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(means: to the stars / zu den Sternen)


(founded on 31. Dec 1998, last notable update 31. Mar 2005)

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 CONTENTS (astronomy and physics)   [13. Jun 2004]

 numbers, computers, biology, general science, aviation etc.   [1. May 2003]

 Science Fiction   [17. Dec 2000]

 Section Society etc.   [2. Jan 2005]

 Celebrities: Gabriela Sabatini, Pamela Anderson, Kristen Cloke and more   [1. Mar 2004]

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The main intention of this homepage is to present interesting links of scientific and computational interest not only for scientists along with an evaluation of the presented sites and - if necessary - a few remarks about the contents. Some further scientific, especially astronomical and physical informations are also given. Besides a few other scientific and technical/computational topics further a few non-scientific themes are discussed especially about the societies of the USA and Germany and my opinions are presented, alongside with related matters, finally an even more non-scientific matter is discussed: (prominent) people (especially women) and the Internet.

I choose English as language, because it's a World Wide Web... But a few sections are in German, where I consider this as appropriate (for example, if I discuss a homepage in German) and these are marked with the german flag: German Flag  --- die deutsche Fahne zeigt, wo Text in Deutsch steht (wenn es jemand unbedingt möchte, kann ich versuchen, englischsprachige Teile auch zusätzlich in Deutsch anzubieten, aber das ist viel Arbeit... Und deshalb mache ich das nur ausnahmsweise, z.B. bei besonders stark nachgefragten Seiten.).

Updates of single pages are marked in parentheses here on this index page too. Only the current and the previous month are marked anyway.

(if anybody wants to know, who am I, look  here --- wenn jemand wissen möchte, wer ich bin, dann möge er/sie hier nachsehen. )



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German flagBesuche eine zufällig ermittelte Astronomie-Homepage! (meist in Englisch)

Prof.Baschek über Sternentwicklung und ElemententstehungGerman flag

Venus transit 2004   German flagVenusdurchgang 2004

Total Solar Eclipses: Overview  
   Solar Eclipse Report 2001  
   Solar Eclipse Report / Sonnenfinsternisbericht 1999

Solar Eclipses elsewhere in our Planetary System

Chances for Human Exploration of the Solar System

SETI - Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence!   

Against Astrology and other Nonsense...


A Neutrino Article from Me  
Ein Neutrinovortrag von mir vom 25. Feb 2000  

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This Explore Space site owned by Stefan Urbat.
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The Unprecedented Threat from TCPA   (German flagdeutsche Fassung)   [10. Jan 2003]

Number Theory  

Internet distributed computing   [2. Jun 2002]

New own BOINC/SETI client download page [31. Mar 2005]

Computer matters (Linux and more)  
  GNU/LINUX package guide  
  about Mac OS X  
  UNIX systems overview  
  Browser resources   [1. May 2003]
  Searching the Web  

Some biological topics:
    - Bird web cameras 
    - Dinosaur open Issues
    - Dinosaur links  
    - our threatened biosphere...

Additional general scientific resources of the Internet 

Technical matters
    - Aviation  
    - The Energy Debate

About science in the media...  

Science Fiction remarks and links  

Online-Experiment-Erfahrungsbericht aus der Stuttgarter U-Bahn [18. Mai 2003]

Regarding Democracy and the 11. Sep 2001   [27. Oct 2002]

German flagUmweltschutz durch Verhaltensänderung!   [2. Jan 2005]

German flagMeine harte (Insider-)Kritik am dt.Gesundheitswesen!  

Some problems of certain societies (it's only my opinion, but nonetheless important):
    - US Presidential Elections  
    - USA in general
    - Deutschland allgemeinGerman flag
    - Deutschland --- eine Bananenrepublik?!German flag  

    A somewhat related, important proposal about Human Obligations...
        - Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities
        - in Deutsch: über Menschenpflichten...German flag

gegen Rechts-LogoNetz gegen Rechts --- Anmerkung: gerade das basisdemokratische Internet ist Ausdruck der Gleichheit aller Menschen!

Dismiss the dinosaur called the pope!  

Machenschaften deutscher BankenGerman flag

Über einige (negative) Mietwohnungs-SucherfahrungenGerman flag

ein USA-Reisebericht von 1997German flag

Against religious Fanatism

the breast surgery poll!  

General remarks about (prominent) people and the Internet

Two great women, the Internet and my defense of the two against annoying attacks:

    - Gabriela Sabatini   [26. Oct 2003]

    - Pamela Anderson (Lee)   [9. Nov 2003]

A very promising young Actress:

    - Kristen Cloke (Morgan)  

 about model Veronika Zemanova  [1. Mar 2004]

 a few further celebrity resources 

 the celebrity polls  

 celebrities, modeling, nudity: opinions and a poll 

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Short Presentation of Myself (Kurzvorstellung):
I am a 1965 born physicist and working as software engineer and UNIX expert in Germany. I try always to keep honest and I am used to express my thoughts without watering them down... I hope readers of my homepage are not annoyed or even upset by my posture. Besides, the most of my interests are visible in the above overview of contents; and finally: my email address contains my real name (Stefan Urbat).

Auf Deutsch: Ich bin ein 1965 geborener Diplom-Physiker und arbeite als Software-Entwickler und UNIX-Experte in Deutschland. Ich versuche, stets ehrlich zu sein und bin es gewohnt, meine Gedanken und Ideen zu äußern, ohne sie zu verwässern... Ich hoffe, dass Besucher meiner Homepage wegen meiner Haltung nicht verärgert oder gar aufgebracht sind. Nebenbei sind die meisten meiner Interessen oben aufgeführt; und schließlich enthält meine email-Adresse meinen wirklichen Namen (Stefan Urbat).

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