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If you're a web master yourself, than I can make you a maybe interesting offer: some of the info domains I buyed as a package in October 2001 are for resale (but not all). Due to the conditions I could only get a bundle of them or nothing. Four of these I will not sell in the foreseeable future, but the two domains and
can be buyed, if you can convince me of a pretty good, more comprehensive and complete site you have or are constructing. I won't earn money with that, but you have to pay due to the original prize and the time elapsed since registering them (means, wait longer will make it cheaper, but this offer is for now limited until October 2002 due to the same reason).

A more special case is the domain, which I will only sell, if a group of people, preferably with some official support of the there mentioned companies/groups, signals in convincing manner, to use it in a sense, which conforms to my opinions sufficiently and with much content --- more than I can/do offer. Now consider it, if you're interested at all, and if you are, you can either use your browsers back button or the offered domains below.


Kristen Cloke info domain
SPACE above and beyond info domain

UNIX alliance info domain

offers, remarks etc. to: