shane Vansen (see the picture at top) in the excellent (and therefore?), but short-lived 22 episode (plus pilot) TV series "SPACE --- above and beyond" (often also referred to as "SPACE 2063"). Other notable appearances include the TV show "Winnetka Road" as a regular, as forensic expert "Lara Means" in the series "Millenium", the movies "The Rage" as FBI agent, newest "Final Destination" as medium important part as teacher and last, but not least, a guest star role in the "X-Files", one of her roles, which lead to miss an Emmy Award in my view by just a molecule (she was nominated for one already in fact). In 1996 she won the actress price in science fiction for playing "Shane Vansen" in SPACE against competitors like Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager), Claudia Christian, Mira Furlan (Babylon 5) and Gillian Anderson (X-Files), to name just a few. Details are below.

Besides acting she is also active in a company, which is working in the acting business, for example producing theatre. Her marriage to the talented (co-)writer and inventor of SPACE, Glen Morgan, shortly after the unhappy end of SPACE, has underlined her involvement in this business for sure.

More personal speaking, Kristen is an attractive woman, but no way a bombshell, and she has a great and strong personality. Her talent and passion in acting are outstanding, and whenever you have watched her well in "SPACE", "Millenium" or the X-File episode "The Field, where I died", you simply can't forget her brilliant performance. And in most cases she is doomed to play a person, who dies in the very end...

An interesting fact: she descends from a pacifist family, and therefore her greatest concern during production of SPACE was, that her mother would see her carry a M590 semi-automatic rifle! And also other roles (like "The Rage") were often clearly not of the pacifist kind.

An Orphan as unexpected War Hero...

Please refer to my science fiction and especially SPACE pages for more general information about that great series. A very short account of her character Shane Vansen: in an also unexpected war with artifical lifeforms, created by (in-)humans, her parents were murdered when she was only a child of five years age. As oldest of three sisters she became some sort of "substitution mother" for the other two, and this posed much trouble for her of course. Together with the post traumatic syndrome from viewing the double-murder of her parents, these events coined her life: to get rid of her sisters and tired of being responsible for others, and maybe to take eventually revenge for her dead parents (also USMC officers), she joined the Marine Corps as pilot cadet. And time revealed, that she was more than good as such fighter pilot (Shanes online friends: "It's 2064, and the toughest man in the Marine Corps is a woman"). And on the other hand, from time to time the dark side of Shanes character showed also up, as her outstanding leadership skills... If you want a detailed account of her, please read my Shane Vansen portrait.

Further Major Appearances

To start with the most important one: "X-Files" episode "The Field, where I died". If you remember Dustin Hoffman as autistic man in the Oscar winning movie "Rain Man", you know, that portraying psychic ill people in convincing manner is really difficult, hard for the actor and often worth an award, if it's successful. The character "Melissa Ephesian" Kristen played in that TV show was a very rare, multiple personality, which required her to change attitude and expression of the face in rather quick manner very often; she admitted, that this was a real hard part to play. You have to buy, what Kristen shows: she has it, what even a number of established Hollywood actresses lacks...

As "Lara Means" Kristen portrayed another persona with a dark side, this time getting visions of death (what else?) and catastrophes. Especially the final episode of "Millenium" (for me her appearance in that show was the only reason to watch it, I have to admit) brought another masterpiece of acting to the little screen: split between vexing thoughts, she gave "Frank Black" a survival drug, which was orginially hers, and fighted all of the nasty pictures in her head nearly in vain --- nearly she shot her "Millennium Group fellow" in a moment, when she lost control.

In "The Rage" Kristen performed usually well, but that movie was no great one. Better, but also no big deal, was the appearance in "Final Destination". The role she got has to be considered as medium big one, but again she does a brilliant job for her part as teacher, which escapes at first by chance an accident (one of the students caused, that they were thrown off the plane before start, which later explodes). And even the short scene, when she faced another time the death, is very well worth seeing.

"Winnetka Road": there she played simply a nice girl, despite this role had also a little more, than comparable ones often give.

Kristens Bright Future

The only question, which may be asked, is if she will go more to acting or more to producing --- or both? (Can she bear the often superficial Hollywood business? Some other actresses have a little kept away therefore, like Diana Rigg or Jaclyn Smith.) I'm convinced, that she will not make the same fault, that Diana Rigg did: retire into pure theatre acting and production; despite she wants not to discard the theatre activities completely, as other good actresses also not want to. Either way, due to her talent and good education in the acting business she will keep successful, I'm sure. To remind on her most prominent and known character, which is valued most highly so far by herself too: Semper Fidelis, Shane!

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