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Some links lead you to more stuff about Kristen; they seem to get more and more...

Kristens Official Homepage

This is not only her official home, maintained by "Colonel" Matt Staub (a traditional SPACE fans naming convention), but also contains her official fanclub (the 92. squadron, the Dimondbacks) and her online presence as Shane Vansen and even a chance to getting in contact (poor Kristen, meanwhile she is surely no more able (as she stated already some time ago), to answer every email!).

a long, interesting interview

It contains not only, but mostly and very well Kristens account about her best and most difficult role so far in "The Field, where I died" from the "X-Files".

another interview with her

Simply keep reading, her statements are worth it!

a chat transcript regarding Final Destination

About the start of the movie in Northern America this chat was performed. A little harder to read than an interview, contains it nonetheless some interesting informations for all fans of her and of the (medium quality, in my view) movie.

Google sorted Open Directory about Kristen

The highly valued way of getting a human selected short quality list of sites, even ordered in relevance...

the first , somewhat dated Official Kristen Cloke Site

There you can still get some older stuff, despite newer contents are all in the above mentioned, current homepage (status of this one: 1997).

Kristen Cloke Galleries

Of course no nudity, but because Kristen has an impressive and also very well shaped face: it's worth to look for many people (not only males!), I'm sure.


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